Selling the Truth!

Buy the truth, and do not sell it, Also wisdom and instruction and understanding. Proverbs 23:23

Nothing can compromise the Preaching of the Gospel faster than the love or need for raising money. Every Church Pastor in the entire world knows this to be true. As long as his/her lively hood depends on monthly and weekly donations or tithes, Plus the survival of the Church itself remains dependent on a core group of faithful supporters, he will not and CANNOT Rock the boat in any manner that would Jeopardize the system. Especially if he is part of a denominational structure or pastors a larger church in an upscale neighborhood. 

However NONE of this presents any problems for the present day churches because they already preach a message based on Absolute Fallacy that Saves NO ONE and keeps them in bondage to their sin. Therefore the money issue is of no real concern, other than having frequent fund raisers, dinners, sales and various other activities to secure funds for building projects, retreats, pastors salary, ect. Everyone in the System (bought into it) THINKS they are tithing their money for God’s Work and the He is Well Pleased with their generosity. So the System feeds of itself, some Churches have literally barrels of funds at their disposal, while other, smaller ones struggle to make ends meet. BUT they ALL Preach the LIE!

My Concern is not the Churches concerning money raising. They are Rotten to the Core and Reprobated. My argument is with the many internet or online Ministries taking part in all of this. Who Claim to be preaching a True Message based on Repentance and Faith. What disturbs me about them is they are using the EXACT Same methods as the huge Main-Stream Ministries who all preach the Lie. They solicit donations on their sites, sell their books, CD’s and use a variety of other methods to raise money. It smells of Compromise and in EVERY case further investigation has confirmed the suspicion.

When you Solicit Funds or take donations from people you Automatically become obligated to act in a certain way toward them concerning the truth. Couple that with the fact that you Do Not know what they really believe or how affected they are by the Lie, only that they like your preaching or have been attracted to you due to something you said, and you have the formula for massive turmoil. (unless you are preaching something that already fits into the System to begin with) We see in the Letters of Paul the he preached an uncompromising Message of Christ everywhere he went. Understanding the nature of his Gospel and how controversial it was among the Jews and the Gentiles, he Supported himself by working rather then being accused of exploiting anyone by taking their money.

That gave him the Freedom necessary to Keep the Message Pure and undefiled from false doctrines, in order to silent his critics and never be obligated to anyone but God. How much MORE in today’s environment of Lies at every turn, Should WE follow his example? I CANNOT see any reason why you shouldn’t other than you want to keep your foot in the door of the churches and LIVE off your ministry!
And in EVERY case I’ve see so far, those of you who Do this have Compromised to some degree the Message of Repentance. That’s why I avoid it like the Plague!

I’m not here to name names or point fingers, if there is need for that it will appear in my videos or on the internet. Those of You  doing it KNOW who you are and although you disagree that you are Preaching a compromised message of Repentance, we have PROVED otherwise. Many of you still associate with blatantly false ministries and the Main-Stream evangelical outreaches selling the Lie! You see NOTHING Wrong with it. Even after repeated warnings, you continue to endorse them either by remaining silent about the lies they preach or promoting their material on your sites. Then you use all of this to Raise money in the name of Truth. WHAT makes you any different than the Reprobated churches?  

None of you will go into these church and tell the Pastors their Doctrines are in error, or tell the people they Must Stop sinning to be Saved. You insist otherwise, I know, but WHY is it SOME of us are quickly expelled from these churches when we Preach, but You remain, acceptable by the pastors and the people? And they GIVE you Money besides!
Did they Give John the Baptist a love offering or Steven or Paul when they confronted the Jews? Many of you THINK because you preach in the open air to hardcore sinners and endure their hostility, that you’re on the right track with all of this. But even that plays into this discussion. The Churches (some of them) applaud your efforts, which garners even more support from them. WHY? Because you’re NOT Exposing anything they are doing, only the poor, lost sinners out there on the streets. In their Minds your efforts will add to church membership roles, so the LIE Goes on. You’re doing NOTHING to Silence it!

Is it so hard to Work for a living to avoid all of this? The System is TOO Far Gone for any of us to live off of it. If we Really Do Preach the Truth without compromise, it is inevitable that a great deal of people will want our heads on a platter, especially those inside the religious establishment. They have always been opposed to Truth because it exposes their hypocrisy. We CANNOT Concede to ANYTHING they Stand for or make or any allowance for their lies. Least we become a part of it in some manner and fall prey to their error. As painful as it may be, they are NOT our Brothers and have nothing to do with God.

I would Strongly Recommend that if you Really want to Join the Ranks of men like John the Baptist, Steven and Paul, you IMMEDIATELY cease and desist from SELLING your Books, Audios, Videos and anything else you may be involved in soliciting funds. REMOVE all the links from your sites asking for Donations and ANY associations you may have with churches or other ministries preaching the lie. If you do preach at a church make sure they won’t be asking you back any time soon. They are ALL under the lie to one degree or another, MOST of them are totally reprobate. DON’T Take their money or TRY to build any alliances with them. Expose the Lie and move on. It won’t be long before word gets out that you’re an undesirable and some kind of vile heretic. (but that’s the way it should be! To the Religious establishment Jesus was the Devil! How much more us also who preach His truth.)

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Matt10:8

It was of the utmost urgency to Paul to wave his pastoral rights and Preach the Truth free of charge and see the people break free from Sin in the Power of God. Today we have Every form of charlatan, rip off artist, con-man and exploiter in the Pulpit you can name. They Preach Outrageous Lies and benefit financially doing it. Many of them live like Kings and flaunt themselves all over the Media. Paul said ‘We Do Not Preach ourselves!’ 2Cor4:4, but now they NAME their Ministries after themselves! If Paul were here today among us, he would be working just as hard to EXPOSE these men as he did then. He wouldn’t fear their displeasure or even their murderous hatred. Consider what he would Say to the Church Pastors who pass him off as the Romans Wretch and Chief of all sinners! I don’t think they would be too happy having him as a guest speaker one Sunday morning, while they twist up everything he taught and tell everyone how it means the exact opposite of what it says!

Yet you Street Preachers and internet teachers out there arguing against eternal security, and selling your stuff online, are making NO EFFORT to Pull Down these Strongholds of Lies. You USE the System to promote yourselves and gain some kind of creditability in the System. You have a million excuses to justify it all, but the Spirits of Elijah, Jeremiah, Steven and Paul himself Cry out Against you! You’re out there playing the Game by the devils rules and for WHAT? Money….Recognition…..Personal Gain….? It’s shameful and one Day Standing before the Great Judge, you will feel that Shame and be very sorry.

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