Just Response!

What is the Just Response for a real Christian today against all the wrong in our society? Much of the so-called. ‘Christian’ activism taking place is based solely on the FALSE Teaching so rampant in the churches. This means that anything goes! That Obedience to the Truth is subject to a thousand different objections and interpretations. Everything by necessity is in line with present day Gospel message of: Substitution, Moral Transfer, Pre-forgiveness of sins and Eternal Security. It’s a given that ‘Christians’ can participate in war, civil unrest, insurrection and all forms of social activism and be in line with God’s will.

As a result we have every form of unsavory behavior taking place in the Name of Christ. People spew absolute hatred on our streets, claiming to be preaching the Gospel! Others March, carry signs and actively confront people in pursuit of their agenda against gambling, abortion, red light establishments and all types of government policy. They pursue what is called a Moral agenda to reform society while their own churches wallow in vile degradation. But NO ONE seems to recognize the dilemma that Judgment must FIRST BEGIN with the House of God! (1Pet4:17)  Get your own house in order BEFORE you go about correcting others. But how is that to happen under the prevailing winds of error?

First Real Christians Need to understand that a Just Response to an ‘un-just’ society has its foundation in what Jesus taught in Matthew 5. This is not mere advice that no one can achieve here on earth. The Early Christians under Roman tyranny took it ALL to heart and lived accordingly. Search the pages of history. NO WHERE can you find any ancient believers participating in ANY kind of social upheaval in Rome. They refused to take part in war. They suffered the plundering of their homes and property without resistance and they died by the thousands in the Coliseums and forms as a spectacle to the heathen culture.

Jesus told them to ‘Love their enemies’, Pray for those who persecuted them, go the extra mile, give all they had, be kind, gentle and humble! How could they POSSIBLY KILL their fellow man, and LOVE him at the same time? WHO could Love and Pray for his enemies and then oppose them at every front because they were unjust? They understood that their citizenship was in heaven, not on earth. That they were merely so-journs passing through a hostile land, outcasts, NOT of the world. Their adversary the Devil was a Roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. The god of the age, holding the world at his sway. The Prince and Power of the air. It required diligence and Steadfast enduring faith to resist him and remain PURE and undefiled by the world. (Phil3:20, 1Pet2:11, Eph6:12, 1Pet5:8-9)

They fought with SPIRITUAL Weapons, Never Carnal.(2cor10:3-4) Their method was to Pull Down the Strongholds of LIES and False Doctrines, that constantly came against the Truth. As Saints of God they Contended Earnestly for the faith against all those who would turn it into a License for immorality. (Jude3-4) They were Persecuted, YES! But NEVER as evil doers, busybodies or doing harm to anyone. (1Pet4:15-16) They did not consider it a ‘God Given’ (inalienable) right to secure their liberty from Rome or defend themselves against tyranny. Present Day Professing Christians who claim that Paul and others opposed Kings and all forms of authority in a struggle for personal rights are LIARS! They Suffered for Righteousness sake! When they stood in the Courts of Rome, they PREACHED JESUS! NOT Politics!
(Check Incidents in: Acts13, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28) They showed Due Respect to authority, (Rom13) Unless of course they were told to remain silent about Christ. Then they suffered the consequences when necessary.

They were Persecuted because they lived GODLEY in Christ Jesus and taught others to STOP SINNING! (2Tim3:13) They Kept their Conscience CLEAR before God and man as not to offend or stumble anyone against the truth! (Acts24:16)  Evil men opposed them because Darkness hates to be exposed by the LIGHT of Truth. Their focus was constantly on KEEPING the Message PURE and Contending against false doctrines. (1Tim6:1-6) ALL THIS was done in OBEDIENCE to what Jesus had Commanded. The Purpose of the Gospel was NOT to bring about a more equable form of Government on earth where personal liberty was assured and protected by law! The PURPOSE was to Rescue Souls from the Corrupting influence of sin! To ‘OPEN their eyes, to TURN them from Darkness to Light, from the power of Satan to GOD! That they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are Sanctified by Faith in Jesus! (Acts26:18)

There is NO SUCH thing as ‘Patriot Christians’, ‘Just War’, ‘A Christian Nation!’ These are all MYTHS invented by people who want to Justify their actions in the Name of God! God Does NOT have a Country. He is NOT Respecter of Persons, He shows NO Partiality to anyone. His People are those who SERVE Him with a PURE heart in Obedience to the Truth! True Saints DO NOT go about killing their fellowman in wars, over-throwing tyrannical governments or protesting unjust laws!

I realize that all this is deeply ingrained into your physic and as much a part of who you are as your Name! BUT NONE of this came about UNTIL the Church went Reprobate in fourth Century Rome. When they Twisted and Distorted the Teaching of Christ and the Apostles, EVERYTHING became permissible. Then Religion was dragged into the Political arena and Corrupted by greedy men who wanted power. They used the Name of Christ to advance their agenda, fight their wars, conquer their enemies and oppress the masses. It’s has been going on for Centuries! NOW the opposition is doing the SAME thing to off-set the tyranny and wrapping themselves in a ‘Christian’ Banner to Justify it.  

They argue (convincingly) that to ‘Lay Down’ to the Tyrants is DISOBEDIENCE to God! And site such people as the Apostle Paul as their example. Saying that he opposed the Tyranny of Rome and suffered as a result of it. BUT WHERE is this Recorded??? Certainly NOT in the Book of ACTS (which is the oral history of the Acts of the Apostles, written by Luke) In Acts we see time and again Paul and others standing the Courts of Rome addressing Kings, Magistrates and even the high Priest of Jerusalem. NEVER ONCE did he Raise the issue of Roman Tyranny or act in a disrespectful manner to anyone. He reasoned with them about Righteousness, Self-Control and the Judgment to Come. (Acts24:25)

Did he ‘Lay Down’ to Roman Tyranny? Do Nothing against the forces of evil around him? By NO MEANS! But his Opposition was in the form of Preaching Repentance and Faith! (Acts26:17-18) NOT trying to dispose of the Ruling authorities and replace them with ‘Christian’ leadership. In fact he said it was God’s Job to establish authority and to oppose them was to OPPOSE God! (Rom13:1-3) REMEMBER (you so-called Christian Patriots) this was said about one of the WORSE and most Oppressive Governments ever to exist on earth: ROME!  I know you DESPISE this passage of Scripture and TWIST it with all your might, but it says what it says. You give Due Respect to the ruling authorities, pay your taxes and obey the laws of the land. (until they tell you to stop preaching Jesus! Acts4:19-20)

You Activists have this Backward. You think that making a lot of noise about human liberty and personal freedoms is some kind of God-Given right handed down from our forefathers. That we as ‘Americans’ have a birthright to defend liberty on earth! And God sanctions our endeavors! Yet you come out of Churches where they’re preaching the LIE! Where Child Molesters can be SAVED in their SINS!!! Where Sin is Pre-forgiven and Righteousness is Positional. You will go to great lengths to expose the evils of government and the wrong doing of our national leaders, BUT the False Teaching right under your NOSES you ignore!

Preachers stand in the pulpit calling themselves the CHIEF of sinners and tell people that NOTHING they do can Cancel out the Grace of God. That NO SIN (no matter how hideous) will Disqualify them from the Kingdom of God! (even suicide!) You’re fighting the WRONG Battle. Your efforts are for Not. You could achieve EVERY political ambition you desire and re-elect men like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson and STILL be LOST in your sins! The PROBLEM isn’t Political, it’s DISOBEDIENCE to God’s WORD! Your own Churches have Exchanged the Truth of God for a LIE and been Given over to the Strong Delusion of error and all you care about is ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

WHERE is that in the BIBLE? What RIGHT do the Saints of God have other than SERVICE to Him? Did the Holy Spirit give us the Pages of Scripture to Follow or the Constitution of the United States? Certainly the principle of Liberty is preferable over tyranny. A Just form of government is better than living under a despot. BUT it’s NOT the Mission of the Saints to institute these things! If the Hearts of men are genuinely changed in Repentance and faith Proven by Deeds, we will have equable leadership, just courts and law abiding citizens. As long as the LIE has the upper hand in our churches and people THINK they can be SAVED as Sinning Wretches, HYPOCRISY will rule the Day!

FIRST Clean up the Mess in the Pulpits and Sunday Schools and tell the People to STOP Sinning! Cease supporting all these charlatan preachers out there telling you America is God’s chosen Nation and Bible Prophecy proves it! Get your head out of the sand THINKING that America’s Wars are Just and our troops are some kind of Crusading heroes for the cause of Freedom! Quit wasting your time writing books, articles and hit pieces exposing the dark side of our present day leadership. So they Worship Satan! BIG SURPRISE! He is the Prince and Power of the air. The god of this age. But his GREATEST achievement is NOT in the Halls of government (although he holds them at his sway) it’s in Your CHURCHES!!! You are Believing and following his DOCTRINE! The Lamb speaking the language of the Dragon of Rev13:16, is YOUR PREACHERS! The IMAGE you are worshiping is the FALSE JESUS brought to life by his False Teaching! Until you Start Preaching the Gospel that Brings People OUT of their sin, instead of saving them in it, you will be beating your heads up against the wall in vain fighting against tyranny.

The Real Tyranny is BONDAGE to your sins! You could be FREE as a bird politically and STILL be a SLAVE to who you OBEY! Our Nation was no closer to God in 1776 than any other time in our history. Everyone may have been ‘Created equal’ according to the law, but SOME were certainly MORE equal than others! NOT everyone had their rights guaranteed and protected by the Constitution. US history is rampant with atrocities against human liberty. Can all of that be off set because we freed the slaves and struggled against tyranny worldwide? Do two wrongs make a right? We accept the ‘lesser’ of evils in the name of freedom? Like I have already pointed out, the Present Day Church is too far GONE for any redeeming value to be had aligning ourselves with its causes. You’re immediately compromised the moment you enter the political arena. If the Saints are to Overcome Evil with Good, (Rom12:21) it MUST be done by Living at PEACE with all men! (Rom12:18)

NOT making war on them or trying to dislodge them from office by political force. God says to make Prayer and supplications for ALL MEN, for Kings and all who are in authority, that we may live quiet and peaceable life in godliness. (1Tim2:2) WHY? Simply because this is Good and acceptable in the Sight of God who desires ALL MEN to be Saved and come to a knowledge of the truth! (1Tim2:3-4) It’s the Job of the Saints of God to Promote Godliness and Purity on Earth as a Witness to Christ, in FOLLOWING His example in dying to sin and living for righteousness! (1Pet2:21-25) If we suffer the fiery trials of persecution let not His Holy Name be blasphemed by any wrong doing. (1Pet4:12-16)

YES, we Rebuke sin, expose Error, point out iniquity in high places. We are at WAR with evil. BUT the Weapons of our warfare are not Carnal but Spiritual! (2Cor10:3-4) Designed for Pulling Down the Stronghold of LIES that come against the Truth. Our Armor is the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace, the Shield of Faith, the helmet of Salvation and Sword of the Spirit which is the WORD of GOD! (Eph6:13-17) As difficult as it is for you present day ‘Patriots’ to accept the facts, KNOW that the early Saints NEVER invoked the Right of Self-Defense against their oppressors. WHY? Because you CAN’T LOVE your enemies and desire their Salvation in Christ, and KILL them at the Same time!

You can be fully aware of their wiles. (like the wiles of the devil for whom they work!) Keen to their tactics and cautious of their designs. The early Saints were never caught un-aware. If they could flee danger, they did so. If not, they faced what may come in Christ, including death. Can Present Day Saints do otherwise? PHONY Christians Can! People all caught up in their struggle for ‘Personal’ liberty! WHAT about LIBERTY FROM YOUR SINS!!?? Unless you find that this side of Eternity all the political Freedom in the world is not going to matter one iota in the scheme of things. Peter said the World is going to BURN with fervent heat and be consumed! (2Pet3:10) ALL the WORKS in it will be Dissolved!

So all your efforts to establish equality insure justice for all and the pursuit of happiness in life, will be for NOTHING! The MANNER of people you were to be was of Holy Conduct and Godliness. To be found WITHOUT SPOT and Blameless. Aware that the ‘error of the wicked’ is lurking in your midst to lead you astray from the faith! (2Pet3:14, 17) The Just Response is Christ’s OUT-STRETCHED Hand to sinful man. Our Duty is to FOLLOW HIM and extend to all the offer of Reconciliation to God through Repentance and Faith Proven by Deeds. Lay down your Weapons of Shame and relinquish your pride. You are CALLED to a HOLY Purpose in Christ! (2Time1:9) Give yourself to the Cross so that you may Die to Sin and LIVE for God.

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