Heaps and Heaps of Pastors!

You can’t expect your sorely misguided Pastor to expose himself as false. If he was to start naming names and pointing fingers at other false teachers, his career would be very short lived. Therefore the Truth remains hidden to him and as a result, he cannot teach what he DOES NOT know. As Jesus said, it’s the Blind leading the Blind! (Matt 15:14) Your Pastor will inevitably keep you in the Dark. No matter how much Knowledge you accumulate about the Bible, it is all based on the spirit of error and leading people down the road to Perdition.

Your Pastors are NOT telling that Faith Works by Love and Purifies the heart of sin. You think Faith is Passive and Righteousness is Positional. He also is not telling you that the Bible teaches you will be JUDGED According to your WORKS of Faith at the Judgment Seat of Christ. (1Pet1:17, Rom2:7-8) Or that what you are NOW is what you will be then! (Rev22:11-14) If your heart is defiled now it will remain so at the Judgment. Nothing Magic is going to happen to change your Passions and Desires. You were supposed to have CRUCIFIED them in Repentance at initial conversion. (Rom6:4-6, Gal5:24)  But you came into the Faith with a handshake and smile from the Pastor who told you that Receiving Jesus was enough. He Certainly didn’t ask you to DO anything like getting CLEAR of your wrong doing! 2Cor7:11

Have you ever wondered why the Gospel is so ear pleasing? Or why God would make absolutely NO Demands on you a poor, wretched sinner? How long would you stick around a church that constantly preached that you must STOP sinning and live a life pleasing to God to enter the Kingdom? Not long, I bet.
That’s why the Soft-Sell Message has the ears of the masses and will continue to have them as our society descends further and further into the depths of Satan. (Rev2:24) But the Pastors make it all sound so good. Plus they LOOK so godly! WHO is your friend (in your mind) The person who points out your wrong doing and makes you feel uncomfortable…..or the Person who tells that God is Love and has so many wonderful blessing to bestow on your life? (Easy choice, right!)

How do you think the Phony teachers felt in Paul and Peter’s time when the Apostles called them heretics and IN DETAIL Described their doings to the Churches? Paul said they were Satan’s own Ministers Posing as Ministers of Righteousness! (2Cor11:13-15) Peter said they all had eyes FULL of adultery that could not cease from sin. (2Pet2:14) and much, much more. You think they were happy about being exposed to the people? They also were PASTORS. Not cult leaders. But what they were teaching was not only in Error, it was DEADLY DANGEROUS to the souls of men!!! Thank God someone had the Moral Courage to expose them, before they could destroy more precious souls with their lies.

But today NO ONE CARES. You Sit in churches where you are Constantly told you were Born a Wretched sinner and incapable of obeying God unless He somehow changes your desires so you can believe. You are told that Paul was the CHIEF of Sinners and that he wrote Romans 7 to show how everyone has a ‘Sinful Nature’ working in their flesh that makes them sin! The Pastors have you Bewitched! (Gal 3:1) Even though you have a Bible at your disposal to read and verify, your pre-conceived notions won’t permit you to see the Truth! Is there any wonder why God has given you over to the Strong Delusion of error where the Light you THINK is in you is really absolute Darkness. (Matt6:23)

How is anyone ever going to improve their conduct in this world if they believe in a God who demands nothing more than they ‘Believe’ in Jesus? Everyone is Saved in their sins and regardless of Doctrine NO ONE is going to believe that God will cast them out for committing the same sins He saved them in! The Pastors may argue that they don’t Condone a sinful life-style, but Bottom Line, ‘IF’ you are Born a Sinner then you can do Nothing but Sin. Think about it, what is the Common Place Behavior in your local churches? Godliness, Decency, Purity and Self-Control….or Hypocrisy, Double-mindedness and general Disobedience to God’s Word!? Unless you’re a Blind guide living in La La Land, you have to see that the so-called Christian Church is a Joke!

WHO is going to Put forth any Effort whatsoever to Walk Worthy of God, Guard their Hearts and Minds against sin and Add to a Faith Working by Love, when it doesn’t matter what you do because Salvation is NOT of Works!? Thus the WORKS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS (1John3:8) are cast out as well! And you walk around arguing that YOUR Pastor is teaching the Truth!
You have people in your Churches right now who knowingly drink, smoke, use foul language, tell dirty stories and are addicted to all various forms of vain entertainments and lusts of the flesh. They have NO KNOWLEDGE of the Word of God and could care less if they ever do. The Pastor treats them as fine upstanding members of the church and NEVER mentions any of their vile habits from the Pulpit. To him they are ‘Saved’ and it’s up to God to someday CHANGE their desires from evil to good.

The Christian religion (as taught in the churches) is full of contradictions. They claim to serve the One True God as the only Way to heaven, but they live like Hell! They honor God’s Ten Commandments but DO NOT OBEY them. Basically they Believe in a God who created them Sinners and then Sent Jesus as a remedy for their sinful natures. They claim that the wages of sin is Death, but teach that everyone sins daily in thought, word and deed! But as ‘Christians’ they are NOT Slaves to who they obey. (Rom6:16)
Jesus told everyone to STRIVE to Enter the Narrow Gate and FEW would find it. They are taught to ‘Receive’ Jesus and ‘Trust’ that He provided everything necessary to get you into the Kingdom.

Essentially present day Christianity offers NOTHING to the World in the way of Social reform. Since they teach that your Sins are forgiven in advance, ANYONE can claim to be Christian regardless of their Conduct and Worldly life-styles. Therefore anything goes! The most vile people on earth can call themselves Christians and NO ONE can refute it. (Because they are all living in sin also!) But everyone pretends their Church is the right one and their Pastor is defending the Truth. Thus Generations of false teaching is conveyed to the people and ENTIRE families are swallowed up in eternity as Workers of Iniquity, facing the Judgment totally unaware. (Matt7:21-23)

If you as a True Spirit filled Christian are to effectively contend against this Mass Delusion you must realize two things up front. One: You are dealing with the Roaring Lion! (1Pet5:8-9) Going in unprepared you WILL BE Ripped to Shreds. These Doctrines are Satan’s Master Deceptions and are Centuries old. Many people of great stature have attempted to bring down this System and failed. Beware and realize what you up against.
Two: If you Do Not understand WHY someone Believes error, you will be constantly bogged down in useless debates that lead to nothing. You MUST first Sort Out the theology behind it and learn to Disseminate the issues. Then you will be able to formulate questions to confound them and reveal the illogic of their errors. That’s why it’s important for you to study the traditions and doctrines and find out where and how they originated. Although you may never use the facts and terminology when talking to others but you will be able to Pose questions that may help them see the contradictions.

For example if you Don’t Understand WHY they believe that ‘Everything’ is sin and no one can ever stop sinning, you will never be able to Pull down the Strongholds that have them bondage to such lies.

Example: If you have not Studied the origins and the Doctrinal definitions of Original Sin you will never be able to understand why or how they believe that every Soul God Creates is Born Dead in Sin.

If you do not recognize the Fallacy of Original Sin is what Necessitates the entire structure of False Doctrine in the church today you will be confused and bewildered by their arguments and objections.
The Bases of their Bondage to sin is this Doctrine. First and foremost above all others! Debating with them about Pre-Destination, Election, Eternal Security or any other number of subjects, is only going to enforce their deception. It won’t be long before you begin saying to yourself; ‘Close Enough’, in answer to their objections. Then the next step is Compromise and soon the spirit of error has you bound.

You Must always remember that you are on Satan’s Domain and the people in charge are in Sheep’s Clothing. (Matt7:15) They appear as Ministers of God! Some of them have huge followings and are very popular among the people. You are a Renegade among them, and according to the rumor mill, a Trouble maker. It’s highly unlikely you will have any effect on them whatsoever. Rather they will bring you down. Never forget that its there Mission to MOLD you into one of them! The Pastor will welcome you to the degree that you can serve his advantage. When it becomes obvious to him that you are not going to comply with the status quo, he will consider you his enemy and make all effort to rid the church of your presence. NOT because he hates you, but in his Mind, he is Protecting his people from harm.

Having your understanding of theology in order is absolutely essential to combat this Lie. Remember these people have exchanged the truth of God for the Lie and are under Strong Delusion. If anyone among them has a real Willingness to Know God, Dig for His Truth and Touch the Blood of Christ in reality, it will be OBVIOUS from the start. As the Parable of the Sower clearly shows. (Lk8:12-15) it is the Good and HONEST heart that responds. Unwillingness to Yield is a sure sign Satan has full control of their minds. (Js3:15) If Men are NOT Born in sin and have Both the WILL and the ABILITY to Turn and Obey God, then you MUST accept the fact that those Willing Will COME when they hear the Truth under the conviction Power of the Holy Spirit! That’s EXACTLY How it happened in the Bible:
Jesus Said:
Woe to You! For if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. Matt11:21

It is ALWAYS the Un-Willingness of Man that spurs the Offer of God’s Mercy and rejects His Truth! God is Longsuffering, Patient and Kind, but man must CHOOSE Good over Evil of his own Free Will. All are Called. God is No Respecter of Persons. He Won’t Force anyone to Believe or Obey His Word. It’s up to each individual to make the Effort to Turn, Seek Him, Stop Sinning and Find the Truth! If they are not Willing to hear you, further persuasion is only going to make them more resistance to your message. Jesus told His Disciples to handle rejection by shaking the Dirt off their feet and moving on. If anyone who heard them wanted to follow after the Truth, they would COME! It’s the Same for you, so DON’T overstay your welcome thinking you can influence someone who hasn’t made the slightest effort to escape from the Lie.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! Matt23:37

The MAIN Thing your Pastors will NEVER tell you is that Obedience to the Word PURIFIES your Heart. (1Pet1:22) HOW are you going to Obey something you Know NOTHING about? Answer: You Won’t! So your heart (Mind) will never be Pure or Free from the bondage of lustful thoughts. Consequently you MUST embrace the lie to sooth and silence your conscience against conviction. In the Churches the Pastors will accommodate you. You need Know Nothing about the Bible or DO anything to Purify your heart to be a Christian. It’s was all DONE when you said, ‘I believe in Jesus!’ From that Point forward the BEST you will be taught is that you will Sin daily in thought, word and deed and God will accept you anyway because of Jesus. Once you learn to defend your sinning lifestyle with the ‘no one is perfect’ excuse, you’re a cooked goose! Everything you read in the Bible will support the sin message and your Obedience to the Word will always be arbitrary.

That’s why the Professing Christians in the Churches appear Clean on the Outside, but are DEAD on the inside. (Matt23:26-28) They Do Not Possess the Exceeding Righteousness of Faith Jesus said is required, (Matt5:20) Because such Faith is Based on OBEDIENCE to the Word! Religious Ritual cannot Cleanse your heart of sin, ONLY Obeying God by the Spirit. (1Pet1:22)

“But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?  Whoever comes to Me, and hears My sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like:  He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house, and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock. But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently; and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was great.” Luke6:46-49

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