Bought with a Price 2….The Bible Model of Redemption

[Continued Notes for U-Tube Series] 
It is the Baptism of Repentance FOR the Remission of Sins, Lk3:3
Command by Christ to Preach Repentance and Remission of Sin, Lk24:47

Redemption Means: Release effected by Payment of Ransom
Remission Means:    Release from Bondage

We have this Redemption and Remission through His Blood:
Eph 1:7, Col1:14
Without the shedding of blood, no Remission: Heb9:22
It is the Blood applied that Purges our conscience and Purifies our hearts, Heb9:14
Christ OFFERED HIMSELF for Sin, He Did Not Become Sin for us! 1Jh3:5, Isa53:10, 2Cor5:21
He Came to DESTROY the Works of the Devil! 1Jn3:8

We are Reconciled to God (Returned to Favor) through Repentance & Faith Proven by Deeds:
2Cor7:10-11, Jonah3:5-10, Matt12:41, Jer26:12m Ezk33:14-15
Repentance Produces: Clearing, Vehement Desire Change, Fear & Purity

This Seen in story of Prodigal Son, Lk15, Zacchaeus, Lk19, Unforgiving Servant, Matt18
Focus Remains on Man to be Reconciled to God and Released from his bondage to Sin
Pardon is Freely Granted Without Payment, Penalty or Substitution.
The Blood in effect, shed on behave of Sin, Serves to Remit Past Transgression and Purge the heart of
Ignorance, defilement and worldly lust. (Works of the devil!)

,In the Baptism of Repentance:  Rom6:4-6
The Old Man is Crucified with Christ
The Body of Sin is ‘done away’ or ‘Mortified’
You are No Longer a Slave to Sin, but Free from Bondage!
You Obey the Truth from your heart and are Purified by faith working by love, Gal5:6, Acts15:9, Rom6:17

Now God can Remit Your Past Sin and Reconcile you (return you to favor) through His Mercy
Nothing had to be Transferred or Substituted, as the Bible Illustration Clearly Reveal. The Unforgiving Servant was Still subject to the Judgment of God for failing to forgive his brother. The Blood only cleanses out the sin as you WALK in the Light! 1John1:7-9

Under the Penal Model they focus on a forensic Justification that changes your status with God. He is now reconciled to you because Christ took your place on the Cross & suffered the Wrath due you. Your Salvation is based on you Trusting & Resting in this arrangement, instead of acting our any Deeds.

The Problem with Penal:No Remission can take place because you NEVER Repented of anything
The Old Man is alive and well, still attached to the World
You Remain in Bondage to your sins, hopelessly addicted to your inbred Nature
Christ is your Representative not your Example to follow after
No touching of Blood or Purging of Conscience took place, thus No Salvation

The Tree is Known by its Fruits!
Bible Repentance Produces a genuine Conversion with DEEDS!
Penal Salvation is Repeat after me and not of works
Ransom is Release from the bondage of sin
Penal Salvation is admitting you’re a sinner
Ransom makes Disciples who deny self and follow after Christ
Penal creates Church goers who live in vile hypocrisy
You SOLD Yourself into the Bondage of Sin, ONLY Ransom can Redeem your Soul! 

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