Set Free!

Christ came to set you Free from the Bondage of sin, NOT make you Free ‘to sin’! He Died on the Cross so you can DIE with Him to your Old Self and Start over in Newness of Life. Freedom From sin is NOT Freedom to Sin! Who the Son Sets Free is FREE INDEED! He who Sins is of the Devil! Christ came to Destroy the Works of the devil. (John8:31-32)

Salvation from sin does not happen by Degrees or gradually over time. The Old Man Must be put to Death in the Process of Repentance. ‘I am Crucified with Christ! It is no long I who live, But Christ who Lives in me!’ How could you take something Corrupted and un-corrupt it by Degrees? You have to rid yourself of the corruption! God has Instructed man to do so if he is to be Redeemed by Grace! (Rom6:4-6, Gal5:24)

‘Lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and RECEIVE with meekness the implanted Word that is ABLE to SAVE your soul! Become a Doer of the Word, not just a hearer, Deceiving yourself!’ (Js2:21-22)

You can’t ‘Get Saved’ and remain Double-minded, Divided in heart and serving two Masters! Would you expect to be forgiven of Adultery while you are STILL DOING it? WHY then Do you THINK God will Grant you Mercy while you remain addicted to booze, drugs, pornography, immorality? You are a SLAVE to WHO you Obey! Obey Sin, Slave to Sin, which equal Death. Obey God, His Slave, which leads to Righteousness.  There’s Nothing Mysterious about Righteousness. It is Simply DOING the RIGHT Thing By Faith! The Principle behind this Faith is ACTION. (Js1:8, Rom6:15-18, 1Jh3:7-10, Js2:24)

DEEDS Prove your Repentance and Establish your Faith, Otherwise you are believing to no effect.
‘Getting Saved’ is a Radical Departure from your Old Life. ALL Things Become NEW! Not some Things, Not by Degree, ALL….Transformed when you encounter the Risen Christ in Reality. The Old Man cannot be reformed, cannot Please God in any fashion whatsoever! The Eyes of the Understanding Must be OPEN to Spiritual Truth BEFORE you can be led into More & Deeper Truth by the Spirit of Truth. (Acts20:21, 26:20, Rom3:31, 8:6-9, 2Cor5:17, Eph1:18)

The Corrupted Tree Cannot Produce Good Fruit. A polluted stream can only produce impure water. The Light in you CANNOT Co-exit with Darkness or you will be FULL of Darkness! The Lord Cannot Receive an Unclean Vessel and fill it with His Spirit. The House Must be Sweep, Scrubbed, Cleaned, with all vileness, ignorance and sin CAST out of Doors, BEFORE the Spirit can Come in! THIS is What Salvation is in the Bible. FREEDOM From Sin, NOT Freedom to sin! Conversion to Christ will Produce a NEW TREE with PURE Fruit! The Axe of Repentance was Laid to the ROOT of sin, not merely its branches.
Growth Cannot begin until the incorruptible Seed is Planted and LIFE springs forth! (Matt3:10, 6:27-23, 7:15-20, 13:43-45, 2Cor6:16-18, 1Pet1:18-19)  

But Almost everyone today in the so-called Christian World thinks that God Saves you in your sins and then cleans you up later as you allow Him. Therefore the Old Man of Sin is in Control! The entire System is setup to accommodate this Man of Sin and to try to Reform him. The Program is designed to Please, Comfort and Cuddle him. All the time assuring him that he is SAVED and Forgiven in Jesus, Pronounced Righteous by Faith, if he merely TRUSTS that everything has been done for him in advance to Secure the outcome of his Salvation.

The Foregone Conclusion of every Bible Passage on the Subject of Salvation by Faith, is the Sin will NEVER Stop! God can Grant Grace enough to Call you, Draw you to Himself, Compel you to Come, Even Decide for you, BUT NOT Grace enough to eradicate the Sin in your heart! According to the Doctrine Professed Christians are being taught today (and basing their eternal life on it!) the Root of Sin CANNOT be Removed in this Life! You will sin Everyday for the remainder of your life, in Thought, Word and Deed, and Still go to Heaven when you die Because you BELIEVE in Jesus!

WHO has it Correct? You Like what the Preachers are saying because it Pleases your flesh, makes no Demands, sets no Conditions. You’re Saved because you Trust! You don’t have to DO Anything! Could anyone make a Better deal than that?  But you DON’T Like what Jesus is Saying because it makes TOO many Demands and Sets to Harsh of Conditions! (Lk13:24)
The Flesh has to be Crucified! (the last thing the flesh wants to do is Die!)  Why do you think Professed Christians are so Selfish, Self-Centered and greedy? Because they LOVE God and are KEEPING His Commandments!? Don’t Kid yourself! (John15:14)

They are ACTING OUT Exactly what they Are! Self-Centered, Selfish SINNERS! In most cases, Following the Example of their Pastors who are Teaching them these things. These professed Christians have no Idea what it means to Follow Jesus, Deny Self, Take up their Cross or Count the Cost. They think Contending for the faith is Cooking Dinner at the church, having a Picnic or baking cookies to help pay the electric bill! They are CLUELESS Because they are LOST. (Lk9:23, 14:28)

How much Scorn and Contempt will have to be Heaped upon the Precious Name of Jesus before you will admit this MESS has NOTHING to do with being a Christian and the Bible is Not Subject to you personal opinions? If you want to Think that you’re going to heaven when you die because you Believe in something, that’s your choice. BUT WHY must you Insist on Dragging Jesus into the mire with you!!? Making Him a Minister of your sin, an Excuse for your inability to do anything Right? WHY Do you Call on His Name and ask for Health, Wealth and prosperity and then SPIT in His Face when He Demands you OBEY HIM? Do you Really Think He is going to Live in the Pig Pen with You?

WHERE DID Jesus Say you Could Come to Him IN YOUR SINS? If you are basing your eternal life on this, you had BETTER be able to SHOW Hard Evidence in the BIBLE that HE Preached the Gospel in this Manner and Granted Mercy to people while they were still sinning. Don’t go running off to your favorite preachers for answers, for ONCE in your Life follow the Master’s Instructions and DIG DEEP!!!
Pretend you have Lost a Gold Coin Worth a Million Dollars and you would turn over heaven and earth to find it! (Lk6:48, Matt13:44-46)

ONLY Then will there be the Slightest Possibility you could come out of your Strong Delusion and Find that Treasure of Great Price and then PRESS your Way through that Narrow Gate to Eternal Life!

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