Cut to the Heart!

When they heard these things they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed at him with their teeth. Acts7:54

Nothing is more Certain than False Teaching will engender FALSE Assurance! The Manner in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached today should bring tears to the eyes of any genuine Saint who gave their all to reach the masses. In the Book of Acts we see the Apostles facing furious crowds, bent on their destruction as they convicted the world around them of sin, righteousness and Judgment. They Warned the People to flee God’s awful Wrath, PROVE their Repentance by their Deeds and Continue Steadfast in the Faith!

God Forbid they allowed anyone in earshot to ‘assume’ they were Right with God while still in their sins. Collectively they had Murdered the Lord Jesus Christ and stool guilty before a Holy God! The Magnitude of their Crime was brought to bear upon their hearts and Minds in such a way that it exposed the wickedness within. The reaction was Anger, Fear and deep contrition! No one walked away feeling warm and fuzzy inside about Jesus Loving them no matter what they did.

HOW FAR removed is any of this from the Church System today. The average petitioner would be shocked to his very core if someone told him he had to STOP sinning and get right with God or Suffer indignation and Wrath! (Rom2:7-8) or that God is going to Judge him WITHOUT Partiality According to his WORKS of faith! (1Pet1:15-17) Can anyone imagine a Church Pastor preaching to the people in such manner as to incite them to riot? THINK of a preacher saying things that so upset the Religious establishment that they would have you arrested and thrown into prison.

THIS was common place for the Apostles as they went about the country side warning, rebuking sin and exposing the false teachers. They were anything but the SISSIES who occupy Modern Day pulpits fearful, of their own shadows. People in the churches today walk around in thick heavy fog of delusion not the least bit concerned about conviction of sin. That’s taken care of in ADVANCE! They have been Pre-forgiven and Substituted Perfect in God’s site! They can remain Double Minded, Divided in heart and Serving two Masters and STILL inherit the Kingdom! The LAST thing on anyone’s mind is their personal Conduct and Responsibility before God to remain Pure. There’s not a Preacher alive anywhere on Earth who would cause anyone to feel ‘uncomfortable’ in their sins.

WHY is the so-called Christian Message MOCKED in the World and on the streets today? (It Wasn’t in the times of the Apostles!) We don’t see homosexuals, drunks, fornicators and lairs in the Book of Acts casting dispersions on the Preachers and insisting that God loves them in their sins. Today sinners BOLDLY Flaunt their wickedness in the face of God, PROUD of it and approving of others who imitate their behavior. They laugh the Repentance Message to scorn count God’s longsuffering and patient kindness to Judge them as His Approval! (Rom2:4-5)

Rather than exposing the Multitude of False teachers and preachers (in the church systems) who told everyone God will save them in their sins, the consensus remains centered around the same Lies that brought us to this mess to begin with! Amid all the formulas, methods and evangelical outreach efforts, NOTHING is accomplished. The people are Still given false hopes that somehow they are going to make it into the Kingdom despite their iniquity. The Strongholds of Lies have barely been assaulted, so FEW are His True labors in the Vineyards. The Contrast between true and error is so VIVID! The Apostle Paul is shown Pleading with the people of Ephesus for THREE Years, night and day with tears, Warning them about false teachers, savage wolves who would distort the Grace message and overthrow the faith of many! Building them up in the faith, exhorting them to Stand fast in the Lord and never give in, with all urgency and diligence to keep the Message pure and undefiled.

The Blessed Apostle John Warned constantly about the ‘Spirit of Error’, or ‘anti-Christ’, as he called it. At work in the sons of disobedience who would not Continue in the Pure Doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ. TEST the Sprits! He told his disciples. If what they were teaching did not fall in line with the wholesome words of Christ and the Doctrine which is According to Godliness, REJECT it! Peter admonished us in his final Epistle to be diligent to be found by Him Blameless, without Spot and in Peace. Least we fall from our won Steadfastness, being led away into the ERROR OF THE WICKED! HOW can we Disregard these things in light of a society crumbling at its foundations? Is it because the Churches are a Glitter land of Vain amusements? Decked out with everything the world has to offer in a Candy coating of sweetness! Can ANYONE tell the Difference between TRUTH and FICTION anymore?

The Apostles were INNOCENT of the Blood of all men! They DID NOT try to Appease the Masses by Soft peddling the Gospel Message to the Masses, no matter what the consequences. They Demanded a Real Repentance and Faith PROVEN by DEEDS! Converts were brought from Darkness to Light, from the Power of Satan to GOD! NO ONE defended sin or argued in favor of Carnal Christianity. The was no Army of False Teachers among the people telling them they were born sinful, hating God and remained the ‘CHIEF’ of Sinners even as a Christian!

Personal Responsibility and Free Will were a GIVEN in ancient Preaching. The Fundamental Principle of the Gospel was OBEDIENCE from the Heart! Those who Commit Sin are SLAVES to Sin. In Christ the Old Man of sin is Crucified, Dead, Done away with and NEWNESS of life has Come! The Purpose of the Gospel Message is to SAVE Men from the Corrupting Influence of Sin! NOT Cover their Transgressions with some kind of Pre-forgiveness of sin and Moral Transfer of virtue.

Today they Preach MYTHS and the People bask in the Lies. The Spirit of error has descended over the land. The ‘Light’ in you is Really DARKNESS and How GREAT is t hat darkness! The Modern Evangelical Churches have become the Wizard of OZ, Leading people down the Yellow Brick Road of Deception! NO ONE is Convicted of ANYTHING. Jesus is Merely a Fairy Tale Promising everyone the happily ever after. The Gospel is a Pageant that Glitters like a Hollywood Movie set and the Preachers Perform their art in living Color.

Most heartrending of all is the PEOPLE genuinely Believe they are SAVED and Going to heaven with Jesus when they Die! Like Na├»ve children they flock to these churches to hear the fables, thinking that God is well pleased with their nominal devotions and remains BLIND to their sins! But amid the Dinners and fund raisers and all the good time entertainments the Dark Clouds of Judgment are Pending. God is Not Slack Concerning His Promise, as men count slackness. His WORD can Still Cut to the heart and bring about a Real Repentance that can save the soul from the corrupting influence of sin. FEW have ears to hear however and time is running out. Ultimately everyone will stand face to face with God and the fairy tales will cease. You Won’t be traveling Over the Rainbow to La La Land!

Preaches today are RED with the Blood of Millions of Souls. They have Defrauded the entire world with a False Gospel of Lies. You MUST apply the Word Directly to the Conscience Mind so it will cut to the heart. Man is guilty of Crucifying the Lord of Glory in his sin. He Must Flee God’s Wrath or Perish in his darkness. Abandon the Lies and Preach True Repentance.

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