Neutralizing Repentance

There were present at that season some who told Him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And Jesus answered and said to them, “Do you suppose that these Galileans were worse sinners than all other Galileans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

He also spoke this parable: “A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none. Then he said to the keeper of his vineyard, ‘Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut it down; why does it use up the ground?’ But he answered and said to him, ‘Sir, let it alone this year also, until I dig around it and fertilize it. And if it bears fruit, well. But if not, after that you can cut it down.’”  Luke13:1-9

Almost everything Jesus taught ties into Repentance and a clearing of Wrong Doing. His entire Ministry was based on Reconciliation with God through the process of repentance. Yet nothing in the Bible is more miss-understood or twisted than this message of Repentance. In the Passage above Jesus calls plainly for repentance and warns everyone they will suffer the same fate if they do not repent. He then gives them a Vivid illustration to reflect upon:

The Master of the Vineyard plants a Fig Tree and expects it to bear fruit in due season. But as time passes the tree fails to bring forth any fruit for the Master. He then prepares to Cut it down to make room for a more productive tree, but upon an urgent request He grants it more time to produce on the condition that the ground around it is Dug and fertilized sufficiently so it may bear some fruit. After that, if it still fails to produce anything it can be cut down and cast into the fire.

Why isn’t this seen as a Parable about Repentance by the so-called Church? Because they have NO IDEA whatsoever what real repentance is. To them Reconciliation to God is based solely on Accepting and Receiving what Jesus has provided. NOT Proving anything by Deeds. Therefore breaking up the fallow ground, as the parable clearly shows and Digging to Clear away anything hindered growth, has absolutely no meaning to them. But this Parable coming on the heels of ‘Repent or Perish!’ Plainly showing how to be Reconciled to God through a clearing of wrong doing.

It’s not that there is hidden meaning in Jesus Words, but He speaks in Parables for the purpose of revealing Spiritual Truths to spiritually seeking minds. When He spoke of Himself as the Stone that builders rejected and if that Stone falls on you, you will be grind to powder. But if you fall on it you will be broken; He was AGAIN speaking of Repentance! If you fail to fall on Him and be broken, purged and cleared, He will eventually fall on you at the Judgment and you will be Destroyed both body and soul into hell. As the Unjust Steward in Luke16:3 at his accounting, said that he could not DIG and was afraid to BEG, Meaning he WOULD NOT REPENT, ultimately met with the same fate. The Stone fell on him.

The Woman in Luke7:36-50, is another perfect illustration of a debtor (sinner) who could not pay what was owed. So she approached the Master in bitter sorrow (godly sorrow) offering her fragrant oil and tears, humbled herself at His feet in broken submission and sought His forgiving love. NO ONE had to pay her debt in advance or be punished for her many sins. The Reconciliation was based on Clearing herself at the Master’s feet. Then Pardon was granted.

Jesus Continues the object lessons in Chapter 8 of Luke with the Parable of the Sower. He shows that Seed (the Word) Sown into the thorny heart of sin cannot bear fruit to repentance and live, but is choked out and dies. Many rejoice when they receive the Seed, but because there is no ROOT of True Reconciliation in them through repentance and clearing, it brings no fruit to maturity.  ONLY the Seed sown into the Good and Honest Heart (one broken up, prepared, cleared and purged!) will Produce a Crop. He Concludes that it’s the MANNER in which you hear that makes the difference. Many will think that they Have something when in reality they have NOTHING.

The illustration of Forgiveness in Scripture has NOTHING to do with Wrath and Punishment, only Reconciliation through Repentance. In Matt18:21-35 Jesus shows the indebted Servant coming to the Master, falling down before Him and begging for more time. The Master, moved with compassion, RELEASED him from the debt. No one had to Pay it for him or suffer any punishment in his place because it was remitted. He was forgiven from Pure Mercy because he came repenting, seeking a clearing and pleaded his case at the Master’s feet.

IF on the other hand, had his debt been Paid for him in advance, as everyone teaches in the churches, he would have NEVER suffered the Consequences of his further actions in failure to forgiven his fellow servant, and been cast into prison forfeiting the Mercy extended him in the first place. But what the Church has done in Neutralizing Real Repentance and failing to see the dynamic involved in Reconciliation, is Create an entire generation of people FORGIVEN in ADVANCE who Think that God has accepted them in their sins. If Your Debt is already paid and no Future Debt can be held against you, then NOTHING you do afterwards Matters. You CANNOT be held accountable for anything, therefore WHAT Possible incentive is there for you to CLEAR yourself of anything or REMAIN Clear in the future? NONE!

The People coming into the System LOVE this arrangement because it Removes them from any personal responsibility toward God or their fellow man and leaven no fear of future Judgment. It essentially Destroys God’s Witness in the World, but it meets every criteria for a Reprobated Society full of Professing Christian Hypocrites. Thus you have DAILY incidents of vile immoral behavior in the churches and among the children it’s especially bad. They become the hapless victims of these ‘seared’ predators, who sin with impunity and NEVER face up to their crimes. What they don’t outright deny, they excuse as another ‘sin nature’ problem. Pastors can’t demand adherence to a higher standard of holiness because they invited everyone into the Kingdom as sinners to begin with. The argument always leans in favor of the sin while at the same time they try to pretend that God approves of their behavior.

Most people have the ability to think logically concerning the direction of their lives and guide their performance on the job and in society in such a manner that is favorable to them financially and successfully. Almost without exception everyone wants their children to do well, avoid senseless tragedy and have a good education and they would fight to protect them from harm. It makes perfect logical sense that obeying the laws, keeping yourself out of trouble, working hard and providing for your family is the best path you can take in life. BUT when it comes to Serving God all Logic goes immediately OUT the Window! People who call themselves Christians act like they have half a brain.

They buy into a System of Lies, WITHOUT ever checking or questioning any of it, and even if they do read the Bible it’s with spiritual blinders in place and a bias that will not allow them to see the simplicity of what it is saying. Consequently their ‘Doctrine’ is whatever the church / Pastors say it is. Somehow this serves to SILENCE their conscience to any conviction that something may be wrong and Seal up the eyes of their understanding to godly truth. They become blind leaders of the blind into more error and deception. But NO ONE can Convince them otherwise! NOTHING can touch them. It is as though they have been inoculated against the Truth.

As ignorance settles in they are given over to the desires of their flesh and soon become wholly incapable of escaping their delusions. Life outside the Box is not an option. They are fully satisfied with a God that operates in the manner they perceive. Facing Responsibility and answering to a higher power for their Deeds frightens them to the core. The System Sooths their fears and gives them hope that a ‘Loving’ God will accept them in the end, despite their sins and human imperfections.

The End Result is that Real Bible Repentance is no longer Preached, nor has it been for generations. The Process is PLAINLY SHOWN in the Scriptures, but IGNORED by all. Instead they invent their own formulas based on the false Premise that men are Born Sinful and Cannot Stop Sinning, so God MUST Save them IN their sins. Once they can convince them that this has taken place, then the PROCESS of begins of teaching them how the Bible Means the OPPOSITE of what it actually says. (They are Sealed.)

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