Because their Deeds are Evil!

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.  But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” Jh3:19-20

It is a proven fact that Evil will Increase in Direct Proportion to the Preaching of the Lie. If Good men do nothing to restrain the effects of evil, it will inevitably triumph over all men. Evil is done in darkness. It Cannot stand the Light of Day. Exposed it will either lash out or run and hide. However exposing evil requires Virtue and Courage, because it is always costly to do so. Whether the evil be Political or Religious, it will despise anyone who shines the Light of Truth.

In a Free Society Evil is restrained by holding forth a Standard of Truth. But when Truth is fallen in the streets nothing remains but the evil. Then the institutions become corrupt from top to bottom and rotten to the core. Like the one bad apple in the barrel ruining all the others, so one bit of leaven gone un-checked will destroy the Standard. The Root of a tree must remain healthy for the tree to bare its fruit and prosper. If the Root is allowed to decay, soon the whole tree will produce nothing but degenerate fruit. Tell one lie and by necessity you must tell another to cover the first. If people are permitted by some religious decree called
‘GRACE’ to violate the law daily in thought, word and deed, because ‘no one is perfect and everyone is born a sinner,’ what will restrain them from ‘secretly’ practicing every form of iniquity, that will ultimately translate into a full blown expression of Evil?

God Sets the Standard, the Royal Law: ‘Love God and Love your neighbor as yourself!’ He Expects man to STOP Sinning! “GO AND SIN NO MORE!” He told the people who came to Him. BUT for hundreds of years (Generations!) people have been Told they CAN’T STOP Sinning and that God will ACCEPT them in their sins. This LIE has DEEP Roots and goes back to ancient times, but under our perspective we need only to understand the prevailing winds of present day Christianity. Tradition (or Doctrine) handed down from our Church Fathers, concludes that men are Born Sinners and incapable of Obedience to God without some Divine influence placed upon his Will to either ‘Select’ him as Elected or ‘off set’ his sinfulness enough for him to Choose God. Therefore EVERYTHING Preached and Taught in the Christian Churches by Necessity MUST fall in line with this Premise in order to make it Valid.

Those of you under this Lie (having wholly bought into it) Cannot understand the Concept that God Expects you to STOP sinning, BEFORE He can forgive you. Thus you Lack the Capacity to Accept the RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN Actions! And that Defines our Society today (and our past also) Man has NOT been Held Personally Responsible for his own Sin before a Holy God, LONGER than anyone can remember. As a result he has gone headlong into evil, BELIEVING that God approves of his doings. Name a War you know of that men DID NOT think it was ordained of the Lord and that HE was on their side and against their enemy. Imagine the destructiveness of this Concept and the potential for violence against your fellowman. GOD is NO Respecter of Persons! He had NO Country. Show NO Partiality to anyone.

BUT they DON’T teach this in your churches! And Neither do they Teach that you Must STOP Sinning Before God can forgive your sin. (it’s just the opposite) NO ONE Can Stop sinning and if they say they have, they are lairs! That’s what you have been taught for Generations. Of Course you should TRY to do better, make an Effort to improve, but no one is perfect! (And None of it will effect the outcome of your Salvation anyway) We all sin everyday. This is the foregone conclusion of all the preaching you have heard your entire life. You may indeed be blind (or numb) to it, but the Truth remains and is revealed in the deterioration of our society. There is no Moral Standard set forth to Restrain personal behavior. And
getting ‘SAVED’ has nothing to do with it! The people who get ‘Saved’ are no different than the world and in some cases worse. (Because under the lie they can sin with impunity!)

Protest all you wish, the evidence is on the side of TRUTH. No one Cares. Your Churches are overrun with hypocrisy, immoral behavior and all forms of evil doing. And it’s SIMPLY Because they have NEVER PUT AWAY the Evil of their DOINGS to Begin with! They have been FORGIVEN in their sins. Tell a person that NOTHING he does Matters. That the Outcome of his eternal well being has NOTHING to do with his personal behavior, but merely Trusting in a PROVISION made by Jesus Christ! WHAT do you suppose is will Restrain that person from evil? ‘Gratitude’ ….that’s what the Preachers will say. BUT WITHOUT a CLEARING of the Wrong Doing and AMENDING of the Evil, the Bad behavior will NEVER Stop and always become WORSE! But NO ONE is TOLD the Sin has to Stop!

Give this person authority or some responsibility to act in a moral and upright manner toward his fellowman. WHAT will he do? What have our elected officials Done? MOST of them are no better than the criminals who roam our streets robbing, killing and raping. (they just do it on a higher level immune to the penalty of the law!) At the highest levels of our society the effect of this LIE is felt. They Rule over the rest of us without fear of exposure, professing to the SAME God you claim to serve. Exposing them by pointing out the evil behavior would mean that your own hypocrisy would have to cease. Your Preachers would no longer be able to hide behind their Doctrines, calling themselves the ‘CHIEF’ of Sinners, the ‘ROMANS’ Wretch. Because they’re ‘not perfect’ they dare not expect Anyone else to be, including their rulers. So they invent more Doctrines from their Bibles that we are suppose to respect these people, honor them, no matter what they do, and that’s being a good citizen and fine ‘Christian.’

What will these people do? Like you they will descend into worse evil, only theirs will be in the form of atrocities on mankind! Do you think someone like Hitler could have been restrained from his evil had a few good men been Preaching the Truth in Germany, instead of the Lie? If like John the Baptist someone would have stood up pointing his finger and said it is not LAWFUL for you to do these things! Perhaps there’s no one left with the same courage to face a chopping block for taking a stand against evil. But society is facing evil on top of more evil, as the Lie itself is a tangled web of deception that has people in bondage. Those at the top are Rotten, but the blame cannot rest solely on them alone. EVERY level is affected, down to your local neighborhood. If No One is truly changed by getting ‘Saved’ or converted over to Christianity, HOW is anything going to reform. If your own Behavior has Not Changed, Can anyone expect Business to improve, Crime to decrease, immorality to stop (or at least have a stigma attached as un-acceptable behavior!) How can even the Clergy be expected to act in an ethical manner when NOTHING they do matters? Everyone has the same excuse. They were ‘Born’ a sinner and can’t help it, but God has forgiven and accepted them nonetheless. (We can see the end product of this in our crime ridden neighborhoods with a CHURCH on every corner!)

Consequently the alcoholic remains addicted to his booze. Drug addict to his needle. The sex manic to his perversion. What does the Church do? Recommend another Program for them. Teach them how to DEAL with their addiction and live with it. NEVER Come out of it! It Doesn’t matter that the Bibles they read Declares that SIN SHALL NOT have Dominion over you! Or He who Sins is of the Devil, or You are a Slave to Who You Obey, Obedience to Righteousness or Sin to Death. NO! None of these things matter, the Preacher/Counselor said so! In PRINCIPLE these things are True, but in REALITY we SIN! Jesus Obeyed in our Place and His Provision is our Salvation, if we Trust.

But most are Blind, Deaf and Dumb to these things and Despise anyone who Says they are True. Society has been under this LIE for so long that it’s NORMAL to be ravaged by sin. Not much LIGHT remains among men. What do you think the Apostles was talking about when he said the Restraining Power would be REMOVED or ‘taken out of the way’ ? He was envisioning a Society GIVEN OVER to its Lust because they HATED the Truth and Loved their Sin! ‘Lawlessness!’ No Restraints! They Suppress the Truth, Exchange it for a LIE! Do you Really Think that this LIE would be so obvious that ANYONE could see it?
WHERE would a lie like this have the MOST effect? In the Suppression of the TRUTH!!!

How is Truth Suppressed? In Unrighteousness. Sinful, Greedy man Twist the Words of God to favor his own wrong doing. He uses the same Bible, quotes the same scripture that tells him to STOP sinning, to say
that it’s impossible for him to stop!

God Said: “You Should Rule Over it.” Gen4:7, speaking of Sin.
Man says: “NO ONE can Rule over it!”

God Said: “Amend the Evil of Your Doings!”
Man says: “Come as you are!”

God Said: “The Soul that sins shall die!” 
Man says: “You Shall not surly Die!”

The Church System is so far gone into this Lie that anyone who opposes it and declares that God expects the Sin to STOP is considered a False Teacher. The mantra is ‘No one Can Judge!’ Therefore no form of vile behavior, no matter how heinous, can be Exposed by the Light. So NO ONE Comes to the Light!
The Standard  is Whatever you want it to be. It’s a Society Without Restraints! The Light in you is Darkness and HOW GREAT is that Darkness! But You THINK It’s Light! NOTHING Could Convince you to take these Matters Seriously enough to Examine yourself in the Light of Truth.

Why is it that Nothing ever gets any better, only Worse? Man never seems to improve. Supposedly he is now experiencing the Greatest enlightenment in his long history, but society is falling apart. Today there are more churches, religious organizations, missionaries, outreach centers, charities, than EVER before! Yet man remains a Wretch, in bondage to his sin. Who can explain it? Why hasn’t this environment produced at least a FEW ethical leaders who will tell the Truth and call people OUT of their sins? Instead the pulpits are filled with homosexuals, pedophiles, fornicators, lairs, thieves and charlatans. What caliber of ‘believers’ do you think this is going to produce? Godly people of high moral standing? People you can trust to run your government or take care of your children? Even those with a Form of godliness suppress the Truth. They sit under the Lie convinced God has forgiven them in sin. They know Nothing of Purity of heart or Contending for the Truth against all the lies. They blindly follow their Preachers in a System designed to KEEP them pacified and contented.

Generation have come and gone, passed into obviation NEVER hearing the Truth. They muddle through their meaningless lives hoping for peace and prosperity, believing that God is on their side. The Lies, both Political and Religious, appease them as they learn to condone more and more evil around them. They tolerate a cheating spouse, miss-behaved children, fornicating family members and friends, unwed motherhood and homosexual marriage. Their churches are run by known cheats and lairs, people obsessed with all sorts of vile behavior, youth directors addicted to pornography and Preachers who call themselves the Chief of all sinners! They live in cities overrun with crime, drugs, gangs, prostitution and crooked politicians. They Send their children to schools where they are brain-washed into a System hatful to Christian values and allow them to be exposed to every form of vice and corruption through the media. Then they Wonder why NO ONE takes God serious enough to OBEY HIM!

All of this naturally translates into a Society bent on self-destruction. When you allowed the Standards to crumble in your homes, so goes the world at large. Evil Comes out of the wood-work! How do you think the murdering despots of history originated? They were all Children once, innocent tender babes, who suckled at their mother’s breast. But in adulthood they committed atrocities unimaginable to the human mind! WHY? SIMPLY Because they WERE NOT RESTRAINED by Truth! EVERYONE was TOO BUSY making excuses for their own sins to SHINE the LIGHT of GOD’S TRUTH on THEM!

So the Darkness Became GREAT----TOTAL----COMPLETE. NO RESTRAINTS. Man is left to the dictates of Chance and the law of the Jungle. GIVEN OVER to the LIE. Now only a Small flicker of LIGHT Remains and FEW Dare to approach it. Will YOU have your DEEDS CLEARLY Seen and Done in God, or Flee into the abyss of Shame and Regret?

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