The Spiritual Mind

True Conversion to Christ is basically a CHANGE from a Carnal Worldly Mind to a Spiritual, Spirit lead Mind. The Bible says, ‘To be Carnally Minded is Death, but to be Spiritually Minded is life and peace.’ Rom8:6. If you Live according to the flesh (carnal mind) you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live! Rom8:13.

All this is speaking a True Conversion. The Mind cannot be Divided, nor can it Serve two opposing Masters at the same time. (James1:8, Matt6:24) If the Light in you is Darkness, how GREAT is that Darkness! Matt6:23. The Spiritual Person is lead by the Spirit of Truth into all Truth. He is taught by the Holy Spirit to Discern Spiritual things and compare them with other spiritual things. He Judges all things according to this Standard, Tests all things by Scripture and is himself rightly Judged by no man. (1Cor2:13-16, 1John4:1-4)

Without this Change of Mind into a Spiritual person, Conversion is FALSE and runs the risk of deluding the Mind into believing it knows God when in reality it is Void of the Spirit of God! This Delusion becomes VERY Powerful when combined with supporting Doctrines equally as false. This is why the Bible refers to Strong Delusion in 2Thess2. The Carnal Mind can NEVER LOVE the Truth because the Carnal Mind is enmity against God, it is not Subject to the law of God, nor indeed can it be. (Rom8:7) So the False Convert is constantly at odds with the Bible and looking for excuses not to Obey God. Just a the Bible says he will then Heap up for himself Teachers who will ‘Tickle’ his ears with what he wants to hear and not endure the Sound Doctrine of coming out of his sins and loving Christ. (2Tim4:1:3-4)

The False Teachers will speak of Spirituality as a Process of Coming out of the flesh in increments. As though the Old Man (the Carnal Mind of the flesh) can GROW into a Spiritual man gradually by taking on the Fashion of Christianity. Consequently you have the ‘Form of godliness’ (2Tim3:5) spoken of in Scripture, but lack the Power of real godliness in the Mind of Christ. In Order for real Growth of the Spiritual man to take place the Old Man has to DIE once and for all. His Passion and Desires must be Put to Death when the Person Repents of his sins, NOT After he becomes a ‘Christian’. (Gal5:24)

True Conversion Cannot take place in the Soul (Mind) UNTIL the Vessel has been thoroughly Scrubbed, Cleaned, with all Defilement and ignorance Removed, Sin cast OUT of Doors and the Heart Made Pure by Faith. Only then can the Holy Spirit indwell and any kind of Growth begin to happen. But the DIFFERENCE is the Old Man is DEAD and a New Man is Re-born. The Convert is no longer trying to improve or reform the Old man by degree, as the false teachers claim, but Starting fresh as a New Born Babe in Christ. The Passions and Desires of the flesh are nullified, having Died with Christ. The New man is Raised with Christ to NEWNESS of Life! (Rom6:4-6)

What is happening under the False Teachers is that the Old Man is coming into the Kingdom alive and well. That means the ‘Carnal Mind’ is Still in Control. Therefore all the teaching is aimed at appeasing the flesh and offering Jesus as a solution to the Sin problem. Man neither has the ability or the willingness to turn to God and prepare himself for Salvation. He is hopelessly depraved in his Nature inherited from Adam and Cannot in himself Repent, Believe or Obey. God must enable him by applying His Grace to liberate his Free Will so he can turn and believe in Jesus. Although he has the ability to choose between right and wrong, he DOESN’T have the ability to CHOOSE God.

However the Great Fallacy in all this is that IF someone or something MUST Compel or enable you to DO something, then Free Will DOES NOT Exist. Unless the Will is Free to CHOOSE God of its own accord as well as between Right and Wrong Actions, then man has LOST his ability to choose entirely! So WHY speak of free will at all? It would make more sense to say that God Chooses who will and who won’t believe in Him. Although that view Violates everything He has revealed about His Nature to man.

Since under this System of Error man cannot Choose God of his own accord, the Premise is that he is Saved IN HIS SINS. This is an absolute Necessity without exception. If man is Born in a state of depravity that has effected his free will to the extent of rendering it unable to turn to God, there is no alterative to getting saved in his sins. 

All he can really do under this premise is come to God Admitting he is a sinner and asking God to forgive him. Thus you have the Common Salvation Experience today in the False Church System. Repenting and Obeying, if Mentioned at all, Must come AFTER this initial experience has taken place. Only then can the person make any genuine effort to Stop sinning and Do what is Right, because now God is supposedly helping him through the Holy Spirit. It’s the Spirit’s Job to Continue to Liberate his Free Will in an upward direction, ever improving his Walk in Christ.

The Problem is however, ‘The Sin NEVER Stops!’ Because the Desires of the Old Man are still in place. The Mind Remains Carnal, under the control of the Passions and Desires. This is why the False Convert is Never Clean on the inside and any mention of Heart Purity or Righteous Conduct is always Positional, not Practical. Like the Pharisees the Outside of the Cup looks good, but the inside is full of abomination and wickedness. Herein lays the real tragedy of all this, The False Convert can NEVER Arrive at the Truth because his Foundation is Wrong.

He came to God under the assumption that he could be forgiven in his sins and the Carnal Mind remains. The False Teachers give him confidence that this is True teaching a System of lies to Support it. Everyone in the System has come in under the same supposition, including the teachers, and no one challenges the outcome. So the Standard is set focusing on the Carnal instead of the Spiritual. True Repentance NEVER takes Place consequently the Desires CANNOT Change!

The Premise of the Bible is that Man indeed has Free Will and is Fully Capable of Choosing between Right and Wrong, as well as Choosing to Follow God. Consequently he can STOP Sinning, as Scripture directs him to do, and Come to God for Mercy. He certainly Cannot Save himself or pay for his own sins by obeying God, but he CAN CHOOSE God and Follow Christ. By Convincing him he is unable to do these things because he is born a sinner, you place him in a State of paralysis. He Believes and then Sits back to Wait for God to Change him, remaining in bondage to his sins because the Old Man was NEVER Crucified with Christ and Put to Death.

Adding to this Strong Delusion is the fact that the false Teachers are Divided into Camps exposing different forms of Doctrine. Although they ALL agree that man is Born a sinner and depraved in his Nature, they DO NOT agree on the mechanics of this Nature and how God brings about the Salvation experience. As a result Most of them line up on the side of No Free Will or Limited Free Will. Since God does the Choosing (who will and won won’t be saved) Man can only be willing to turn IF God has chosen to turn him. In this Camp some call this Free Will and others do not. Many will say that the Sinner is neither Willing or Able to Turn and it’s entirely God’s Doing to give him the faith and repentance to be Saved.

But others try to leave room for Man to do the turning, but ONLY in the event God has called and chosen him and extended forth an effectual Calling of Grace to bring him in. Either way Free Will CANNOT exist. Unless Man is Totally Independent to Choose between Right and Wrong, or to Reject or Follow Christ, without being coerced, he DOES NOT possess a Free Will. So God may as well do the Choosing, as MOST of the False Teachers Believe.

But this is Problematic According to the Scriptures that Show God Stretching Forth His Hand to ALL Mankind in Mercy. NOT willing that ANY Should Perish, having provide Christ as a Sacrifice for the Sins of the WHOLE World! And Drawing ALL men unto Himself and Showing Kindness to Everyone. The Gospel itself is Directed to WHOSOEVER WILL may Come, encompassing ALL Mankind, as the Parables clearly show. All this is Built on the Premise that Man is FREE to Choose or Reject the Offer given what God has ALREADY Done to SAVE the World.

A Change from the Carnal to a Spiritual State of Mind can ONLY happen when the Old Man is Crucified with Christ in Repentance. Real Repentance Cannot take place unless Man can turn to God and Stop sinning from his own Free Will. Under the False Teachers the Convert comes in as a Carnal Man Convinced that God has Saved him in his sins. Sadly once a person accepts this as Truth the likelihood of a genuine Repentance is nearly impossible. A Person cannot repent of something he is personally NOT Responsible for Doing. And the LIE gives him the Perfect Excuse.

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