Preacher of Righteousness

And spared not the old world, but saved NOAH the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly 2Pet2:5

What happens to a nation when there is no longer any Preachers of Righteousness? There is nothing to hold back the tide of iniquity in the hearts of men. Nature then Reverses itself and Light becomes Darkness and Perversion is Normal. This is reflected in the Preaching of the Gospel. Instead of defending Right behavior, Sin is promoted! What is common to hear from today’s Pulpits? The OPPOSITE of Right! Here are some examples from popular Preachers with huge followings:  

“You Black Ball God day and night!”  John Piper
“Following Jesus is Not the Gospel!”    Irwin Lutzer
“You are all natural born liars and Supersonic Sinners!” Ed Young
“You are the Chief of Sinners, like Paul.”   John Macarthur
“You are not even Condemnable! We sin grievously!  Richard Warmac
“Are you Not forgiven for sins Past present and future sins when you become a Christian? That’s total Forgiveness that Legal Justification"  Mike Fabarez,
“You Sin daily in thought, word and deed!”  Your local pastors

And it goes on and on. Church members are taught they are the Romans Wretched man, as Christians. They are told their Nature is totally Corrupted from Birth and incapable of doing anything to please God. The Remedy is to get ‘Saved’ first (In your sins!) receive the Holy Spirit then try to sin less. But you can NEVER Stop sinning! They all agree on this. In fact if you claim to Stop, you are Lost because you’re trying to Save yourself. The scriptures are twisted to support these fallacies.

You would think that anyone with half a brain could see through this farce. People have GOT to know that Jesus DID NOT Teach you to sin. But the Deception is almost complete! Sin is normal operating procedure in the Churches. The people are offended when they are told what the Bible REALLY Says and how it does NOT support their sin message. Yet everything in Scripture is the Opposite of what they have been told!

“Depart from Iniquity!”     2Tim2:19
“Go and Sin no more!”       John5:14
“He who sins is of the devil!”  1John3:7
“Awake to Righteousness and sin not!”  1Cor15:34
“Work out your Salvation, Make your calling sure, Run with endurance!” Phil2”12, 2Pet1:10, Heb12:1
“Fight the good fight, Keep the faith, lay hold of eternal life!”  1Tim6:11-12

When have you heard a Pastor tell you that GRACE teaches Godliness and Self Control in this Present age? Or that the Exceeding great and Precious Promises of God give you all things that pertain to life & godliness so you can Add to your Faith? Have you ever been told that a Spiritual Person can Judge all things and that he himself is rightly judged by no man? How about he who DOES what is Right is Righteous? Or that you are required to be Perfect as you heavenly Father is perfect in all holy and reverent conduct? All these things are CLEARLY Stated in the Bible, not as suggestions, but as Commands.

But have you heard them, Probably NEVER! If you’re a loyal church member you know three things for sure: ‘No one is Perfect, you can’t judge, and  It’s not of Works!’ This is the foundation of your entire Gospel Message and why what you believe is opposite of the Bible. So the end result on our present generation is a Nation full of ‘Workers’ of iniquity, rather than a People DEPARTING from it. The Pulpits argue in Favor of sin, but deny they are doing so. Yet the evidence cannot be denied. Where is the Purity of heart? Who Obeys God? Does anyone expose unrighteous conduct or false teaching in the churches? Who understands that Good tree Cannot bare Bad Fruit or a bad tree Good Fruit? When is the last time you seen someone Repent by getting CLEAR of their Wrong Doing and have a Vehement Desire change to obey God? Who is teaching that the old man’s passions and desires must be Crucified with Christ at initial Repentance and Salvation?  

Again, all this is Clearly revealed in the pages of Scriptures and was put into Practice by the early Christians.  In ancient times THIS was the Gospel! Now it’s all a Representation Theory where Jesus becomes your Substitute instead of your example to follow. You’re made Holy & Obedient by fait! God declares you thus when you ‘Believe’ in Jesus. No Deeds, No Clearing, No Desire Change! Nothing the Bible Says accompanies Salvation. So No Righteousness exists in the land. Doing What is Right is rendered null and void by a Gospel that forbids it! People in the churches (and out) do good deeds, but they love the World and live in the Passion of the flesh. Most of the Preachers believe that people are born with the malady of sin inbred into them at birth. Therefore you will not hear any of them exposing wrong conduct in their churches. Why? Because first, THEY themselves are helpless sinners saved by Grace and last, the people can’t help what they are and God has forgiven them nonetheless.

So his job is to be Patient with them and make everyone feel loved despite their constant short comings and lack of Obedience to God. The average church goers knows next to nothing about the Bible and has no desire to further their knowledge. They will believe almost anything the pastor tells them and be suspicious of anyone who comes in quoting a bunch of Scripture about doing what is Right. Consequently society follows suit. As water always finds the path of least resistance, sinful behavior becomes common place.
The Necessity of living a Holy Life pleasing to God is negated by Doctrines. The fear of Judgment is removed and the people take on the ‘form’ of godliness (without the power of a godly live) spoken of in 2Tim3, ever learning but never able to come to a Knowledge of the Truth.

The Bible says Noah preached Righteousness for 120 years, 2Pet2:5, and only eight souls, including himself were saved. In our Generation it appears as though the results will be much the same. But instead of Preachers of Righteousness our pulpits are occupied by men telling us we are Born worse than Hitler! That new born babies are thinking about stealing the doctors wrist watch! (we have the quotes) And it goes on and on, everyday, twenty four hours around the clock. This Reprobated Message is broadcast around the globe! Sinning is inevitable. The Real Preachers of Righteousness (there are few) like Noah, are ignored and even considered of the Devil.

It is nearly impossible to find a Preacher anywhere who will tell people they must STOP Sinning in Repentance and Get CLEAR of their wrong doings. Try asking your own Pastors. They will tell that if a person could stop sinning they could save themselves and wouldn’t need Jesus. Which means, as we have said over and over again, they MUST Get Saved In their Sins, Receive the Spirit and then Repent! The EXACT OPPOSITE of Repentance in the Bible. (Check Jonah 3:5-10 and answer the question: Did the people of Nineveh Stop sinning BEFORE or AFTER God extended His Mercy to them.)

If you are unable to See the Truth of the Jonah Passage and 2Cor7:10-11, Join the others! Eat, Drink, Marry, Divorce, and Party your way to the End. It Won’t be long before the Door to the Arc is Closed again and your time will run out.

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