Ever Learning!

always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2Tim3:7

No Restraints, no Rules. NO Fear of Judgment! This Describes the Present Day Professing Christian Church goers. The average man is addicted to internet pornography and cannot control his thought life when it comes to the lust of the Eyes. The Women are gossips and busybodies easily carried away by various lusts and worldly entertainments. NO ONE has Crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. (Gal5:24) Nor is it necessary to have a Single Eye full of Light, (Matt6:23) to be Right with God.

The Pastors seem clueless and NONE of them will admit they have failed miserably to Preach Repentance and Faith according to the Scriptures. Whether their failure is intentional or un-intentional remains a mystery. Like the Church System, everything retains a FORM of godliness, to one degree or another, but obedience to the Truth is FAR Removed from the Standards set forth in the Bible. It’s difficult to fault the Charitable efforts and community outreach of Modern Christianity, They help many people in all cultures all over the world with Material needs. Those inside the System are convinced they are doing the will of God and will go to great lengths to participate in some form of outreach. But others ‘in the know’ (who see the glaring hypocrisy) are appalled by the neglect of Truth in bringing people Out of their sins.

Could the entire world be deceived? We know that that Great Apostle John did say that the whole world lies under the sway of the Wicked one. (1Jh5:19) Meaning: that Satan himself holds the world in Subjection to his rule. A heavy statement in light of how the early Christians viewed the Prince and Power of the Air, who roams about as a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. (Eph6:12, 1Pet5:8-9) They certainly did not take his Wiles lightly given their immediate environment of deadly persecution. But today these things are hardly mentioned and laughed off by most professing Christians. To them life is a Candy land of blessings and the possibility of being Deceived by the Devil is a mere passing thought. (perhaps reserved for fanatics or cultists who have gone off the deep end abandoned the established Church.)

Nevertheless WHO can explain the disarray in our present day churches; Where almost ANYTHING is permissible or passed over lightly and the people who make up our society are in moral decay? WHO can we blame? The Pastors who ‘refuse’ or ‘Can’t’ Preach a higher standard of Conduct due to their own doctrinal restraints? Or do we blame the People themselves who are ‘ever learning’ but NEVER able to come any real knowledge of the Truth? Surly deception is everywhere and itching ears can find any Form of Teaching that pleases the carnal mind. Charlatans and Tricksters of all sorts flood the airwaves Preaching every kind of Lie and selling a fashion of religion the people seem to love. 

Proof is in the fact that the people ‘pony up’ large sums of money to support these lairs. But what does that say about the countless local Churches ran by ‘seemingly’ sincere Pastors who insist they care about the people? If you speak with them about this dilemma, they will say, ‘YES’ you must obey God! Surly you can’t live in sin and NO we would never condone an immoral lifestyle!’ YET who can deny that iniquity abounds, Especially among Professing Christians? You Don’t have to look too hard to see the addictions and heinous conduct of people who call themselves Christians. It’s Everywhere and most of them are Proud of it, CONVINCED that God will overlook their failings and take them to heaven when they die. So WHAT are the Pastors REALLY Preaching When the Mass Conclusion is you can live in Sin and escape God’s Judgment?

In all honesty no one has to Listen too long to Hear some Pastor, Teacher, Book writer, TV personality, saying that your Sins are Forgiven in Advance, your declared righteous while you remain unrighteous, you sin everyday in thought, word and deed and everyone is like the Apostle Paul, the CHIEF of sinners, while you remain Eternally Secure from the moment you ‘receive’ Jesus into your heart? WHO can deny that THIS is NOT the Common message going forth night and day, world wide, into the minds of the people?

HOW LONG can you tell people that Nothing they do Matters, before NOTHING Does matter? I think we have reached that Point in our society. If there is no need to adhere to God’s Standard, what remains? ANYTHING Man can conceive? Everyone Teach God’s Word as they ‘SEE’ it and whatever fits into the present agenda, go for it? That’s why the Apostle Paul foresaw in his second letter to Timothy when he said in the Last Days men would be lovers themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient, despisers of good, headstrong, haughty and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God! (2Tim3:2-3) In other words when people discarded Sound Doctrine and clamored after fables and myths, THIS would be the result!

Consequently although we have Full access to God’s Word and every form of reference material under the sun, the people remain in Utter Ignorance or His Truth. Again, WHOSE to Blame? The Pastors refuse to take any responsibility and the people walk around in a daze as though they have forgotten how to think. It’s impossible to find ANYONE who even cares to look into these things! A few cry out for improvement but it all falls on deaf ears, because it’s based on the Same Fundamental Errors that lead to this Mess in the first place. THINK about it! HOW can you tell the People they need to Repent, Stop Sinning and Get Right with God when for Generations it has been DRILLED into their heads (in every form of teaching and preaching) that God  has ALREADY SAVED them IN THEIR SINS!!?

In this Case the Leopard CAN’T Change its Spots! It’s too far Gone. The Situation requires an ARMY of John the Baptist Firebrands to rise up OUTSIDE the Systems and lay an Axe to the Root. The System is nothing more than a Brood of Vipers, who in appearance, are the Spiritual Leaders of our Nation, but in Reality are Vile, poison and full of Dead men’s bones! To Denounce them requires Spiritual and Moral COURAGE. It is Much easier to Join them or Convince yourself that infiltrating their ranks will reap spiritual benefits for the Kingdom because you have some special Truth to convey. MANY have fallen prey to the lies by going in with good intentions and succumbing to compromise. Some how they are blinded by the glitter and pleasant atmosphere, leading them to believe they are making an impact when THEY are the one being effected.

I Say YOU CAN’T fix it. It’s futile for anyone to THINK they can go inside the System and make a difference either by their presence or outspoken ways. If these people Wanted Out they would COME OUT of their own accord. NO one would have to put a gun to their head after they heard the Truth,  Comprehended it and the eyes of their understanding was open by the Holy Spirit. This is NOT an intellectual enlightenment battle. We are NOT trying to Change anyone’s Politics or Philosophy here. These things are Hidden to the world at large for a reason! They have been given over to Sin and Traded the Truth of God for a Lie. Is God going to Cast His Pearls before Swine or give up the Secrets of His Kingdom to an Enemy? NEVER! God Resist the Proud but gives Grace to the Humble. (James4:6)

You can fill your heads with the Sugar Coated Lies and even Learn how to defend them. Write a Book if you so desire! DENY Everything the Bible Warns you about. Keep rubbing shoulders with the wolves and admiring their Lamb suits. Together you can Laugh your way down the Wide Road to destruction stuffing your bellies and pretending NONE of this is true. Keep adding the useless knowledge that has no Power over the indulgence of the flesh. Adhere to heaps of self imposed Rules that silence your conscience to Real Conviction. IGNORE the Prophets God keeps sending in your Path with Dire Warnings of Judgment. Write them off as Freaks! BUT in the final analysts YOU (Inside the System) Are the APOSTATE Generation, under Strong Delusion the Bible warns about, and no Matter how well you POSE as follower of Jesus Christ, your Lamp stand is Dark and you Stand Condemned by the Very Lies you THINK are your Salvation.

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