Woe Unto you Pastors 2

“How can you Escape the Condemnation of Hell!”

This Must have been a Stinging indictment given the fact that the Pharisees considered themselves the religious and social leaders of Jewish society. But under their authority the people were stumbling in darkness and error in bondage to their sins. Can you imagine someone coming to your Church and denouncing your precious Doctrines and Traditions, exposing your leaders as false teachers and condemning them to hell? It would be Shocking and outrageous to most professing Christians.

But yet how different is it really than the days of the Pharisees? The Pastors have brought absolute ruin to our society by preaching the lies of Reformed theology. They WILL NOT stand corrected by anyone or anything! And they continue to follow after past teachers who history has PROVEN beyond any doubt were persecutors and murderers of the Real Saints. Nevertheless they are not deterred by any of this. Just like the Pharisees NOTHING could dissuade these ‘leaders’ from the destructiveness of their path.

The Damage these Pastors are doing to the Minds of the People is almost beyond Comprehension! EVERYTIME they Preach Another sinning, reprobate who died tragically in their corruption, into heaven , they are Sealing the Doom of hundreds more souls who BELIEVE the lies. THINK of all the cases of Suicide, where the person was caught in some heinous sin and killed themselves to avoid the shame and the Church Preacher comes smiling to the Funeral and assures everyone they are with the Lord! IMAGINE how many MORE People (contemplating ending their own lives) decided to go through with it after hearing the Pastors Sermon.  

His hands are Dripping with the Blood of an untold number of souls who see him as a ‘Spiritual’ leader of their community full of love and compassion for their families. Together they ‘compassionately’ condone Gay marriage, invite Child Molesters to receive Jesus in their sins. Tell drunks, cheats, adulterers and the addicted they were born that way. They teach that people are forgiven in advance and imputed righteous in spite of the fact they NEVER DO anything Right! The LIE of eternal security is one of their crowning achievements in the quest for License to sin. By it all people are born dead in their sins, incapable of obeying God. It’s the CHIEF Argument in Favor of sin known to man! WHAT could be better than Trusting that Jesus did everything and you do NOTHING? In fact IF you TRY to DO anything (like Stop sinning!) you will be LOST for sure! NOTHING is more Certain in their Doctrines than the FACT that NO SIN will Disqualify a person from the Kingdom, no matter how horrible or heinous.

What these Children of the Reformers have done is Preach Christian Salvation as TRUSTING in a FAITH Alone, apart from DOING anything. Man has NO part in the Process whatsoever, only this nebulous (undefined) trust. The Act of Justification is merely a Legal transaction between God and Jesus designed to provide Salvation to the elect. It has no Real effect on the passions and desires of the flesh and requires no Conditions. People are Saved in their Sins, and Sinners they remain.

Irreparable Damage has been done by this Message to our impressionable Youth. They are obsessed with sex, drugs and every sort of rebellious behavior. So called ‘Christian’ Schools are cesspools of corruption. Underage drinking and addiction is rampant. Teen pregnancy is exploding. BUT EVERYONE is Saved and on the Way to Heaven!!! Ask them….The Pastors told them to TRUST in Jesus and God loves them. NO ONE is denouncing their reprobated behavior. They Do Not Fear God or His Warnings. They Proudly flaunt their sins to the World and wear their shame as a badge of honor. They owe it all to the ‘loving’ pastors who preach Satan’s message that you can Sin and NOT Die!

WHO are the Heroes of the Faith to the Present Day Church Pastors? Surly NOT Noah, Enoch, Job, Joseph or ANYONE else the Bible says were Righteous, Upright and Perfect in their Generation. NO! The people they admire are Luther, Calvin, Augustine and a hundred other ‘reformers’ who adopted the errors they  now preach. Men history has proven violated the Commands of Scripture to love their enemies and never pay evil for evil. They were known cheats and liars and in some cases Murderers of their fellow man! BUT what does that Matter to the Pastors of today? They were the Founders of the Faith! The Church Fathers of Major Religious movements into the 21st Century.
To expose them as Despots is equivalent to Blasphemy in their Minds. The Real Heretics are those who tell people they Must STOP Sinning before they can be Saved! (or Stop to Stay Saved!) 

It’s Not enough to convince anyone What the Bible Clearly says about Repentance, Faith and Sin. Or what the early Christians who followed the beloved Apostles and held to the high Standard of Holiness Jesus established in His teaching. NONE of that holds any credence to the modern Church. Their Version of Christianity includes Wars, Inquisitions, Crusades, intolerance, torture and death! Wrap yourself in the Flag and do it all for God! Onward Christian Soldiers! That’s the Church today.

Can anyone find a Pastor today who would Stand Corrected by a Disciple of John, Paul or Peter? The Second Century Saints would EXCLUDE our Present day Pastors for teaching that man is born a sinner and must get Saved in his sins. Today your own Pastor is the HERETIC! They know NOTHING about what the early Saints Believed and Taught by oral tradition. And could care less. The Churches wallow in Open Reprobation without shame and spread their lies worldwide. NOTHING can Stop them! No amount of Evidence or Plain Warnings from Scripture can faze them. Like the Days of Noah…..The Party Ends in HELL! Enjoy it while it lasts!

ALL the Doctrines Pastors hold to and Teach as Truth, were INVENTED at some Point in history, LONG after the Apostles and their immediate Disciples were Dead. The Oral Traditions handed down by the Disciples of John, Paul, & Peter ceased to exist by the Fourth Century AD. The Church Leaders who taught and wrote Volumes on Free Will, Repentance as to Stopping sin, Ransom and Holiness as Mandatory to entering the Kingdom, were written off as Heretics by men like Augustine, Jerome, Victor and others who took up the mantel of Christianity in Rome and established an ecclesiastical structure of Power that Corrupted the very Core of Christ’s teaching.

What you follow in your Churches today is a ‘Reformed Theology’ that devolved through the Centuries under the control of the Catholic Church. It was adopted whole-heartedly by the Protestant Reformers beginning in the 1500’s under Luther and Calvin. (minus the rituals) NONE of it was taught by the Early Saints. The Entire Structure of Doctrine Today is Based on the fallacies of Original Sin, Substitution (or the Satisfaction theory) and Imputed Righteousness. ALL of Which can be easily shown to have been Invented at a Certain Point of History, dating back to fourth Century Rome. (research it and see!)

The Early Saints held to the Apostles Doctrine of Ransom. (1Tim2:6, Mt20:28, Mk10:45) There is No Such thing as Substitution. Ransom meant that Jesus Purchased the Church with His own Blood (Acts20:28) to Redeem Man from the CORRUPTING Influence of Sin! (2Pet1:3-11) He Now calls All men everywhere to Repentance Proven by Deeds. Which Means man MUST come OUT of his sins and Seek the Mercy of God, (Acts17:30, 20:21, 26:18-20) BEFORE he can be forgiven and Restored to Favor. (Reconciled) (2Cor7:10-11)  This Also Meant that Man possessed the Ability and the Willingness to Not only Change his Mind about Sin, BUT STOP doing it and OBEY GOD! (See: Prodigal Son, Lk15, Zacchaeus, Lk19 and Nineveh, Jonah3)

That’s Why CONDUCT Mattered in the Early Church. The Outcome of your Salvation was dependant on your Steadfast Endurance in the Faith! (Rom2:6-8, 1Cor15:1-2, Col1:23, Heb3:14, 6:15, on and on!)  They Would NEVER Baptist a person who was still living in known Sin. They would NEVER Call Saints the CHIEF of Sinners or Romans Wretch! And they would NEVER Pronounce anyone Saved who have NOT broken free from the Bondage of sin and been CLEARED of their Wrong Doings!

AGAIN: IF YOU were Magically Transported back to Second Century Christianity and began teaching that Sins are Forgiven in Advance, God Can’t see you Sinning, Eternal Security, Imputed Righteousness, Election, Predestination and Original Sin, you would be an ENEMY of the Truth! The Pastors may appear as Princes today because the Lie has the upper hand. BUT Soon the diversion will End. IF there is a Glimmer of Light able to Break through your Delusion, FLEE the System NOW! There’s a Train Wreck Coming…..DON’T be onboard when it Hits. (or you will NOT be able to escape the Condemnation of hell!)

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