Woe Unto You, Pastors 1

“Shutting up the Kingdom of Heaven against men!”  Matt23:13

There isn’t a Pastor alive today anywhere who would say anything that may upset the people in the Churches or make them feel uncomfortable or Convicted of any wrong doing. The same thing goes when the Pastors answer questions posed to them. Their first consideration is how can they answer the question, using the Bible, and NOT offend the person asking. That’s why it’s nearly impossible to get a straight answer out of them! You can be sure that whatever they say, baring Doctrinal issues of their particular church, will be designed to capture the advantage over any discussion that may ensue.

Pastors dislike dealing with specifics or absolutes. They seldom draw a line in the sand between good and evil unless speaking in highly general terms. To them nothing is really black or white, light of Dark, only somewhere in-between. When it comes to ethics especially they cannot find any common ground with Biblical principles. If an individual in the church is involved in wrong doing that Clearly disqualifies them from the Kingdom (as defined in the Bible) nothing affirmative can really be done to them. Consideration MUST come into play!

The Person may be a huge contributor to the church,. Or a helpful assistance in all the programs and activities. They may even be a Sunday School leader, youth director or have some sort of title like Deacon or Bishop. So the situation demands kid gloves, never confrontation. The reputation of the church is not really a matter of great concern, but salvaging a member in good standing as to not disturb the status quo. Pastors know (better than anyone) how much wrong doing everyone is involved in. They see it all. Truth is, no one, including the Pastor, is exempt from wrong doing! That’s the Common message of all churches. Therefore maintaining an ethical base with high standards of conduct is arbitrary at best.

Every Situation then must be handled on how it will effect the rest of the church. NOT what it Commands in the Bible. The Biblical principle of Mercy may be applied, but Justice is discarded. So in the Pastors mind love is overcoming a multitude of sin, but what he doesn’t see is that it is also REJOICING in Iniquity! The Crime is going unpunished. Others do not Fear, neither are they ashamed, so the leaven spreads through the entire congregation and many hearts are hardened to worse sins.

Like the Pharisees Jesus denounced in Matt23, it was their own Doctrines that kept them from recognizing the hypocrisy of what they were Preaching. To them the Rituals were more important than Repentance and faith proven by Deeds, as all the Prophets before them taught. The Pastors of today however put Doctrine above everything. Although they may love their traditions, the ritual only severs as a form of entertainment not dogma. But NOTHING can deviate from the Doctrine. No matter what the Contradiction with Scripture it is MOLDED to fit! When the Pastor tells his people that they are Eternally Secure once Saved, it is based on the fact that they are all Born sinners, incapable of choosing God (unless He first chooses them) and can do nothing but sin. Conclusion: IF they are not Secure in their Salvation….NO ONE can be Saved, because everyone sins daily their entire lives in thought, word and deed.

Accordingly, when they read that Jesus said, ‘He who endures to the end will be saved!’ Matt10:22, it’s Not Conditional on endurance in their Minds. But anyone ‘who endures’ was Saved, the others were not.
This Also follows that no one can: Shipwreck their faith, Fall into the error of the Wicked, Wither on the Vine or Apostate from the faith! (ALL of which are warned against in Scripture) Thus one fallacy necessitates another and another until the Doctrines out weigh the Bible. And then it’s END of Discussion. No further consideration in the matter. The Pastors sit in the seat of Authority and Must maintain Control.

This Same Principle applies to every tenet of Doctrine. The Pharisees were deeply concerned about the outside of the cup. The aberrance of ritualistic custom to make a person appear religious. Jesus called them White-washed Tombs full of dead men’s bones! Outwardly appearing Righteous but inside full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. BUT HOW is this any different than the Pastors are saying and doing in the Churches today? (not one bit!) They imply that by Believing or Trusting in Jesus as Savior that His Personal  Righteousness and Obedience is magically transferred to you as some diffusion of Virtue.
Now God no longer sees you as the Vile sinner you are, incapable of right action, but as Clean, Pure and Blameless.

Who can deny that EVERYONE Professing to Christianity today in the Church Systems is Double-Minded, Divided in Heart, Serving Two Masters and full of lawless behavior? All of which is Absolutely Forbidden in Scripture and Shown CLEARLY that Darkness and Light cannot co-exist! Surly some have learned to conceal their vile hearts better than others, but for the most part the landscape inside the churches is Worse than ever before. When Sin goes un-punished for so long and no checks are in place to quell the iniquity, it soon becomes routine. The Prophets said that the People had forgotten how to Blush and the Pastors (or Shepherds) promise that no evil shall befall them. So they drag their iniquities to the alters and swear false oaths to equally false doctrines, believing God is showering His blessings on the Church.

Certainly they are Witnesses against themselves and every bit as Blind as the Pharisees. They fail to see the simplest of error or admit to the most blatant hypocrisy when it is exposed to them. Yet they cannot Possibly be Wrong! NO. The Doctrines were handed down to them by their godly founders. People who a brief look at history will reveal were motivated by Greed, lust for power, hatred and had murder in their hearts against anyone who opposed their teaching. Nevertheless the Churches honor these men who spilled the blood of the Real Saints! The Leaders of Christendom today are the very sons and daughters of these people, standing proudly on the graves the Real Preachers of Righteousness!

The Pharisees had exclude God from the Temple, although they daily went through the motions of worship and ritual as though He was still there. Their Nation was in shambles, under bondage to Rome and on the brink of mass destruction. While they bowed to Images and Read Scriptures it was nothing more than Dead Ceremony, saving no one from sin. They bitterly opposed anyone who denounced their hypocrisy and clung tenaciously to their positions of authority. It would all be ripped from their grasp at the Judgment, but NO ONE could hear the impending thunder of Doom coming their way.

To the present Day Church Pastors, Every Warning has been Given, and Every chance extended. The Pages of their own Bibles Contain the Words of Life if they would merely Read and Heed. But their Doctrines forbid them from Obedience and Pride won’t allow them to admit their mistakes. They also bow to an IMAGE of their own creation, while Christ stands aloof calling them to Repentance. But their house will be left to them desolate because they can ONLY hear the Soft Smooth Words of their cheery Pastors, Crying: 

Peace, Peace when there no Peace! What will Remain, but a Bitter and Parched Ground where Truth is withdrawn and all Hope is Lost forever.

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