How Great is That Darkness!

But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon. Matt6:23-24

This Concept of Conversion and Salvation is Lost to the Religious System. They are constantly in Darkness ‘believing’ they can see, but their eye is BAD and their Whole body is full of the darkness. Therefore the heart remains Divided, serving self interest and taking on a Fashion of Christianity.

Jesus Said to the Religious System concerning this: “If you were blind you would have no sin, but now you SAY you ‘We See’ Therefore your sin remains!” (Jh9:41)

These were people who ‘Searched’ the Scriptures, (Jh5:39) Believing that ‘In them’ they had Eternal Life! But as these SAME Scriptures speak of Repentance and Faith PROVEN by Deeds, they Refuse to Come that they may find Life. Consequently they are the ‘Blind leaders of the Blind’ (Matt15:14) Defiled on the inside by the Very things they teach! Yet they STILL say they can SEE.

So the Judgment is on the THEM, the very people who claim to Serve God! “That those who do not see may See and that those who SEE may be made Blind!” (Jh9:39)  

In other words: ‘HOW GREAT is that Darkness!’ They occupy the set of authority, interrupt the Scriptures and expound on the issues of eternal life. BUT they are BLINDED by the Lie! This is Why the so-called Converts in the Churches can Preach from the Bible, Study the Word, Pray, sing and worship and still not SEE. Just as the Bible says, “They are ever learning but NEVER able to Come to a Knowledge of the Truth!” (2Tim3:7)  Like the Pharisees before them, who occupied the set of Moses, They quote the Same Scriptures about Repentance and Faith Written by the Apostles.

These Scriptures Testify of a Faith WORKING by Love, Repentance PROVEN by DEEDS, the Crucifying of the Old Man, Once and for all, the putting to Death of his Passions and Desires. (Gal5:6, Acts26:18-20, Rom6:4-6) Obedience from the Heart and Slaves to WHO you Obey! (Rom6:15-17) NOTHING is Said in any of these Passages about God Obeying for you, or Man being unable to Repent and Stop Sinning because he is Born a Sinner and Depraved. Yet THIS is EXACTLY what the Blind Teach Using these Same Scriptures!

Here is a Perfect Example of the Blind leading the Blind:
Many have tried to repent in their on effort and Failed. Penance is a work of man.  Repentance is the work of God given freely to all who will come to Christ with Godly sorrow, for being a sinner.

ll Corinthians 7:10 " For Godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. 

Acts 20:21" Testifying both to the Jews and also to the Greeks Repentance toward God and Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ."

Therefore it is my firm conviction that Repentance is as vital a part of salvation as Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  But there again we are not saved by normal everyday faith but by, "Imparted Faith" brought about by Hearing Gods Word.  (However let me hasten to say that repentance could never be attained by works of penance or by giving up sin in ones life. It must be granted, not on merit of the seeker but by the same grace that grants faith.)

Notice that he Quotes the Proper Scripture Reference on Repentance and Faith. 2Cor7 and Acts20. It Sounds Correct. MOST people would be Deceived into Thinking that he is Preaching a Sound Message based Solely on the Bible. BUT is he? In Effect he has REMOVED DEEDS from the Act of Repentance
By attributing it to the WORK of God and Eliminating Man’s participation from the Process Entirely. But in Acts26:20, they were COMMANDED to Prove their Repentance by their DEEDS! So where do the Deeds come in, in his opinion? By Necessity they MUST come AFTER initial Salvation has Taken Place. As a result you are Saved ‘IN YOUR SINS!

Here’s the Proof:
Let me give you my unqualified answer, NO, the child molester does not have to stop molesting children to be saved!

Does a child molester have to stop molesting children to be saved?  No, but if he is truly saved by Grace, he will stop molesting Children

If Repentance is stopping all sin then I don't know anyone who is saved, because I have yet to meet even one person who has prayed the sinners prayer who has stopped all sin.
(then he quotes from 1John1:8-9)

Unfortunately this Pastor represents MOST Pastors who responded on this issue. Logic would dictate that the Next question to him should be, “WHEN Does the Sin Stop?” If it does not Stop in the Act or Process of Repentance, how soon afterward can be expect this heinous activity to cease so we can Trust this person in the presence of our children?

The Pastor said he has NEVER met a person who ‘prayed the sinners prayer’ (to him this is Salvation) who stopped sinning. Then he quoted 1John1:8-9. What is he saying? He is using the Scriptures to ‘Prove’ that a person has merely to ‘Confess’ his Sinfulness to God, 1Jh1:8, and Automatically be forgiven of his trespass because of God’s faithfulness and Mercy. (even if it’s the sin of molestation!)

So the Question is answered: WHEN does the sin Stop? The Answer: NEVER! To them John is giving them an Out, ‘If they Confess the sin, they are forgiven of it!’ A PERFECT Example of how their Blindness works. HOW Could John be giving them permission to Keep on Sinning and be forgiven if they confess it, when he said in the SAME Epistle, ‘He who DOES what is RIGHT is Righteous! He who SINS is of the Devil!’  1John3:7.-8.  John CANNOT be talking about Flagrant sins of the Flesh that will bring about Spiritual Death and separation from God. (1Jh5:16)

You are a SLAVE to WHO you OBEY! (John8:34, Rom6:16) But to the Blind Leaders you REMAIN a Slave to your ‘Sinfulness’ Because you were BORN into Sin and incapable of Obeying God. So God has to Grant you Faith and Repentance BEFORE you can PROVE anything. But WHERE is this in Scripture? 

The Blind say they SEE it….in the SAME Passages we quote from to Prove otherwise. HOW is this any Different from what Jesus was Talking about when He said, ‘How GREAT is that DARKNESS.’

But their EYE is BAD. They CANNOT SEE that the DEEDS MUST Come in the PROCESS of Repentance, BEFORE God can Grant His Mercy and Grace. You Can’t See in the Dark! In Jonah3 the People of Nineveh Covered themselves in Sackcloth and Ashes, STOPPED the Evil of their Doings and the Violence of their hands and then CRIED out to God for Mercy. This Follows throughout Scripture: Check: Isa55:7, Jer26:13, Lam3:40, Prov28:13, Isa1:16, 2Cor7:10-11. In Luke19:1-10  Zacchaeus the Tax Collector Repented BEFORE Jesus Came to his house, by Giving half his goods to the poor and restoring anything he had taken by false accusation fourfold.

But MANY Pastors (Blind Leaders) Use these Same Passages to Say those like Zacchaeus were Saved IN THEIR SINS! Again, they ‘SEE’, But DO NOT REALLY SEE. That’s why Everything is Twisted in Reverse. When the Eye is BAD, the WHOLE Body is FULL of DARKNESS. And How GREAT is that Darkness! If YOU Think these pastors are Preaching a Sound Message based on the Bible or you CANNOT tell the Difference between the Truth and Error of their Sayings, Perhaps you should pray to God for LIGHT to Open the EYES of your Understanding to these things before it’s too Late and you Follow them into the Ditch.

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