The Dysfunctional System of Lies

While our Nation is being dismantled before our eyes, the reprobate Church remains in La La land sleeping away in its fantasy of delusion. Human liberty is going down the drain and the Professing Christians sit in their churches pretending to worship a God who condones their sin and winks at their vile hearts. Child molesters and baby killers occupy leadership positions and pass themselves off as godly people! The entire System is built on a foundation of lies on top of more lies and NO ONE cares more than stuffing their bellies full of food and entertaining themselves with worldly activities. How much Worse can it get before anyone will wake up and smell the decay?

We have entire generations given over to reprobated minds, mentally ill and drowning in their own corruptions. They lack both the means and the human responsibility to hold back the tide! They have Ship-wrecked their lives and abandon the faith, traded the Truth of God for LIES and take pleasure in their iniquity. The preachers remain SILENT, like Dumb Dogs who no longer Bark. They assure everyone of peace and prosperity that no evil will befall them, God is love and extends His Kindness to them while they wallow in their sins. They teach a Gospel that accommodates man in all his shame and THINK they are doing the world a favor! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been Rendered null and void and Completely Ineffective to hold back the flood gates of hell.

Darkness has descended upon our land and with it the Pits of hell itself shall manifest in our streets, schools, government and halls of Congress. Can people given over to debased minds rule with Righteous Judgment? Can you TRUST them to protect Liberty and ensure Justice for all? Will they uphold the weak, show compassion to the poor and downcast? They rule over your lives as Lords of the earth! Brainwash your children and pass laws to steal away your freedom from which they are exempt. They sell themselves to the worlds most wealthy and serve them as minions while they enslave you by robbing you of your inheritance. You sit in your homes and churches imagining you are free, believing the lies, following after a system designed to dumb you down and keep you in the bondage of ignorance.

They feed you on a diet of sex, violence and debauchery. Your worship at the shine of professional sports. Vain amusement has replaced godly instruction in your homes and you wonder why your children are mind numbed zombies. You practice every foul and despicable distraction imaginable and justify yourselves with the wisdom of fools! Instead of freeing your Mind from the lie you enslave yourself to the lust of the flesh. Your god is your belly and you glory in your shame! While the Preachers promise you liberty you wallow like pigs in the mire. Nothing could Wake you from your Sleep of Death. You are reserved for the blackness of darkness forever.

People can no longer escape the bondage of their own corruption. They only descend deeper into despair and hopelessness. The Church System offers them programs to instill purpose and value back into their lives, but without a SOLID Foundation of Truth, it’s merely human advice. No Preacher alive can tell anyone that Certain types of Behavior will lead them to ruin and eventually hell fire. That would be impossible under the lie. (and it would cost them their jobs as well!) Consequently the Pillars of the church end up being child molesters, baby killers, drunks, lairs, thief’s and everything else. WHY? Simply because NO ONE is going to hell for ANYTHING they DO!

So Called Christian activists will march and sit in front of abortion clinics, protesting medical people and getting arrested by the police. While at the same time their own churches are full of vile hypocrites excusing every sort of sin. Activism would NEVER be Necessary IF the Standards were being established in the Pulpits! As long as the doctor who performs the abortion can profess to be a good Christian in his community, NOTHING you protest against is going to matter in the least! It’s no different with the Child Molesters the Churches will take no responsibility for. If they can go un-prosecuted by the letter of the law because the Preachers are too GUTLESS to single out this as sin deserving of hell, HOW will it ever STOP?

They teach and write books on ethics for Christian clergy. But all they boil down to is a glorified physiology course based on humanism. There’s no absolute Values, Right or Wrong, Black or White in ANY Situation. Everything is arbitrary, depending on the Situation. ‘Situational ethics!’ If the person in question is a Big donor sitting on the board, what Pastor on earth is going to expel him from the fellowship for any sin? Or even reprimand him in the presence of the church. Everything is done behind the scenes, hush hush as not to disturb the status quo, least people stop attending and hold back their tithes. This is why you have openly divorced men and women, who have admittedly committed adultery on their spouse, STILL in attendance! And making kissie face with another person in the church! How bad can get?

When the Warnings became Suggestions and God’s Sanctions, mere advice, society followed suit. Now NOTHING matters. And everyone is too busy covering up their own sins to demand that anyone else clean up their act. So the churches descend further into the depths of Satan and pretend they’re Christians! Instead of lifting man from the ravages of sin, the Preachers find ways to apply God’s Word to their Condition. They tell him he was Born a vile Sinner and that God Provided Christ to forgive him in advance and Swap places with him, in some kind of Magical transfer. Now God sees them as Perfectly Righteous and Obedience even though they can NEVER meet His Holy Standard.

It’s the Perfect set up for a Reprobated society given over to their lust. Listen to the Child Molesters on TV make excuses for their predatory actions and call themselves spiritual people. Watch the Promo Movie maker grin when the Preacher tells him he isn’t going to hell for his sin. Hear the Pastors tip toeing around the Homosexual issue. Count the Denominations that openly condone sexual perverts as Church leaders! Look at the debauchery our Youth are involved in. The Music they call Christian Pop. The JOKE of an education they are receiving in so-called Christian schools.

Whether the Preachers are all Deceived or just plain lairs who love the fa├žade, what Difference does it make? They Continue to play the game with no concern regardless how bad it gets. Its Standard Operating Procedure from pulpit to pulpit, if anyone comes along telling the People they Must Stop sinning or go to hell, they are banned immediately as heretics and expelled. It’s ok occasionally (during revivals and special meetings) to admonish them to re-commit their lives to Jesus and try to stop sinning or be ‘willing’ to stop. BUT NEVER draw the line in the Sand and make Anything Mandatory! Since Keeping His Commands and Walking Worthy of His Name are impossible for poor depraved sinners, God understands and loves them anyway. So Revival or no, the Church remains at Square One, adding to their numbers, but making NO PROGRESS toward a Patience Continuance in Doing Good, Seeking after Glory, Honor and immortality.

Because the Churches excel in giving and charitable outreach worldwide, that substitutes for Preaching the Truth and exposing the Lies. They provide for every human physical need but leave them Spiritually destitute and in bondage to their sin. People are helped but remain addicted to every form of destructive behavior. They merely trade one addiction for another and attend the Programs as long as the goodies keep rolling in. The voluntary aspect of this system serves two a fold purpose in making the people who participate feel good about themselves and presenting the Appearance of Christian charity as a seal of approval. Accordingly doctrinal differences and denominational affiliations are of no concern. The Gospel becomes a User Friendly-Seeker Friendly tool to draw the people in while the fat cat preachers rack in the proceeds and pass themselves off as celebrities.

Will anyone own up to this Mess? Not likely in the present climate. There’s too much at stake for most of them. Who is going to put everything they have accomplished on the line to tell people they have to Stop Sinning and Get Right with God? Are there any Prophets out there? Other than the phony charlatans in the charismatic movement who act like a bunch of mentally deranged maniacs! I wonder how Jeremiah and Isaiah felt when they had to expose the Reprobated System in their time. You think they loved telling the people they were following lying, deceived Pastors, Dumb dogs, who preached nothing but LIES!? How were they received by the general public? Were the people even SLIGHTLY aware of the times in which they were living? How Spiritual and Physical Bondage were just around the corner and their precious liberties were about to be swallowed in brutal tyranny!

WHO had slightest inkling that their lives were about to be cast into the furnace of affliction and a new Dark Age descend upon them unprecedented in their history? NOT a Soul among them! Just Like NOW. You Celebrate in wrongdoing and applaud others who indulge in their lusts! All the time imagining that God is smiling from above approvingly and reigning out His blessings in abundance. Not knowing that His Kindness and forbearance should lead you into REPENTANCE. But heaps and heaps of False teachers occupy the Pulpits with every message under the sun that promise them Peace. You can find any sort of ear tickling smooth words to quell your conscience against accusation. Sound Doctrine is Jesus loves you, your sins are forgiven in advance and God is not concerned about your sin! Under the Prophets they all BELIEVED the LIE and perished in their sins. Today you WALLOW in the Lie and Despise anyone who exposes it. Can you escape the consequences of your actions? NOT as LONG as you Believe there will be no Consequences! You’re awake to the World and many of you work your fingers to the bone to succeed in it. BUT you won’t lift ONE FINGER to Find the Truth about God!

You Trust in lying Preachers who cause you to sin with impunity and Worship a false Image of Jesus. Will anyone thoroughly Amend the evil of their doings and Seek God in Sack-cloth and Ashes? Lying Words will not Profit you. You Steal, Murder, Commit adultery, swear falsely, get drunk, curse God and commit all manner of sins and then come and Stand before the Lord saying ‘No evil shall befall us!’ When the house in which you gather is nothing more than a Den of thieves! Your Pastors mouths are full of lies in which you relish. They Walk according to their own lusts and IMAGIN they are preaching Truth! NONE of them are of God. The System is Fallen into the Pits of Satan himself. WHO is Calling People OUT of their sins? WHO will Stand the Counsel of the Lord and TURN these people from their iniquity before it’s too late!!!!?

You have Sown wheat and Reaped Thorns. You have put yourself to pain and profited nothing! The Whirl-Wind will burn away the Chaff and the threshing floor will be Purged by fire. You LOVE the Lie and Stake eternity on it. But you Stand on a Mythical Foundation built on Great Swelling Words of Emptiness. One Day it will all Vanish like a Vapor on the Wind and the Secrets of your heart will be Judged by HIM who sits on the Great Throne! So Party on and Enjoy the Ride, it will be OVER Soon.

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  1. The carnal mind finds fault, points fingers, accuses, etc. Christ came not to accuse. Follow the Lamb and not the system of carnal man.