The Greatest Lie Ever Told!

In today’s world MANY People believe they are ‘Christians’ by practice or by definition. Those who are not Christians in the world, want nothing to do with Christianity because they either hate it for its hypocrisy or consider it a joke. Of all the World Religions that offer some kind of Purpose and Direction to people’s lives, Christianity falls far short of sustaining a dedicated following. Certainly people love the form of religion, whether Christian or non-Christian and simulate themselves to it in some nominal fashion to satisfy their psychological need to believe in a higher power.

However Christianity of itself has planted the seeds of its own destruction by creating a System where it brings the people in, requiring NOTHING but a mere confession of ‘sinfulness’ and a ‘Receiving’ of something non-tangible because it brings about no real change inside their hearts. The theme of Christianity is: ‘Not of Works!’ which has translated into ‘No one is Perfect’ and ‘You can’t Judge me!’ Under this premise the Convert is brought into the System under the assumption that God has Saved him as a miserable sinner and forgiven him because he now ‘Believes’ in Jesus. Nothing is required, but to ‘Believe’ or ‘TRUST’ in what they have told you Jesus did by dying on the Cross for your sins, paying the price you owe and then rising from the dead. Now you are Declared or Pronounced Right with God, despite what you feel inside or how wretched you remain. God has given you this Salvation as a Free Gift without Conditions and you dare not presume that you have to DO Anything to Receive it, or keep it.

Now that you are a ‘Christian’ the work begins to Convince you that the Bible actually teaches all of this and since you know nothing (or next to nothing) about the Bible or Christian history for that matter, you buy into the whole scheme assuming it must be true because a whole bunch of other people believe in it and are telling you it is! Naturally you are Not equipped to dispute anything they say or try to prove them wrong. The whole thing sounds good and gives most people a real sense of assurance that God really does love them and has sent Jesus to Save them from their many imperfections. The whole System is designed to keep reminding them they DON’T have to Work for their Salvation, it’s a done deal. And God is NOT going to Judge them any more for their ongoing sins. (There’s no Condemnation in Christ!)

 Unlike the other major Religions of the world that require some kind of Sacrifice and self denial and may bring about real disruption in your life, Christianity is free wheeling and Easy. Anybody can be a Christian! God doesn’t really expect much from you; in fact He asks nothing more than you ‘Believe’ in Jesus. Beyond that He has taken care the rest. You get a Free trip to heaven when you die no matter what you do on earth and no matter what OTHERS may think of the duplicity of your Religion. They can laugh all they want, because you follow the one True God and He is coming to Rapture you out of here real soon.

Even though the ‘Devils Believe’ in God and fear Him, you ‘Believe’ and do not fear because you think He winks at your sin. That somehow the ritual of ‘Receiving’ Jesus has excluded you from any Judgment for your wrong doing. Christianity then becomes a way out of trouble, God is your benefactor and total source of blessing that flow from His throne to you. (because you believe) Your wrong doing is no longer an issue and no one has to constantly remind you to get right or do right or clean up your act. God is responsible for all of that! You just sit back and relax, attend your church, tithe, listen to your pastor and everything will fall into place in its own good time, while you enjoy the ride.

It doesn’t matter that the Converts coming in remain addicted to their Drugs, Booze, Lust, anger, strife, malice, gossip and back biting. You have your own problems to deal with, let God worry about them. After all Christians are forgiven but NOT Perfect! At least that’s what the Pastor is always saying and he has his own issues to solve. Again, if the world or other Religions think we are a bunch of hypocrites and reprobates so be it. They will die in their sins; ours have been forgiven and hold no further condemnation.
The Only Difference that’s important is who has ‘Received’ Jesus and Who Hasn’t.

So the Christians are told constantly that the Pornographer won’t go to hell for his hundreds of pornographic films or the debauchery of his life style, but ONLY because he Refuses to ACCEPT Jesus as his savior. The Practicing Homosexual too cannot be told that Hell awaits him for his sins, but only if he doesn’t pray the ‘sinner’s prayer’ and get converted! The World looks on this and sees the Child Molesters, Practicing Homosexuals, Pornographers, drunkards, lairs, thief’s, ect, ect. Professing Christianity in the churches because they’ve done the deal, and ‘PRAYED’ the Prayer, and they cover their noses at the horrible stench of the counterfeit Religion. Why is Christianity considered a Joke to most of the World? It’s not by Mistake, they’ve earned the reputation. It is a JOKE! Just listen to what the Pastors and Teachers are pumping out on a daily bases, all across the air waves, internet, everywhere they can be heard. Try and let it sink down into your ears for once and really listen. Would God, (if there really is a God!) impose such a Message on mankind at this? Would the BEST He could offer the Sinful, wretched Mess this Planet has become was a Blanket Forgiveness for DOING NOTHING???

That you merely ‘Believe’ in Jesus and go about your business of living your life anyway you wish? WHY does a Vast Majority of the world population who reject your phony Christianity BELIEVE in a God that Does Require something of them? But you Follow a God that has NO POWER to Do anything about your ‘Sinful’ Condition other than ‘Forgive’ you and pronounce you Right. The BEST you can hope for is to live as a Wretch and the Chief of Sinners while on earth and offer God some kind of mediocre Obedience when you feel obligated to do so out of your Gratitude for Saving you in your sins! What a Joke! The devils in hell are laughing at you now.

No wonder the other Major Religions of the world what to blow you up. You go out in the Name of God and wreck havoc on other countries and Justify your actions by some Divine decree. You warp yourself in the flag and march off to war believing God is on your side and your cause is righteous! You pray for your teams and ask for everything but a Heart Cleansing of Sin! You THINK God’s Kindness waiting for you to Repent of your sins and turn to Him for Mercy, is His Approval on your life style. You know NOTHING about what Jesus REALLY Said nor do you CARE that His Message is 1000% OPPOSITE of What you are hearing in your churches!

Millions profess to BELIEVE in Jesus, but they Daily trample His WORDS under their feet. They REFUSE to Have HIM Rule over them and they Blaspheme His Holy Name among the Nations by Nailing Him afresh to the Cross PERSUMING He will forgive their WILFUL SINFUL DISOBEDIENCE to God!
Just ask your Pastors if a Person has to STOP ANY Sin to Receive Jesus, Or if there’s’ ANY Sin that will Disqualify you from the Kingdom of heaven.

If the Wrong Doing of Mankind is NOT the Issue God is Concerned with, WHAT IS? If the Corrupting Influence of Sin can NEVER be Purged OUT of your heart by the POWER of the DIVINE, why not Chuck Religion OUT the Window altogether? IF you Just need to ‘Believe’ in something, what’s the difference between God and the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy!? This is NOT to be Funny! But THINK, WHAT GOOD is a God that can Do NOTHING to Save you FROM your sins? Christianity become nothing more than a New Year’s ‘Resolution.’ If you can Believe in Jesus and draw your own conclusions about His Teaching, how is your Christianity superior to other world Religions. What makes it mutually exclusive of Islam for example or anything else? Your only defense is to argue in favor of sin and claim your Salvation is Not of Works. What evidence can you produce to PROVE that God has forgiven your sins and Pronounced you Right?

Since Faith and Repentance are BOTH PROVEN By DEEDS, (Says the Bible!) What do you have to show for yourself? Your Walk with Christ is that of the Wretched Man, your boast is that all Christians are the Chief of sinners. You are told constantly that Obeying God is optional and continued sin WON’T incur God’s Judgment. Many pastors insist that Following Jesus is NOT the Gospel and if you try to Serve Him or to Stop sinning you will Cancel Grace out and be lost! They have the Gospel so Messed up and Twisted in Reverse that the ENTIRE World is in Darkness concerning any Real Truth of God.

Jesus Simply asks that you OBEY Him and Follow His example. Be sincere in your Love toward Him and Pure in your motives. Dig Deep into His Truth and Contend to keep it Right! DON’T Presume that God is going to forgive your sins if you Continue in them. Forget about the Phony Christianity of the churches and all the talking heads expounding their Doctrines. If you Want to Know Jesus, then FOLLOW After Him!

The Whole System is Wrong! From top to bottom, God has NOTHING to do with Any of it. No matter what the people Think or Believe in, God is not among them. He Does Not Hear Sinners! It Cannot be Fixed, or Reformed (they tried that in the Reformation!) It has to be Dismantled and Started Over from Starch. Speaking a few Sound Words in the midst of all the lies has no Value and will Change Nothing. The people in this System are LOST, Deceived and they BELIEVE a Lie! If any of them would Come out, they would BE COMING Out Now….It wouldn’t take putting a gun to their heard to make them listen to the Truth! If you are Satisfied believing the lie, it’s not likely you will be wiling to hear anything else.

Christians Claim to be FILLED with the Spirit of God, which makes them superior to other world religions that only offer a life of devoted service and self denial. Yet WHERE is the Evidence of this Spirit? God Says If you are Lead by the Spirit, you are Sons of God, if you DON’T have the Spirit, you are NONE of His! Now the FRUIT of the Spirit is Clearly Shown: ‘Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Self Control, Steadfast enduring faith.’ THIS is What the Spirit will Produce in Someone who HAS the Spirit. The FRUIT Will Grow, not Rot on the Tree.

But in the Churches you are told that the Tree can Produce Good and Bad Fruit at the Same time! You are told that the Passions of the Flesh (also listed in the Bible) are Standard Operating Procedure for Christians.
So you Walk around, professing to be Spirit Filled, while you Produce: Uncleanness, Drunkenness, Selfish ambitions, dissensions, strife, malice, hatred and a hundred other vile emotions. But ‘No one is Perfect’, Right? ‘Greater is He that is me, than he that is the World!’ Yet you Can’t even overcome your Lust or Stop drinking , smoking and cussing! WHOES Greater??? Why Kid yourself?

The Non-Believing World looks on with distain while you smile your way into perdition Thinking that God is Going to overlook your sins, but not there’s. To you Grace is God’s Unmerited favor, a Cover that makes up for all your short comings. It has NOTHING to do with a PROCESS God has Granted to man to bring him into a RIGHT Relationship with his creator. In the Church Grace need not Produce Godliness and Self Control in the individual who supposedly receives it. Rather it is Given WITHOUT Condition and is Not Dependent on the Person Doing Anything, So How can Repentance or Faith be PROVEN by Deeds, (as the Bible says) IF God will Bestow His Grace on you regardless whether it Changes you or Not!

Christians can Deny their Lord, Wallow in their sin and be down right filthy and vile in their conduct and STILL Be SAVED! They Think it Glorifies God to Call themselves the Romans Wretch and Chief of Sinners. That instead of Having Grace to Draw Near to God in an ACCEPTABLE Manner and be Worthy of His Name, They have Grace to make excuses for their sins and Make God the Author of their Rebellion.
Many World Religions would consider it Apostasy to Deny their Lord God and Blasphemy to Call themselves wretched sinners. But NOT Christianity. They make it a Point of Contention to remind the world they Don’t have to DO anything and God has Saved them in their sins.

Truly Present Day Christianity is the Greatest Lie Ever Told. They have Mankind Born into Sin, Depraved in Nature from Birth and incapable of Turing to God or Obeying Him unless God somehow Does it for him. They argue their Fallacies trying to Prove the Bible actually teaches such things, playing on the ignorance of the people who know NOTHING about Christian history or what MAY have been Taught by the Original Disciples of Jesus. The Whole thing Sounds Good and fits into the Double Minded Nature of the Supposed Converts. They go to their Churches 100% CLUELESS of the LIE that’s Destroying their lives and has Devastated their Society. Truly the Church World is LA LA LAND to the so-called Christians and they could Care Less what the World thinks of them.

If you Remove all the Fluff from their teaching their Gospel Message goes something like this:
“There is no sin you to Stop doing to Get Saved. No Sin you have Stop Doing to Stay Saved. In Fact if you TRY to Contribute to your Salvation by Not Sinning you Cancel Grace out. Because Salvation is Trusting that God Sees you as Jesus NOT Sinning when you sin!”  In Other Words, UNLESS you’re Sinning and Trusting that Jesus will not Judge you for it, You’re Trying to SAVE Yourself! The ONLY way you be SURE you are Saved is IF you are Sinning!

Professing Christians Believe that the Bible Teaches all of this and they will Defend it to the end. As they will also Defend their Churches and Pastors, no matter what they may say about continuing in sin. It is all based on an IMAGE of Christianity they have invented and now Worship as Truth. The Non-Believing World Sees it for what it is, a Massive charade founded on a God that couldn’t Possibility exist! But when someone Buys into this Fraud they are made Captive in Mind and Soul. Escape from the system is nearly impossible. Once inside it has almost everything to offer, including a host of charitable works, community outreach and even world missions. All this plus the many activities and festive diversions, adds to the creditability that something Real is going on. The Best Deception of all is one that Everyone Desires to Follow after. They WANT to Believe in it! That way if anyone comes along and opposes them, they are Automatically EVIL and sent in by the Enemy to rob them of their Joy. Therefore the likelihood of trouble makers sticking around for long is improbable. Or, better yet, the possibility of someone rising up in the church itself to challenge the Lie, is OUT of the question! NO ONE wants to alienate themselves from the fellowship or Lose all their friends arguing about the Bible.

That’s why you will NEVER find a Pastor who will Stand with you against sin and Demand that it Must Stop in Repentance. They Can’t. First of all they DON’T Believe it (they believe the lie) and Second THEY have Never Stopped Sinning! How can they Understand Real Repentance Unless they have Experienced it? How can Faith be anything but a nominal confession and acknowledgement of God, unless you have DONE the DEEDS of Faith from your heart? Impossible. Accordingly you have the Blind leading the Blind in the Church System. God is Not in them, among them or Does He have ANYTHING to Do with them. They Remain in their sins and under His Wrath.

The Blessing they THINK descend from God, the healings, the stuff they ask for, the supposed ‘Leading’ of the Spirit and Anointing, is all Imagined or happening by Divine Providence. (of which all mankind experiences whether they serve God or not. He is Kind to the wicked, giving them space to Repent) But God’s Kindness is NOT His Approval. This False sense of euphoria apparently sooths the human conscience to such a degree that the terror of God’s Judgment no longer frightens anyone. They sin on with impunity and crave after the Blessings COMPLETELY Unaware what is waiting for them at the end.

Christianity is by far the World’s largest Religion in the number of adherences, across a wide range of beliefs, Denominations, sects and organizations. But if you move down the list and combine Islam, Agnostic and Atheist, the Christians are badly out numbered in the faithful. Add a couple of Asian traditions to the mix and you will find that a Great portion of humanity has NOTHING to do with the Fake Christian Church. Given the impotence of Christianity to foster anything above a Nominal profession of faith in a God who has forgiven them in their sins, it’s not Likely that their Religion could withstand a sweeping TEST of Legitimacy, should it come.

When your Entire System is founded on a LIE, you Stand on the Shifting Sands of Error. Thus the question remains how far will you go to Defend it? Some will indeed Die thinking they are in service to God. The Word declares it to be so! They will even KILL the faithful who rebuke them for their sins, believing they are doing God a Service. But the Vast Majority of Spiritually Bankrupt, Biblically illiterate converts will fall apart like a house of cards when the Whirlwind hits them. They have been told for so long by their Teachers and Preachers that NOTHING but Peace awaits them while they Walk according to the imagination of their own hearts, that they TRULY Believe No Evil will befall them for their sin.

To find if God has Reserved for Himself a Remnant who have NOT bowed their knee to this System, we look toward the End. In this Mass of Deception Stands the Faithful FEW who have Come out of the Great Whore Church and Overcome the Lie. They have Held Fast to His Word and NOT Denied His Name! Meaning that they SEE the ENTIRE System is Corrupted from Top to Bottom. That this is NOT some in-house debate between brothers in the faith. It is a Full Blown WAR against the forces of evil who have Turned the Gospel Message into the GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD! To oppose it Means you will be Hated and Despised by the people you are trying to help. They will call you Beelzebub and conspire for your demise. The False Teachers will line up against you and at times it will seem like there’s no one who cares. But God has His People even in a Mess like this. You Must Stand Firm against the onslaught and NEVER Give up. God Will Set things Right in the End. Be Ready When He Shows up!


  1. Excellent article, thank you for your standing for the truth.
    I have come out of the apostate church organization, and so far standing alone on the word of God alone, and walk a lonely but rewarding life in humble obedience to Him.

  2. yes,it realy makes you think who are the real Christians.
    You will know them by their deeds.
    Also by lack of knowledge they shall perish.