Digging into the Wall!

“Then He Said to me, Son of Man DIG into the Wall!” Ezk8:8

Over the years I’ve seen many people who recognized something was seriously wrong with the Christian churches. Although none of them could put their finger on the problem, they seemed to know that the Gospel being preached was NOT the Gospel of the Bible. Many along the line have attacked particular doctrines and the Luke warmness of the people. But nothing they have done has made any impact into the massive hypocrisy in the churches. Some have vehemently come out against the false doctrine of eternal security, calling it: ‘Cheap Grace’! They have written large volumes and spent tremendous effort to combat it in debates, with attempts to expose the fallacy to the people of the church.

Still they gain no advantage over the lies. Iniquity abounds and the lies just keep getting worse. Those of us who have Dug Deep into the Wall and SEEN their abominations going on inside the temple, realize that the ENTIRE SYSTEM has gone Corrupt! They not only Preach Lies to the people, promising them LIFE while they remain SLAVES to their Sins! But they Rejoice in their iniquity as though it was True! In ancient times the false teachers would say: ‘No evil shall befall you!’ Jer23:27, ‘The Lord said you shall have Peace! And EVERYONE WALKS according to the imagination of his own heart!”

NOTHING has changed in four thousand years. The people still clamor after the Lies and Believe they are Safe and Secure in God’s hands. They Steal, murder (in their hearts!) commit adultery, (with their eyes as well as bodies) swear falsely, speak abominations and go after false gods. Then Come and Stand before the Lord (in their churches!) and Say ‘We are delivered from our sins in Christ!’ Jeremiah7:7-10. They trust in Lying Words that CANNOT Profit! But to the Pastors in the churches it’s La La Land. They haven’t got a CLUE what’s coming down on their heads. EXACTLY the same attitude Ezekiel and Jeremiah encountered thousands of years ago.

Yet NO ONE inside the System, who THINKS they are combating the hypocrisy, can see the head of the Snake. Collectively they have NEVER seen a real conversion. Mainly because their version of Salvation is based on the same lies they are combating! Bottom line they STILL think a person can be Saved by ‘Receiving’ Jesus or Repeating some words All of Which eliminates real the Repentance Preached by the Apostles, recorded throughout the New Testament. (Acts20:21, 26:18-20, 2Cor7:10-11, Matt3:1, Mk1:15) 
Many of these Teachers will even mention that the Bible Does Not support the ‘Receive Jesus’ method but Continue to Preach it as their Salvation message! WHY?

In the System they CANNOT see that their OWN Doctrines have brought about this so-called: Great Falling Away. Problem is the people who have Received Jesus under the lies, Can’t fall away from the faith, BECAUSE they NEVER had Faith to Begin With! That’s why the Preachers remain Deaf, Dumb and Blind to the Real predicament: Which is, ‘EVERYONE IS GETTING SAVED IN THEIR SINS!!!’

The end product is: NO MATTER what the Pastors say about the end times or if they recognize that something is desperately wrong with the Modern Day Christianity, the outcome is always the same. As long as they REFUSE to Revolutionize their method of Gospel Presentation and bring it into line with the Scriptures, AND keep referring to and treating the present day church goers as genuine Christians, NOTHING is going to change. If the People can continue to THINK they are Right with God and Covered by His Grace, they will make NO EFFORT to escape from the corruption of sin and get Clear of their wrong doings. (as the Bible Commands)

What is Required is a COMPLETE Renovation from Present day Churchianity. This would involve a Painful transition in everything they consider the common practice of the churches. In the Acts of the Apostles when the Gospel Message was Preached it brought about either a dramatic conversion of the Masses or a RIOT! (Acts7, 14, 18, 19, 21) Today, with the exception of the emotional based Denominations, the Churches follow a set pattern of ‘Worship’ and Preach only what is pleasing to the ears of the people. They Warn no one, Demand Nothing and make no progress toward the Kingdom. Even those inside the System who SEEM to know that the churches are in an awful state of affairs, will only go so far in exposing the error, because if they step too far over the line they would be EXPOSING Themselves! 
Perhaps many of these Teachers stop short of going down the Rabbit Hole of Deception. Because inevitably, when you descend to the bottom of that hole you will come face to face with Satan! Whether its Politics or Religion, he is always lurking in the Shadows pulling the strings and doling out his demonic powers to power hungry minions who have sold their souls for gain. In the Religious realm they cannot openly support doctrines of devils, so they swallow the Red Pill of Deception and convince themselves that the Lies are actually Truth. They then learn to Confirm them in the Bible by ‘Molding’ their words into a fashion or form of godliness, (2Pet2:1-3, 2Tim3:5) that becomes the Strong Delusion few can escape from.

This is why you find such a wide variety of Preachers / Teachers in the Church System, and the reason it’s so easy to be deceived into a FLAVOR of Doctrine that tickles your fancy. Many have escaped the System and separated themselves from its deceptions, and began to Dig into the Rabbit hole for answers, ONLY to be drawn back in by some Slick sounding Preacher who APPEARS to be touching the Truth. But as the Bible so Clearly says: It’s merely ‘Great Swelling Words of Emptiness!’ WHY? Because it is still founded on the LIE! You must FIRST tear down the Strongholds of their lies and that means coming against their precious Doctrines with Full Force. No holds bard!

Just like the Prophets we are up against s SYSTEM of Destruction. DIG into that Wall and LOOK inside! They are Worshiping false gods and have erected an IMAGE of Jesus that complies with the lust of their flesh. The Preachers appear as Lambs but are Speak the language of the Dragon and they have brought the ENTIRE WORLD under their Deception. The spirit of error is in full control. Pulpits are seething with demonic energy and the people are memorized. There is NO TIME to Waste! Act Now or be swallowed up into the Pit of despair.

AVOID like Plague the Counterfeit Patriot movement wrapped in the American Flag and going forth as Soldiers of the Cross to Combat Tyranny on earth. It is FALSE and being used by Satan as another of his many diversions to keep you off the Narrow Way and believing that Striving to establish a Republic is Service to God. The Bible teaches no Such thing and the early Christians never participated in protest.

AVOID also the Multitude of charlatans, phony healers, false signs and wonders and emotion driven non-sense that has no bases in Scripture. Don’t get caught up in their fake revivals believing that you have touched by the Spirit of God. They have NOTHING to do with the TRUTH and the Only spirit among them is the spirit of error. Many of them are already Demon Possessed and very dangerous to befriend. 
Always remember what the Apostles warned about the Armor of God and Satan as the Roaring Lion. DO NOT under estimate the Power and Depth of this System to which they have sold their souls.

Keep yourself Clear of the Heaps of Celebrity Preachers, book writers, Seminar speakers, TV personalities, and those puffed up with knowledge. False teachers love to be seen as Bible Scholars with ready answers to every objection, so they can impress you with their great learning. These large Ministries thrive on showmanship and glitter. They have tons of money at their disposal (the wages of unrighteousness!) to broadcast, publish and buy their way into every activity under the sun. That’s what makes them so appealing to the flesh. They offer every vain amusement the people could desire and top it off with a Gospel that has everyone Saved and Covered.

Remember: No Matter What a Preacher may say or how good it Sounds, IF he Believes that a person is  Born in Sin hating God, then the Soul MUST be Saved in sin. NO EXCEPTIONS! Every Doctrine that defends this premise ends up at the Bottom of the Rabbit Hole directly from the Mind of Satan himself! 
The Battle begins here, NOT in doctrinal debates. You MUST first Expose the fallacy of Original Sin and be able to FULLY Prove by the Word of God that man is NOT Born a Sinner by Nature. He becomes a Slave to Sin BY CHOICE, NOT By Nature. Then the force of habit puts him in Bondage.

Anything you can DO or Say inside the System will be to no Purpose whatsoever, unless you can pull down the Stronghold of this lie (original sin) First and foremost. It is what Supports the entire structure of False Doctrines across every denomination, creed, and all religious practice. As long as the Preachers are fully convinced that man is born a sinner, Christianity will remain a ‘Sinning Religion’ and everyone by Necessity MUST be Saved in Sin. Which means NO ONE is being Saved! That’s a hard pill to swallow, but when you do take it in, Your Eyes will be FULLY Open to the Truth.

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