The Real Heretics!

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Who are the Real heretics? Today they occupy the Pulpits of our local churches and control the Print and broadcast Media. The Gospel they promote is Far Removed from the original content of the Bible. In fact the early Saints would consider our present day pastors as the vilest heretics of all time! Why? Simply because they have taken the simple teachings of Jesus and turned them into a systematic theology that removes all human responsibly and any fear of Judgment.

The early Saints would be appalled to see the condition of professing Christians today. They profess Christ and remain double minded, divided in heart and serving their flesh. It’s disgusting to hear Pastors tell the people they are born sinners, wretched for life and covered by the Grace of God! In outrageous and great swelling words of emptiness they promise liberty in Christ while the flesh remains in bondage to sin. By the Magic of imputation and Moral Transfer they imply that Jesus Obeyed God in their place and has now Secured all the Conditions required for them to enter the Kingdom, (in their sins!)

The early Saints followed their Master in humble Obedience to His Commands, Striving always to enter by the Narrow Gate. They ran the Race with Steadfast endurance following the Example of Christ in all Righteousness and godly behavior. They held fast to His Word and Contended earnestly for the Faith. Their Message to the world was Repentance and Faith PROVEN by DEEDS! And Judgment According to DEEDS! Hypocrisy was exposed, Lies Cast down and Sin never tolerated. If you Named the Name of Christ, you Departed from iniquity!

Their Doctrine was Simple. Jesus came to Ransom their souls from the Corrupting influence of sin and provide for them all things that pertain to life and godliness through His exceeding great and precious promises. As workers together with Him they added to their faith and worked out their own Salvation in fear and trembling. They did Not have ten thousand Pastor / Teachers explaining away all the Commands of Scripture and telling them that Jesus was their Substitute. It was the Heretics (Pagans!) who taught that man was born a sinner with a dual nature that could not obey God. The Gnostics made the outrageous claims that sin could be inherited by generation and guilt transferred from father to son. (NOT THE CHRISTIANS!)

In Scripture humans were born innocent, with Free Will and Ability to Obey Right or Wrong by Choice. Sin was NEVER a Substance in the flesh, it was a MORAL CHOICE determined by the Will. Man had the Responsibility before God to TURN from his sin, get Clear of his wrong doings and Seek the Mercy of Christ in Reconciliation. The Sin STOPPED before Pardon could be Granted! The Holy Spirit came into a CLEAN Vessel, Purged and Washed in the Blood of Christ! Then Newness of Life could take place and all things become new. NOT by some Representation of Christ Doing it for you, BUT in REALITY of you dying with Him to Sin once and for all in a Baptism of Repentance.

Most of you will be Shaken to the Core to discover that what your Churches are teaching as Gospel is based on Pure Fallacy and has NOTHING in common with the Early Saints. To you it will sound like Heresy and cause you great distress. In all likelihood you will despise it and the messenger! But if you Choice to Yield and Look into these things, it could drastically Change the direction of your life. It’s entirely up to you. No one can force you to see the Truth, especially when you THINK you already have it!
Your Soul is in the balance however and time is NOT on your side. DIG and you may find something of great value. Remain complacent and eventually face the music.

The thing to understand as we proceed is whether or not these Teachers Purpose to Deceive or Really believe in what they are saying, ALL of it can be verified with diligent Study and the fallacies Clearly shown in Scripture. Unless you have a dull intellect it’s really very easy to uncover the lies and see through their contradictions. These teachers will go to any length to prove their fables and Twist any portion of scripture necessary to make their point. It is foolish of anyone to sit under them and not question the things they say. Too much is at stake! Give yourself some credit and challenge these Teachers. They are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and stand on pretenses! Use the Brain God gave you and get engaged.
The Heretics today are well known celebrity type preachers. Piper, Lutzer, Young, Macarthur, Driscoll, Comfort, on and on. Wolves in Sheep’s clothing! (Matt7:15)  Anyone who holds to and promotes Reformed Theology is Preaching Heresy. This would include all the Preachers, street or otherwise, endorsing Penal Substitution, Representation Doctrine. Whether they believe in Original Sin or not, makes no difference. They present Jesus as the sinner’s substitute, suffering the Wrath of God in their place and exchanging places with them. Both sides of the theological coin hold to these fallacies. Calvinism and Arminism, there are no exceptions. None of them Preachers or Understands Real Repentance and denies man posses the ability within his own will to Stop sinning and Seek God.

This may seem somewhat extreme to most of you, but think about it for a minute. What did the early Christians Teach? Wasn’t it the Words of Jesus (the wholesome words of the Master, the Doctrine which accords with godliness!) handed down to them by oral tradition (mostly) through the Holy Prophets and Apostles. Paul affirmed this in his first letter to young Timothy, 1Tim6:1-5, above stated: The DOCTRINE According to godliness. THAT’S what the Lord Taught. His Words:
Dig Deep! Strive to Enter the Narrow Gate! Obey, Keep, Holdfast, Endure, Watch, Be Ready, Build on the Rock, Deny yourself, Take up your Cross and follow!

Is ANY of this taught today by the above named preachers? Is ANY of it Mandatory toward the outcome of your Salvation? Do you know any Professed Christians, in your churches, DOING any of these things?
So WHO are the Heretics? The People making a thousand excuses why none of these things are necessary or the Early Saints who Followed their Master in humble Obedience, even unto death?

As a Result of these heresies having the upper hand, the Concept that is lost to this present generation is that you Must Obey God and Stop Sinning to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Almost everyone is being taught the very Opposite! And they have concluded that NO ONE can Obey God or ever Stop sinning.
Thus the only way out of this deadly snare is a radical return to the very Roots of Christian Belief. But the landscape is wroth with danger. Deception is everywhere. Whose telling the Truth??? You Must Start with a Solid Foundation, 2Tim2:19, and Build from there. Your theology MUST be in line with what Jesus taught! Otherwise you will be believing in Myths and Fairy tales.

What Did the Early Church Teach?                      
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What Did the Early Church Teach?                    
What Did the Early Church Teach?         

What Did the Early Church Teach?      

What Did the Early Church Teach?
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What Did the Early Church Teach?
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What Did the Early Church Teach?
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Letter to Rome & Julian Refutes Augustine  

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