What Your Pastors Won’t Tell you, Part II

Narrow is the Way. FEW there be that find it. STRIVE to enter through the Narrow Gate! THIS is the Gospel Preached by Jesus Christ. Recorded by the men who followed Him to the Cross. But you Never hear any of these things in your Churches. When the Churches are jammed pack to the walls on special holidays, what is presented to the Minds of the people? A Pageant! NOTHING is said about the Narrow Way or Striving to Enter through the Narrow Gate! The people are Entertained and go home feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The Pastor is all smiles because his offering plates are overflowing.

The People are willfully ignorant of God’s Word and WANT to Believe what the Pastor is saying. (That’s why they go to their certain churches!) Thus they are inclined to go with the flow. It’s fun and comfortable to attend church. The fellowship is uplifting and beneficial. No Pastor on earth is going to challenge anyone or confront them about their wrong doings. The Message is always pointing in an ‘up-ward’ direction. So everything Jesus taught plays well as nice little Stories and antidotes. But NOTHING is presented in such manner as to give the impression it is Mandatory to follow after. If a Pastor does happen to mention that you should ‘Take up your Cross’, he is probably alluding to something that needs done around the church or encouragement toward the latest fund raiser to expand or purchase more property.

The Real Gospel is Exclusive of those who will not Obey God. People desire to be ‘included’ not alienated over their wrong doings. Unless the Church Pastors accommodate them (give them what they want!) they would be quickly out of a job. No one is going to be selected as a Pastor who doesn’t ALREADY fit into this formula. The person MUST be someone who knows how to keep the peace among large groups of disgruntled gainsaying people full of pride arrogance and lust. Inevitably he will have his core supporters. They run the church, behind the scenes and keep the Pastor informed of any trouble makers in their mist. Usually they combat the ‘dissenters’ through the rumor mill, by floating innuendos to impugn their character.  That’s why anyone who points out sin or hypocrisy in the church or questions what is being taught and preached is considered unloving, mean-spirited and frustrated.

To the People inside the Church System Christianity is merely another Dimension to their lives. They take on the Mantel of being a ‘Believer’ in Jesus! Some regulate their behavior according to ‘Christian’ standards and TRY to act honesty. Others don’t. Just as some people are nicer than others, so it is in the church. You will find certain individuals easier to get along with and some down right mean. It really doesn’t matter that a Real Christian is to have the Divine Nature abiding in them. No one does. They look at the Bible much like the Constitution. Certainly all men are created equal but everyone KNOWS that some are MORE equal than others! The ideal is equality for all. The Reality is dog eat dog.

Have you ever heard a Pastor tell you it’s necessary to Contend Earnestly for the faith to keep it Pure!? That many are turning Grace into a License for immorality! (Jude3-4) This is a foreign concept to Professing Christians. They Don’t understand what it means! Yet the New Testament is FILLED with dire Warnings of False teachers, Deception and the spirit of error. Scripture gives a Detailed description of exactly what they will do and how they will act. Jesus said you will know them ‘by their fruits’ and called them Savage Wolfs appearing to you in Sheep’s clothing! (Matt7:13-15)

Still people in the churches who know NOTHING more about the Bible than ‘Believe in Jesus and be Saved!’ will Listen to Anything these teachers tell them! So they remain in the Dark, blind to MOST of Scripture. Even if someone does come in and tell them about the Narrow Way that Few shall find and they Must Strive to enter the Gate, it falls on deaf ears. To them, that’s NOT the Gospel and a thousand Preachers will confirm it! Again, Just as Paul said, ‘They will not endure Sound Doctrine and Heap to themselves teachers with itching ears to give them fables!’ But most of them have NEVER heard or Read this warning. The extent of their understanding is John3:16, God Loves them, they believe it, Bingo!

No Pastor on earth is going to purposely stir up trouble in their church by raising controversial issues about sin, or admonish the behavior of the people. It would NOT be tolerated! And he will NOT allow anyone else to do so lest he is forced to start answering some touch questions about Salvation. So inevitably he has to side with his ‘Pillars’ (usually the board members) and identify the ‘Trouble-makers’ as those who are trying to cause divisions. Although he will always TRY to keep the peace with everyone, but if that fails the truth will fall victim every time.

Pastors will go to great lengths to avoid Offending anyone. God Forbid they say something that makes a person in their congregation feel uncomfortable about themselves! To SPARE them any apprehension he would rather they go on Believing that God is Showing out his blessings on the church when in REALITY the Scripture says:
Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance? But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God. Rom2:4-5

But everyone, including the Pastor, THINKS that God Approves of their behavior! Consequently they attribute their success and happiness to the belief that they are following Christ. Financial success especially is considered ‘absolute proof’ God that is blessing someone. Also health and happiness is evidence of God’s hand in their lives. If someone gets a new job, graduates from school, wins a sporting competition, even buys a new appliance for their home, IT”S GOD blessing them! It Doesn’t matter that no one ever WARNS them to Examine their hearts, or beware of false teaching all around them or admonish their lax and lukewarm lifestyles. They go on together in their blissful delusion BELIEVING God is on their Side. When the very BIBLE they profess to follow Clearly Declares that God Blesses the Righteous and the Wicked! (Matt5:45)

So your Pastor may be the most congenial person you have ever met and welcomes everyone will equal appreciation, but by NOT Warning the people that God Expects them to DEPART from their Iniquity, he is doing them Eternal Harm! Allowing them to Continue under the impression that God is smiling down from heaven reigning out His blessings on the church is the WORST thing anyone could do! The likelihood of anyone actually Seeking a Real Clearing of their Wrong Doing and experiencing the godly sorrow for sin required to redeem their soul is NILL. That’s why the churches are immersed in hypocrisy and the un-regenerate of the world see them as a Joke. You FIRST have to expose the duplicity in the church community before anyone else is going to take Christian Preaching Serious enough to consider repenting.

The Pastors are hamstrung by their own Doctrines. They Can’t Preach against sin because everyone is BORN in Sin! They Can’t tell the people the Sin has to Stop in Repentance because God SAVES them in their sin! And they Can’t tell anyone that their behavior will Disqualify them from the Kingdom because NOTHING they do matters! Bottom line, everyone is Saved and Secure in Jesus. No one is Perfect and no one dare Judge! They have NO IDEA What is the Purpose of the Commandment or that Faith Works by Love! The Doctrine According to Godliness is foreign to them. They know NOTHING about Purity, Sincerity and Self Control. To them Christianity is an excuse to live in sin and they Love it!

The Saddest part of all this is those of you in the Ministry right now who are aware of what the Bible says about Obedience to the Truth and STILL PREACH THE LIE!!! You Convince yourselves that your Doctrines are correct and that they give you a way around Obeying God. And you KNOW what Sells! Your Churches are full and your bellies fat. None of you is going to Bit off the hand that feeds you! The Cheap, Phony Version of Christianity is what brings them in and EVERYONE is Preaching it.

Instead of Exposing the Lies and Warning the People to Wake Up, the Pastors act like a bunch of sissies afraid to anger the bully! They feel perfectly Justified telling people that God loves them and if they ‘Believe’ in Jesus their sins will be forgiven. This is all based on the LIE they Teach that man is Born a Sinner and Cannot Obey God and of course CAN’T Stop sinning. So Everyone is SAVED in their sins! As a result the Bible remains a CLOSED Book to them and whatever they hear from the Pastors is Gospel.

The Pastors job is to keep everyone occupied in order to convince them there is some kind of real purpose behind all the activity. If he can maintain a good attendance he is satisfied that God’s work is being done. NONE of these people have EVER seen anyone Truly Saved in their Church and NOBODY has any kind of Victory over the Corruption of Sin testimony to share. The foregone conclusion is everyone sins all the time, while at the same time they insist their Pastors are preaching against sin and telling the Truth!
Everything is neatly packaged as to provide a ‘reasonable’ explanation for WHY the warnings in the Bible about sinning are directed to someone other than the believer. They have an objection for every passage, even if the professing believers remain ignorant of scripture, all bases are covered. When real Truth is presented in their midst the MINDS are ALREADY Pre-programmed to reject it! It works on a powerful physiological control principle that seizes the intellect and creates a false Paradigm that is nearly impossible to escape out of. Basically the people are incapable of THINKING Outside the Box!
Jesus Said of these People:
You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.  John5:39-40

This is EXACTLY what is going on in the Churches. Many of them diligently search the scriptures, but in them they FIND EXCUSES to keep on Sinning! They Read the Passages that Warn them of Carnal Mindedness and Walking in the flesh, yet they have no impact. They recognize that Paul said on numerous occasions: ‘Let no one Deceive you with empty words, those who do such sins Will not inherit the Kingdom!’ But the Pastors have it all neatly explained away in their Minds! So it’s not directed toward them. They can sin against conscience and REMAIN Secure!

Many people in the Church System THINK that by living  (on the surface) a Clean Moral life that its enough to witness their supposed Christianity. They remain worldly in their activities and participate in the exact same things as everyone else; Sports, entertainments, vain amusements. There is really not much a difference between them and the rest of the world, only that they may attend a church and make a profession of religion. They sit in church waiting for God to Change their Desires so they can stop smoking, drinking, cussing and a variety of other vile habits. When it NEVER happens they learn to ignore their conscience accusing them and sin with impunity.

They are told that God has removed their Guilt but that the Sin Remains. (its inbred in their nature) Thus the Searing of the Conscience takes place as the Bible Says and they learn to accept Doctrines of Demons! (1Tim4:1-4) That’s why you see countless professing Christians who Study, attend church, pray and play the part of a believer, but never make any progress in real Heart Holiness. Bottom line: Their DESIRES  have NEVER Changed. They are waiting for some magic influence to come in and make them want to obey God. The Pastor will Never tell them they MUST CHANGE their own Desires and it is Suppose to happen in the Process of Repentance! The Bible Says YOU CHANGE Your Own Desires:

For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death. For observe this very thing, that you sorrowed in a godly manner: What diligence it produced in you, what clearing of yourselves, what indignation, what fear, what vehement desire, what zeal, what vindication! In all things you proved yourselves to be clear in this matter. 2Cor7:10-11

And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Gal5:24

Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls. James1:21

Notice it says there is a VEHEMENT DESIRE to change in Repentance. If the Change does not take place here, it NEVER will! No matter what your Pastor says. God expects YOU to make an honest and sincere effort to CHANGE, meaning to STOP Sinning! I know this is a very difficult concept for you to accept, but it’s WHAT the Bible Teaches. Otherwise you will inevitably defile your heart and Sear your Conscience. Consequently you will never arrive at the Truth and adopt some form of doctrine that pleases your flesh.

The Scriptures are to Make you WISE unto Salvation. (2Tim3:15) If MOST of the Bible remains Hidden to your Mind, then your ‘Wisdom’ will be earthly and demonic. (James3:15) Deception falls under the Spirit of Error. (1Jh4:6) Which is in Principle a ‘Denial’ of the Lord and His Doctrine. Correct Doctrine yields BOTH: Right Faith and Right PRACTICE. In Reverse, False Doctrine (error) produces Confusion, Strife and carnality. The Bible Says that those ‘in the flesh’ (lead by the passions and desires thereof) Cannot please God. (Rom8:8) WHY? Because if you LIVE According to the Flesh your spirit is DEAD and you can Receive NOTHING from God. So the Truth will become (to you) a LIE. (Rom1:25)

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