Counting The Cost!

For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— Lk14:28

In Luke 14 the Lord explains Very Clearly in what manner MOST people will FAIL to enter the Kingdom of God. They simply Will Not Count the Cost! Jesus said time and again that entering through the Narrow Gate to eternal life would require Great Effort. To STRIVE and Dig Deep was the very essence of His Gospel Message. But there’s not a Preacher alive today anywhere who consider this the Message of Salvation. Rather they sell the Gospel as a FREE invitation into eternal life with Pre-forgiveness of sins and Nothing required but to Believe.

This Method has filled up the churches, but also has given us Masses of Professing Christians without a CLUE what it means to follow Jesus. Even more disturbing are the awakening remnant, who SEE the dilemma, at least in part, and still refuse to go all the way with Christ. They agree that the present day churches are reprobate and in gross error, but remain on the side lines, watching and waiting for some mysterious sign from heaven to prompt them to take action. Although it’s difficult to judge their motives as to why they lack the urgency clearly revealed in scripture, you can’t help but see the results of their neglect in disobeying the Commands of Jesus.  

Obviously, even a casual reading of the Gospels will confirm that Christ Expects FAITHFUL Service from His Disciples. Repeatedly He warned them they would encounter the hatred of the world and especially the Religious establishment. They would face constant opposition from family members, friends and loved ones. In spite of it all they had to ENDURE to the end to be Saved! Stand fast in the Truth, bear their own Cross daily and NEVER regret that they embarked on the Narrow Way. ALL THIS is Cleary Written (recorded) for our admonition, to Heed, IF we are to inherit eternal life. God has entrusted His Disciples with talents and given them the responsibility to produce fruit for His Kingdom. Failure to DO these things will result in ultimate loss at the Judgment.

BUT NO ONE is telling you any of this in the Churches! Far as most of you are concerned you’re on the Fast Track to heaven no matter what. You are absolutely clueless when it comes to Contending for the faith, exposing the Wolves in Sheep’s clothing all around you. All because you REFUSE to Read your Bibles! And even if you do it’s with a clouded understanding based on your Doctrinal slant. Consequently Obedience to the Truth is OUT of the question in most circles. Unless it’s some kind of blind adherence to Pharisee like rules that have no advantage over the indulgence of the flesh. But with MOST Professing Christians, ANYTHING Goes! Self Denial for Truth is FAR from their Minds.

Jesus said specifically that Following Him was exclusive of everything else. If need be you must be prepared to disown your family members, spouse and friends. Without exception Christ’s Disciples are to have no permeate attachments with the things of the World. But today the Church is the WOLRD|! People would not attend unless the programs and activities were entertainment based. They Pose as wholesome family orientated amusements, but NONE of it is focused on Truth or bringing people out of their sins.  How anyone whose eyes are open to the reality of the situation can remain inside the System is beyond reason! It’s like being n league with the Devil.

In the Bible we find Saints striving to maintain a Clear Conscience and Pure Heart. They were told that was the PURPOSE of the Commandment and the Doctrine that is according to godliness! Today the so-called Christians in the churches take great pride in having a defiled heart. They boast in being the Chief of Sinners and Wretched man. Everyone admittedly sins daily in thought, word and deed and believes it humbles them to be vile. Yet the Bible says that Sins HARDENS the heart not humbles it! No Wonder most professing Christians have a seared conscience. They have sinned with impunity for so long, the natural defense mechanism God has created in every person (to accuse or excuse them) is Gone!

Could anyone WALK in the Righteous Requirements of the law, or KEEP themselves Pure in the Love of God, Resist the Devil and Maintain a Clean heart when they are Sinning daily and disobeying the Commands of God? Certainly Not. BUT this is what they are taught! And they argue for it. 

This is Why no one is Counting the Cost, or Repenting of their sin. They act as though Jesus went around telling people they were forgiven in advance, eternally secure and declared Righteous for receiving Him. You must always remember that the pastors inside the system are Convinced everyone attending their church is already saved. So if someone comes along and starts telling these people they have never counted the cost or truly repented of their sins is automatically a BAD person.

Counting the Cost means Opposing Traditional Doctrines. Pulling Down the Strongholds of Lies surrounding everything the people are hearing in the religious world. The Cost is the Loss of friends, family members, business associates, and colleagues. It’s exposing the hypocrisy and calling out the sins! It’s being unpopular, disliked and even despised by people who consider themselves pillars of the church. Finally it’s losing your life for His Sake and cutting all ties with the world. They will call you Beelzebub and do everything within their power to rid the churches of your presence. You are the Enemy.

The Professing Christian Systems of the World have NEVER been receptive of the Truth. The Cost to them is what they can Gain by Greed, conflict or theft. They will willingly go to War, but NEVER Contend for the Truth! They will grab for all the riches the world can provide, but NEVER store up the true riches in the Kingdom. 

They will win the favor of multitudes with flattering speech and great swelling words of emptiness, but NEVER Demand that Repentance be Proven by Deeds. To them the Bible supports the fallacies and Myths they preach and teach. They really believe sins are forgiven in advance and Jesus Obeyed for them! It’s a foregone conclusion that everyone is born a sinner, hating God, and must be Saved in their sins. So everyone in the System is sitting around Waiting for God to Change their Desires and make them stop sinning, thinking they are saved!

The Reality is NO ONE is Preaching the Real Gospel. WORLD WIDE the so-called Christian System is Presenting a False Image of Jesus to the people and multitudes are buying into it. MOST people have Never even been exposed to the Truth and wouldn’t Know it if they heart it! As the Bible so rightly says: They have exchanged the truth of God for a Lie and gone under Strong Delusion. BUT they think they are of the Light! They Turn NO ONE from their iniquity and make the heart of the Righteous Sad. The Great Religious System built on shifting Sand will come crashing down with all its phony pundits. They Cry Peace today, but soon they will face the Judge. God help you awaken to truth before the Bell tolls.

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