Departing from Iniquity! That’s the theme in Scripture. (2Tim2:19, Read it!) Go and Sin no More, Jesus said. Awake to Righteousness and Sin Not! Said the Apostle. (1Cor15:34)  He who Sins is of the Devil, John told us. (1Jh3:6-7) Sin Shall Not have Dominion over you. You Are DEAD to Sin. A New Creation in Christ. Crucified with Him, Raised to Newness of Life! ALL THIS the Bible Clearly Teaches.

Yet in the Churches the People are taught to GLORY in their sins! They Proudly proclaim themselves the CHIEF of Sinners & Roman’s Wretch. Their lives are a reproach to Christ . They lack both Sincerity and Purity, which are the PURPOSE of the Commandment! (1Tim1:5) No one has the Power of a SOUND Mind in Christ. They are all Double-Minded and Divided in their hearts! The Eye is Bad and the Whole Body is FULL of Darkness. (Matt6:23) But everyone is ‘Saved’, Counted Righteous by faith and Sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise! WHAT A FARCE!

When my wife and I initially entered into Christ (by reading the Word, NOT going to church) We sought out a Church family to attend. Knowing nothing more than what we were continually reading in the Word, we began attending a non-denominational church of about 100 or so members. The pastor was nice and the people very friendly. They welcomed us with open arms and we felt this was a place we could come and hear the Word. It didn’t take long however before we began to notice the blatant hypocrisy of the people who claimed to be long time Christians.  Something was surly amiss with what we were seeing the Word and HOW these people were behaving. NO ONE took the Word Seriously! They would argue with you about it, debate over passages, but bottom line, they Did Not and Were not Obeying it!

We quickly found ourselves facing a brick wall of resistance when we made any attempt to change their minds. Dinners, Parties, and Picnics were plentiful, along with holiday pageants, choir practice and other special events. BUT gathering together in our homes and digging deep into the Word was OUT of the question. They would study the Word, but it NEVER had any impact on the people. They remained Lukewarm, complacent and Dead to God. The Whole System seemed Wrong to us and with what we seen going on in the Major Ministries of the time, we had to conclude that the entire structure of modern Christianity was based on some kind of HOAX!

It became extremely difficult for us to recommend that anyone we spoke to about God should attend our church. (or any church for that matter!) How could we invite loved ones or close friends into this Mess? We kept hoping someone would come along and really let these people have it. Perhaps an evangelist with the fire of God in his belly, like John the Baptist. Someone un-afraid to point out the hypocrisy and expose the errors. But they were all the Same. Entertainers more than preachers. It was touchy feely, with an altar call thrown in on the side. Nothing ever changed. The people were still vile and uncaring. Once in while someone would swear off their cigarettes or re-commit their lives, but it never lasted. They still had no desire to Dig into the Word or Obey it.

We concluded that the System was indeed a HOAX. Some kind of Ruse they were pulling on the gullible people who attended so they could get their money. All the so-called signs and wonders preachers of the time and tongue speakers knew NOTHING about the Word of God. They were a JOKE! Many conducted themselves like Hollywood celebrities and built huge amusement centers to entertain the people. Their wives looked like painted hussies and their ministries like movie sets. But the church people practically worshiped them! They clamored for their books, tapes and other materials. These charlatans were getting rich off the ignorance of the professed Churches. And NO ONE Cared! No body would expose these guys.  It was so obvious they were pretenders, 100% FAKE! But it didn’t matter n the least. If you said anything negative about them, you were the crazy one.

The detrimental effect their phony teaching was having the Church seemed insurmountable. Nothing we could say or show these people mattered to them. To them it was, ‘Take the good, leave the bad’, BUT it was ALL bad There was nothing of any value in promoting godliness, self-control and purity of heart. The pastors we met were clueless. They would talk and talk but it all boiled down to: ‘everybody is saved’, we couldn’t expect perfection and ‘at least’ they were hearing the Word. Nevertheless we highly doubted that any of it was real. Soon it became a burden to attend church. The more we studied the Word and the more we learned about Doctrinal problems and errors, the clearer the picture became. They weren’t following the Bible at all!, only excusing themselves from obedience. It slowly began to come into focus for us as we kept contending and studying the Bible. We were facing a mountain of lies. These people really believed they were Christians even though they had no intention of ever obeying the Bible!

We were hungry to reach people with the real Gospel. All the trash on TV, written material and study books only fueled the problem. Even the voices out there that seemed to be calling people to obedience were falling short of exposing the lies. Everything was emotion driven with no serious impact on their hearts. The Music, the preaching, all of it, designed to entertain not Convict anyone of sin. The end result was to get them into a church or connected to a ministry so they could be indoctrinated in a certain form of teaching. Truly they ‘Ever Leaning’ but never able to come to a knowledge of the Truth!

One of the greatest obstacles in the way of real progress were those in control of the churches. Besides the Pastors, who would do almost anything to keep the peace, the Deacons and other leaders didn’t have the slightest clue what was going on around them. Most of them were from a core family group within the church and set on the board making important decisions. They had a tradition to uphold, in their minds, and bitterly resisted any change. (especially if it meant exposing sin in the church) The Pastor could used them as his buffer against contentions that may arise. He could engage the rumor mill in the event someone was getting a bit too radical against sin. Thus the person trying to bring about some real conviction among the people was immediately pegged as having no love or being ‘mean spirited’! WHO could combat that? It was the Perfect means by which to quell what they considered: fanaticism.

Finally we just gave up and left the System. It was painful and no one understood. We were runagates and would probably soon be reprobates! But now (for the first time since we came to know Christ) we felt FREE to Get the Word out! It was like our hearts busted with Joy and the Witness went forth. Now we could approach people with confidence that they would hear and see the truth in action. We no longer had to bring them into an environment where packs of pretenders, dead to God, could pollute their minds with more deception. To us, it was PURE TRUTH. The Simple message of Repentance and Faith Proven By Deeds! We poured out tracts and articles as fast as I could produce them.

However the same resistance we encountered in the churches was also on the streets! Everybody was Saved already! The Drunks, drug addicts, prostitutes, criminals out on patrol, the reprobates, vile of society, ALL had been ‘Saved’ and Baptized at some Mission or Church. You couldn’t convince them otherwise! They knew NOTHING about the Bible and cared nothing about God. The church or Mission to them was a free handout, a place to crash better than the local gutter. As long as you were giving them something they would come around and even listen to what you had to say. It had no impact on their behavior, just like the church, but you could talk to them about God. No one was Departing from Iniquity, but everybody was going to heaven. Witnessing to them about God was no more than spinning your wheels. Nobody cared.

Our Zeal lasted for quit a while. We were determined not to give up. Someone had to listen and genuinely repent of their sins, but keeping them away from the churches was another story altogether. People from the System were crawling out of the woodwork offering to help us. Although their real agenda was to redirect our efforts to achieve their own ends. Everyone who came along (from the churches) wanted to show us HOW to do it! That presented a problem, because they were all involved in some System of Doctrine contrary to the Real Gospel, but didn’t see it as a problem. So their methods were NOT our methods, which created friction. They just didn’t understand why we wouldn’t fall into line with their way of doing things. Up front we told these people we wanted to remain independent of the church. (any church!) We did not want a position in their organizations or membership on their boards. They saw that as arrogance.

Obviously we made more enemies than friends, especially among the churches. Most of our former acquiesces wouldn’t even speak to us. Outside the System you were considered the Lone Ranger trying to split their churches and that posed a real threat to their turf. If they couldn’t control you, they had no use for you! From there we did some street preaching and kept witnessing around town at the festivities. Some Real Conviction of sin did take place and a few cried out to God. But like the Parable of the Sower, they had no Deep Roots and were quickly choked out by the cares of the world or lies in the churches. 

So what is the end of this Story? I suppose it has no real end, but is ever going on. The battle never ceases it only becomes more intense. We relate these things not to spread despair, but to encourage. There is hope, but it’s NOT in the Churches. You Must realize this First and foremost or be forever trapped in their tangled web of deceptions. The Entire System is Apostate and Under Strong Delusion. I know that some places appear to be closer to the Truth than others. But on further examination you will always find some major problem with their Doctrines. Remember ANY False Doctrine can become a Deadly Error, mainly because it’s supported by the ‘spirit of error’. You Must Strive to remain Pure.

Why do you think the Present Day Churches are so Dead and ineffective? It’s what they Preach and Teach! Their own Doctrines have created Modern Laodicea. The Bible says Sin Not, they say you Sin all the time. The Bible says Christ’s Disciples DEPART from iniquity. They make everyone Workers of iniquity. The Bible says Sin shall not have Dominion over you. They say your Born in Sin! The Bible says he who sins is of the devil. They say if you say you have no sin you’re a lair. It’s all OPPOSITE of Scripture! Everything they teach is turned on its head so you’re not obligated to do any of it.

You’re Counted Righteous while you Remain Vile. You’re Future sins are already forgiven. Jesus Served as your Substitute, not Example. You’re Saved by Faith Alone, apart from Deeds. The Law no longer applies. Repentance is admitting you were born sinful without ability to respond to God. Every minute of every day you are inundated with Teaching that says ‘Christians’ are Sinful to the Core, Wretched in their hearts, BUT COVERED by Grace!  The Vast Majority of Christendom also assures them they are eternally secure no matter what they do. God will even KILL them and take them to heaven early if they fall into too much sin! You can Deny Him, but He WON’T Deny You! The People LOVE it.

This is what you will be up against in the Churches (and more!) Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by their form & Fashion of Christianity, it’s all FAKE! With no Power of a godly life. Under the surface lurks the Carnal man, alive and well, still lusting after the World and waiting for another opportunity to Twist the Word of God to his own pleasure. It may sound good and look nice but it’s a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Known by its Fruits! Matt7:15) They can say: ‘God Bless you!’ and Smile agreeably, to disarm your concerns. BUT Don’t fall for it! You are on Enemy territory. I know it’s a sobering thought to finally realize that all these people are Doomed unless they wake up and Repent, but until you do, you will continually try to keep one foot in the church and the other on the way out the door.

That breeds susceptibility to error and falls under 2Pet3:17. Think about it, WHY would the Blessed Apostle have issued this Warning at the close of his earthly life IF it wasn’t still a definite possibility for the True Saint to Fall from his own Steadfastness into the error of the wicked!? Get yourself Grounded in the Faith, able to Contend and Pull Down the Strongholds of false Doctrine, Never Rest from your labors for God and Run the Race with Maximum Endurance!  Stay OUT of the Churches.


  1. Amen, Mike. I like your new site. I also want to say I owe you an awful lot of gratitude for spreading the truth and being a servant of the King. I have learned much Biblical truth from you and it has given me the confidence to seek God's truth further as I know have a firm foundation and have rid of the lies fed to me from infancy!

    God bless you and yours!

  2. Mike,
    I am blessed by your articles, as I can relate to much of what you wrote.

    The Lord woke me up about a year ago, and I just cannot find a true church that teaches holiness, and seperation from the world and sin.

    I am single, and the Lord has led me out of huge debt, worldliness, idolitry, and now I am growing more in my faith(truth) now that I am not a member in the organized church.

    The more I stand for truth, and warn others the less popular I am, but this is to be expected.

    I now spend my free time, studying the word, sound doctrine, and cant believe all the false teachings there are, and I share the Gospel of John(booklets) and defend the gospel as the Lord leads, with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers.

    I am an outcast aroung those in the organized church, as they see me as lost, divisive, and a fanatic.

    I have tried to start a home church here, but no takers, as I preach the truth, they run the other way, and cling to thier social gospel.

    I am hungry to meet like minded believers, who are also in the wilderness as I am, and will not compromise the truth, by remaining in the false system.

    Feel free to e-mail me,, tmmrt61@aol.com

    Love in Christ,