Sound Doctrine!

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. 2Tim4:3-4

But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine. Titus2:1

In the Early Church Sound Doctrine translated into Sound Living. All tenets of the Christian Doctrine focused on Conduct and following the example of Christ. Anything that distracted from godliness and self control was considered heresy and immediately refuted so it would not Shipwreck the faith of the people! Sound Doctrine Means: ‘FREE from any Mixture of Error!’

These Saints understood Christ’s teaching that Darkness and Light cannot co-exist. That a Good tree CANNOT bare Bad Fruit and the Double-Minded man receives Nothing from God. They Contended earnestly for the faith once delivered to them by the Apostles to keep it free from Pagan and Gnostic error. The Roman World (at the time) tried desperately to blend their doctrines into the teaching of Christ. They insisted that man was born with a corrupted Nature. Sin was lodged in his flesh, although the Spirit or (Soul) was Pure from sin. Therefore man was hopelessly in bondage to his lustful tendencies. But had no fear of Judgment from God because he was Born incapable of Obeying His Commands.

THIS is where the battle lines were drawn for the first Three Centuries of Christianity. Therefore the True Saints (knowing the wiles of the Devil) kept a Strong emphasis on CONDUCT and Clearly defined the difference between Darkness and Light, and Truth and Error. Every Apostle Concluded their Ministry with a Stern and Clear Warning about the dangers of False Doctrine. Paul said that heaps of false teachers would arise and deceive the hearts of the simple. Peter said they would speak Great Swelling Words of emptiness, promising people liberty in their sins. Causing many to stray from the truth into the error of the wicked. John said they were of the spirit of anti-Christ and would not abide in the Truth. And Christ Himself told us that we could KNOW them by their FRUITS!

However when the entire tree goes Rotten, ALL the fruit is Bad. That’s the dilemma we face today. The Professing Churches teach Fables and Myths as Doctrine. Instead of producing Godliness and Self Control, it engenders Divided hearts and hypocrisy. People attend Church, study their Bibles, read books and hold to a form of religion, but remain Hearers of the Word not Doers. Therefore the Doctrine which is in accord with godliness (1Tim6:3) {the wholesome Words of Jesus Christ!} is non-existent! What remains? (1Tim6:4-6) Pride, conceit, disputes and arguments, envy, strife, evil suspicions, men with corrupt minds and Destitute of the Truth! But remember, they possess a FORM of godliness and the appearance of chums.

Jesus called them Wolves in Sheep’s clothing. (Matt7:15) Like dumb dogs they bark and bark but Warn no one of the dangers of sin! People follow after them without question. They can explain away anything the Bible says about Obedience, Faith or Repentance. They are slick and Wiley, using smooth words and know how to win the advantage. Many of them are highly educated in the things of the world and wise as serpents. Paul called them imposters who deceive themselves and others. (2Tim3:13) Once you sit under the teaching of these men for any length of time your conscience becomes seared to conviction and you will be Numb to the Truth. Your heart will be Completely Vile and your Conduct severely compromised.  

Understand the Purpose of the Commandment is: ‘Love, Purity and Sincerity’, (1Tim1:5) If that is rejected (which it will be under false teaching) you inevitably Shipwreck your faith. Now you’re told, of course, that it’s impossible to Shipwreck your faith, or ultimately fall away to ruin, once saved. But when you Stop guarding your heart, by Actively Obeying the Truth, the bitter root of sin will Spring up, defile you and destroy your soul. (1Pet1:22, Heb12:14-17) But NO ONE in the churches is going to Warn you about these things and unless you are reading your Bible with the eyes of your understanding open to Truth, you WILL BE DECEIVED! (Just as Jesus said)

Obedience is Not Optional, Neither is Purity of Heart. If faith has not made you Pure within, you have the faith of Devils and are lost. (Acts15:9, Gal5:6) Sound Doctrine and Sound Teaching is what you need.

This type of Teaching and preaching will Produce:
A Faith Working by Love, Purifying the heart of Sin!  (Gal5:6, 1Pet1:22)
Repentance Proven By Deeds…..Acts26:20
Grace in Accord with Godliness and Self Control! Titus2:11-14
Obedience from your heart!  Rom6:16
The flesh (old man) Crucified with Christ in Repentance, Dead to Sin, alive to God! Rom6:4-6
The Passions and Desires of the flesh also Crucified with Christ!  Gal5:24
Newness of Life and a Walk in the Spirit Worthy of God. Eph4:20-24

You will be Filled, Lead and Taught by the Spirit of Truth. (1Jh2:27) Into all Truth! The Lie will be repugnant to you. You will naturally Contend against it and pull down the Strongholds of Satan no matter the Cost to you personally! (Jude3-4, 2Cor10:4-5) When you hear the False Teachers telling people they are Forgiven in Advance, That Jesus Obeyed for them and God Can’t see them sinning. You will not be able to remain silent! When they Twist the Scriptures to show that Jesus suffered the Wrath of God, took your punishment on the Cross and now Transfers His own Righteousness to you by faith alone. You will Know that THIS is the Devil’s Gospel!

Sound Doctrine is:
He Who Sins is of the Devil!! 1John3:8
He who DOES what is Right is Righteous! 1Jh3:6
He who Endures to the End will be Saved! Matt10:22
If you Commit sins such as drunkenness, adultery, murder, lying, cheating, addictions, you will NOT inherit the Kingdom! 1Cor6:9-10, Gal5:19-21 (Do Not Be Deceived!)
You Will be Judged According to your WORKS of Faith!  (1Pet1:17, Rom2:7-8, Rev22:1-23, Mt12:37)

Conduct Matters, Purity Matters and Obedience CANNOT be Separated from Faith! The Dynamic of Working together with God in the Process of Repentance and Faith is Vital to the Saving of the Soul. If you Fail to Obey God (from the heart made pure by faith) you Fail Entirely…..That’s SOUND DOCTRINE!

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