Be Ye Perfect! Matt5:48

“Close enough!”  That summarizes present day Professing Christianity in our Churches. What is being sold to the people (of which they have swallowed down whole!) is a Passive faith based on a Moral Substitution, Pre-forgiveness of sins and eternal security. They merely Trust in God’s Provision and accept the fact that it’s normal to be Divided, Double-Minded and lukewarm. The True Principle of Grace has NOT taken effect in their hearts! If they had genuinely repented of their sins and been cleared of wrong doing, a TRUE Righteous Principle is Established in the heart and upheld by faith WORKING by Love! The eyes of the understanding are open to the teaching of God. Godliness and self-control will take effect.

This is the MAJOR Difference between true and false Conversion. Under the Lie this Principle NEVER comes into play. The Person is left in a wretched state of bondage and told its God’s responsibility to Change his desires over time, but he will NOT be held accountable for his behavior in the mean time. Therefore ‘making the effort’ is out of the question, in his mind. God has already ‘Saved’ him in his sins and is not concerned that he Continues to sin, so why worry about it? That’s the reason NO ONE seems to understand what Jesus meant when He said to be Perfect, in Matthew 5:48. To them, it’s Impossible. Only Jesus was Perfect and by Trusting in His Provision we are ‘counted’ perfect in our imperfection.

To those of you ‘saved’ inside the Church System, you will Always be the ‘Chief’ of all sinners and a lair if you say you have no sin. That’s what you have been taught from the beginning. Sin as the foregone conclusion, while at the same time trying to defend the Scriptures as True and Jesus as Lord of your life. You see everything in the Bible condoning your complacency toward God. The Pastors preach Smooth, uplifting messages assuring you everything is fine and the façade remains in place. As with any religious organization, the methods achieve the desired results and the people are generally well pleased.

There is really NO Middle ground with this charade. It’s a hundred percent corrupted according to the Bible. The Righteous Principle of Grace, Witnessed by the Spirit will WORK inside the heart of anyone who has truly encountered it! Darkness and Light cannot co-exit. Truth and error cannot come together. The Redeemed soul will Strive to remain blameless and Pure and NEVER make excuses for sin. The Works of the Devil have been destroyed by the Power of Grace. Therefore the Purpose of the Commandment is the guiding Principle of the Soul: ‘Sincerity, Purity and Love!’

God looks on the Heart. It is in Genuine Repentance and faith proven by Deeds that Scrubs Clean the inward parts of man’s soul! It is the Blood of Christ that can remove the ‘conscienceless’ of sin in the believer. Telling people they are Pre-forgiven and Covered by Grace so God no longer see them sinning has NOTHING to do with real Conversion. That’s why they are DEAD to God! The Bible Says that Christ is SEPARATE from Sinners. That means those who Follow after Him are to Remain Blameless and Pure. This is made Possible by the DIVINE Nature at work, providing all things that pertain to life and godliness so the soul can ESCAPE the Corrupting influence of sin. You do so by Adding to your Faith and Making your Calling SURE….it’s called OBEDIENCE to the Faith!

There’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE between the Lifeless superficial converts walking around with their eyes full of adultery finding excuses for sin in the pages of Scripture and someone who has truly put to death the passions and desires of the flesh and been PURIFIED by faith! To the phony convert heart purity is heresy. It’s not Possible and CERTAINLY not Mandatory for Salvation. But HOW can you be Truly Saved and Still under the Dominion of sin, WHEN the Bible Cleary says that Sin SHALL NOT have Dominion over you! If it does, you are a SLAVE to sin and SERVANT of the Devil! (Rom6:14, 16. John8:34)

But NO! You can Serve Two Masters and Bear Corrupt Fruit. It Doesn’t Matter what Jesus Says. You can Sow according to the flesh and NOT Reap Destruction! You can Walk in the flesh, carnally minded and still inherit eternal life! It’s all IN REVERSE! But you DON’T Care. The Lie has you Covered, or so you think. Nothing can touch you now. You can Trade the Truth of God for a LIE and STILL PRETEND it’s True! The strength of numbers is on your side and an Army of false teachers support the myths. But the Solid Foundation of God Remains in Place! You WILL REAP what you Sow. The ONLY Way of Escape is to STOP Sinning in Repentance and Truly Partake of the Divine Nature through Grace.

If this Divine Principle is not at Work in you, witnessed by the Spirit, you have Received the Grace of God in VAIN! (Without Purpose, to No Effect!) Your Pastor & Sunday School class Will not tell you this, because they also are destitute of the Spirit. The Purpose of Sound Doctrine MUST translate into Right Faith and RIGHT PRACTICE, or it is of no use! This Requires Diligent effort and Steadfast Endurance. Paul testified of this Righteousness in Phil3:9, when he said he wanted to be found by God with this Righteous Principle at WORK in his heart! He was NOT the CHIEF of Sinners, as you are being told in the churches!!! In Christ he walked Worthy, blameless and Pure, as the Scriptures declare.

The Genuine Convert will Dig Deep, Strive, Holdfast, Remain Blameless and Pure and Walk Worthy of God! All According to the Scriptures. The Pattern of his life will be Obedience to the Truth! He will Possess the Exceeding Righteousness Jesus spoke of in Matt5:20 because the Royal Law has been written upon his heart in a circumcision made without hands, by PUTTING OFF the body of sins and PUTTING on Christ. NO ONE makes it into the Kingdom DOING Nothing! The Devil’s Believe! You will either be found by Christ Doing the Will of God from the heart, or Cast forth into Utter Darkness where there will be weeping and gashing of teeth. WAKE UP and READ Your Bibles!

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