Blaming God

The influence of the Born in Sin Doctrine is far reaching and deeply rooted in present day Christianity. The Originator of the teaching, Augustine in third Century Rome is held in high regard as the greatest theologian of all time. Yet ANYONE with a Discerning and honest eye can clearly see that what he Blended these awful doctrines into the Roman Church from his paganistic background. They have been adopted into the mainstream every since for two fundamental reasons:

One: The fear of God’s Judgment is Removed. And Two: You are assured of heaven while living in your sins. Certainly many throughout history to now affirm that the Bible teaches the Doctrine of Original sin And that it solves the Great Problem with Salvation by Faith Alone by reconciling the Nature of man to God, not of himself, and providing a Remedy for his Sinful Condition. Thus the Gospel Lie is Designed to Accommodate your Corrupted Nature, whereby God’s Grace Off sets the inbred Depravity just enough for man’s free will to ‘Believe’ and be Saved.

Where Does the basics of this Lie begin? FROM the Beginning! The False Teachers affirm that man is Born a Mass of sin incapable of right action or obedience to God of his own volition. New born babies come into the world totally depraved, as little Hitler’s, mass murderers, thief’s and lairs. Only God’s Grace can off set this horrible depravity and prevent SOME of them from playing out their evil desires. Therefore God Naturally gets the Blame when one of them goes astray and does something heinous to himself or others. People under the influence of this Doctrine will not attribute the wrong doing to the sinner, but the ‘sin’ in him made him do it!

He was Born with this corrupted nature, so WHO can hold him accountable for acting it out? Why didn’t God’s Grace come in and Prevent this from happening? HOW MANY times have these church going people been told or even personally heard someone testify that it was only by ‘God’s Grace’ that I escape some horrible accident or didn’t go down the path of alcoholism ,drugs, or various addictions? His Grace Worked to put me through school, get me a Job, find me a spouse, gave me a family, ect, ect. BUT what about the others who weren’t so fortunate as to experience this supposed Grace?

Many of them ended up in Prison, on Drugs, as drunks, reprobates. No money, can’t hold a job, divorced numerous times, in trouble with the law. What Happened? Wasn’t God’s Grace sufficient to Deliver them out of these things? The Same thing happens if an infant dies. Since they were Born Depraved, according to the Preachers, did God take them in infancy to prevent future problems? If so, WHY didn’t He also take Hitler, Stalin, Castro, and others the same way, BEFORE they could wreck havoc on others?

God is therefore an Arbitrary Being. Setting His Universe into Motion in a Fatalistic time space continuum, in which He randomly selects the Elect and non-elect by some cosmic means no one can question or understand.  His Character is immutable or ‘unchallengeable.’ He is infinite, all knowing, we are finite and limited. We Cannot question what He Does or WHY He does it and in What manner He chooses to do it.

Our Punishment is not that He Made us Sinners by Birth. BUT that the Sin itself we commit as a result of this inbred depravity from Adam, is the Penalty we suffer. He offers Remedy for our malady in His Son. Just admit your condition and accept the fact you can do NOTHING of yourself, Receive Him and your guaranteed a free ticket to heaven when you die. That you Continue to Wallow in your Wretched Condition, Maybe even WORSE than before, is of no Concern to you, God or anyone! You can Go either way, Serve the Flesh or the Spirit. BOTH Paths Lead ultimately to eternal life with God.

Paul said a ‘Little Leaven, leavens the whole lump’ 1Cor5:6. One error can lead to the entire breakdown of Biblical teaching. So it has been with the Doctrine of Original Sin, how MANY people sit in churches today TOTALLY Deceived (Blinded to the Truth!) but Convinced they are Saved in a Dead Religious experience based on the teachings of men? Because they lack a Simple Explanation of Truth they are Trapped in the snare of the devil. (1Tim2:7) And now the lie is so deeply imbedded into their physic its highly unlikely anyone could persuade them they believe a fallacy.

Take for Example the average professing Catholic church attendee. They have been told from youth that the Pope is the head of the church, God’s representative on earth and all Pope’s since have descended in a line from the Apostle Peter in Rome. Therefore the Passage used to support this is never questioned, where Peter testifies that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God! (Matt16:16) A SIMPLE explanation of the Words used in this passage should suffice to explain the Truth Jesus was expressing. NOT that Peter was the ROCK on which He was to build His Church, but that Peter or ‘Petros’ (meaning small rock) was in Reality the TRUTH (Rock, ‘Petra’) they were to Proclaim!

The Word is used in Several Passages meaning to Build your foundation on the ROCK of His Truth, Not Peter. (Check: Matt7:24-25 Building on His Truth) Also: 1Cor10:4, 1Pet2:8 where the ROCK is Said to be CHRIST. Therefore the argument is settled. There is no need for anyone to be confused. YET MILLIONS are in hell now because they LACKED this ONE SIMPLE Truth and follow after a thousand more errors taught by the Catholic Priests.

Apply this to the Doctrine of Original Sin. You have been told your entire life that man is Born a Sinner and is unable to Obey God of his own accord. Therefore believing consist of Confessing your sinfulness and Receiving Jesus as your Personal Savior. EVERYONE you know, the Pastor, Sunday School teachers, your mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, ALL have come to ‘Salvation’ in this manner. NOW someone comes along and tells this is Wrong! You’re NOT Born a Sinner and you MUST Repent and STOP Sinning BEFORE you can be Saved!

They Present Massive Supporting evidence from Scripture and History and confound you with their knowledge of the subject. You Cannot refute them, but you DON’T Believe them! They MUST be of the Devil. Because if they are telling the Truth, you’re ENTIRE World will be turned on its head! That’s what is at Stake here, EVERYTHING. You have built your entire life on this LIE. You’re whole family is hanging in the balance! All the Blessings of life you have Credited to God and accepted as His Approval are up for grabs. What you have attributed to His Divine interventions is really Nothing More than His Providence that is at Work in all of mankind to bring them to Repentance. (Rom2:4-8)

This is exactly how God gets the Blame for everything Good and everything Bad that happens in the world. Because the So-called Church has adopted a teaching that Distorts the True Character of God, the People are massively confused as to His Divine Nature and how He interacts with man. The Church thinks they are Protecting His Sovereignty by telling them that God’s Grace rules over all the affairs of men and He Pre-determines the outcome of everything by His Will.

Of course this translates into Blaming God for all the Bad in the world. Although the theologians would insist that ‘somehow’ God is NOT responsible for the Bad, it’s an Absolute Impossibility to arrive at any other conclusion. Because IF Man is Born a Sinner, Depraved, inept and morally disabled, WHO is to Blame? Every so-called Christian in the world says constantly: ‘But for the GRACE of God, goeth I!’
HOW then are you to explain the others who DO go into sin and destruction? WHY Didn’t God’s Grace Prevent them from ruination, as you claim He did in your life?

No Explanation will suffice, other than attributing it to some mysterious Nature of God’s Will we are unable to understand or question. (back to Augustine, who used the same argument to answer his critics)
In other words, ‘We’re NOT allow to Know!’ Just accept it and let the chips fall where they may.
Thus you see what is at Stake here. The Whole System Stands on this Lie and it has for thousands of years.
Opposing this would be like someone trying to Prove to Science that the earth really is flat as our early ancestors believed. THAT is EXACTLY what’s happening here!

They have Preached the Gospel in REVERSE Since the Days of Augustine! By Being Born a Sinner, Man MUST be SAVED First, Filled with the Holy Spirit, have his desires changed over time and THEN become a Christian according to the Bible! They are Bringing people across the threshold of Salvation IN THEIR SINS and THEN Trying to TEACH them Christ-likeness while the Old Man is Still Alive! It CANNOT BE DONE!!! You Can’t MAKE people Do the Right thing WHO HAVE NEVER DONE the RIGHT Thing to BEGIN WITH! Thus you have the Quandary of Hypocritical Christianity and are FORCED to make excuses for it.
So Rather than abandoning the Lie and starting over from scratch, they Build an Entire System of Lies to Support the first Lie. And God is Blamed for all of mankind’s ills because of senseless tragedy, wars, accidents, mayhem and moral decay. Man was Born into the World already Pre-disposed to commit these acts from Adam! Therefore the Blame ultimately lays with the Creator who has ALLOWED it to happen (since He could have prevented it by His Grace, as they teach) and the inevitable outcome of everything is pre-determined by this higher Power regardless what we do or don’t do.

Once this Fallacy is planted into the Brain and accepted over time and made even more authoritative by a host of False teachers everyone respects as genuine, it becomes impossible to repair the damage. The Mind is no longer capable of processing any new information in a fair and non-biased manner. Everything begins with the Fatal Premise of being Born a Sinner and proceeds from there. It is therefore a Biblical impossibility to bring anyone to a Real Repentance while they are believing that their sin is an inbred malady instead of a CRIME against a Holy God.

Consequently God gets the ‘Rap’ (so to speak) for the moral decay in our society because the Preachers have everyone professing to Salvation in their Reprobated state and running around representing themselves as Christians to the world. The System is set up to Perpetuate the Lie and feed off its own hypocrisy. No one is permitted to Challenge it from within, except to debate doctrinal theories, and anyone who does is expelled as a Cult and heretic.

There is NO Point of departure among them with the Doctrine of Original Sin. The argument begins and ends on this principle. (you come to God in your sins!) You may find areas of agreement with them in many things, BUT Remember always, they STILL hold to the fundamental Lie of a Sin Nature. Therefore every point of supposed agreement is actually the REVERSE of what the Bible essentially Teaches. If you approach this in the proper perspective, keeping in Mind where they coming from, you BEGIN at the Point of Departure and assail them with the Truth!

Some Words to the Wise:
When Confronted with the Lie, Keep the issue focused on the STOPPING of the Sin. Don’t compromise or Bend to find a point of agreement. (there isn’t any!) The Clearing and Stopping Happens in the Process of Repentance. NOT over a lifetime learning to be a good Christian. If the Old Man is Not Crucified in Repentance, the Desires will Never Change and the Sin Never Stop.

Press them hard on this point, it is your Departure Point with the Modern Gospel! They May use Scripture and the Terminology of Salvation, But if you remain persistent on this issue, they will argue in favor of sin EVERY TIME! No Exceptions.

Be Prepared to be called a Legalist, heretic and mean spirited. It comes with the territory. Remember, you are Rocking their World. This is Earth Shaking Truth you are dealing with! The Devil has Controlled the Platforms for Centuries. The Church is his high Ground. He has an Army of False teachers at work spreading the Lie. Your Job is to Pull Down his Strongholds of false doctrine and KEEP yourself Pure from the Defilement of Compromise.

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