In the Present Day Churches people are being told that it is ENTIRELY God’s Responsibility to Clean them up, Change their Desires and MAKE them Obedient. They Merely have to ‘Believe’ or ‘Trust’ in Jesus that everything has already been Provided in Advance and that once you are ‘Saved’ God will then magically begin a life-long renewal process and no longer Hold you accountable for ANYTHING you do. You pass through life with ‘No Condemnation’ in full assurance of heaven when you die. Whether you reform or improve your behavior is of no Consequence toward the outcome of your Salvation in Jesus.

Therefore when the Bible Says to:                                         

Change your Passions and Desires! Js1:21-22 (this means to the Church: He Does it for you)

Obey From YOUR Heart! Rom6:16 (Again, the Church says this means He Did it as your Representative!)

KEEP Yourself Pure! 1John5:18 (this now means, He Keeps you!)

Work Out, Make Sure, Add to! Phil2:12, 2Pet1:10-11 (it's Not "Do" they tell us, but "DONE!")

Thus you Remain: Divided, Double-Minded, Bearing Bad Fruit, Carnal of World, Wretched.
(even though Bible CLEARLY Says the EXACT OPPOSITE!) 

Problem is What is Taught in Churches is NOT in the Bible! NONE of it! It is YOUR PERSONAL Responsibility to OBEY GOD! (we are Workers together with HIM! 2Cor6:1)

After you have been Reconciled through Repentance and faith PROVEN BY DEEDS, you are ADOPTED into the Family of God as a Son (heir of eternal life through Jesus) ‘accepted into the beloved!’
(Acts 20:21, 26:19-21, Rom9:4, Gal4:5, Eph1:6)

You are then ENTRUSTED with the Gospel of your Salvation, as Treasure in Earthen Vessel! 

ALL THINGS that Pertain to Life and Godliness are Given to you FREELY by Grace! 2Pet1:3-4

He PROVEIDE by His Example Foot Steps to Follow and UNCTION to Empower!
(2Tim2:19-21, 2Cor4:7, 2Pet1:3-11, 1Pet2:21-24, 1John2:27)

But Personal PROGRESS is up to You! Otherwise NOTHING makes any Sense! WHY Would God TELL you to DO Something IMPOSSIBLE for you to DO? And then Turn Around the Tell you it’s ALREADY been DONE For you! (what a farce!) Thus all the Phony Converts in the Churches sit and WAIT for God to DO What He has AREALDY TOLD THEM TO DO! Nothing Happens, They Die off and got to Hell and NO ONE is the Wiser. Satan Wins and the Preachers Keep Promoting his lies.

So YOU: Obey, Crucify the Old Man, Change your Desires, Keep PUER by Obeying the Truth. 

Faith Working by Love:   Gal5:6
Establishes and Upholds the Law  Rom3:31
Keeps His Commandments,           John3:10-11
Does RIGHT Things
Patiently Endure to the End.          Rom2:7-8

God has ALREADY Provided EVERYTHING you Need or Require to Do these things by faith. If they FAIL to get Done or Excused because of False Teaching, YOU will be Held Accountable! Jesus Made CLEAR in His Many Parables that YOU will be held personally Responsible for your Complacency, Lack of Obedience and Un-Preparedness!

THE PREACHERS ARE LYING TO YOU!!!! READ THE BIBLE! The Gospel Requires that you:
Dig Deep, Deny Self Daily, Take up your Cross, Count the Cost, Put your hand to the Plow, Obey, STRIVE, Hold Fast, Keep, Fight, Endure…..The Church is LA LA LAND!! GET OUT NOW!

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