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My Name is Michael DeSario, I live in Northern Ohio where I am self employed with my wife. I was born in 1949, grew up in Ohio and came to Repentance and Faith in the late seventies. My background had Nothing to do with Christianity, other than I wasn't Catholic. My education up to that point consisted of High School, some College and Technical school. I served four years in the US Navy aboard Ship, was honorably discharged in 1973 and Married, my present wife, in 1977...both of us as New Christians. We attended a number of churches through the eighties and nineties and could not find ANYONE Preaching in line with the Bible, including the Pastor who married us, from a non-denominational church.

We came out of the System entirely in the early eighties and began witnessing on the streets and preaching on street corners. Immediacy we encountered the 'everyone is saved' syndrome. It was impossible to convince anyone (no matter how reprobate) that they had never really repented or turned from their sins, according to the record given us in Acts. (Acts20:21, 26:18-20) They had all 'prayed the prayer', most of them were Baptized and many of them hung out at the City missions. (for the freebees) We were approached by many churches from the System, including the Salvation Army. All of them wanted to utilize our talents for their particular ministries. Which always meant compromise and submitting to the doctrines and traditions of men. We remained independent and tried our hand at Radio (Shortwave) In the days before the Internet reaching out on the air waves was limited and expensive. But it was effective in finding others of like mind trying to get out the truth about Repentance and Faith.

We teamed up with another independent ministry and combined our resources to broadcast on many AM and FM stations across the country, as well as Shortwave. It had a very limited effect on anything. The System was King and the LIE reigned supreme. We finally stopped wasting our money and put up a simple web site in the early days of the Web. From that we launched our War against the false Doctrines destroying the Church. First it was 'eternal security' (the rampant Lie, called the Sin Gospel!) We moved on to Imputed Righteousness or the so-called 'Moral' Transfer of Christ's Righteousness and Obedience to anyone who believes. Finally we hit the Pinnacle of all False Doctrines.....'IN BORN' Sin! or the Dual Nature of Man, resulting from the fall of Adam, by which Free Will (to do anything good) was forfeited leaving man to be born in a Wretched State, hating God, without ability to Stop Sinning. THIS as we came to see, was the source of ALL the Corruption in the System. It Necessitated the invention of every Doctrinal Fallacy taught by the Reformers since the 1500's.

As long as the Preacher / Teachers THINK that the Bible teaches this Horrid Pagan Lie, and Continue to Preach it world-wide, people are not likely to see their need to Turn from Sin and Repent. Mainly because they THINK they are already Saved in their Sin! For this reason we are NOT affiliated with ANY Church, Ministry, Religious groups, Bible schools, or outreach Missions. Our efforts are 100% focused on exposing the LIES leading millions down the Wide Road to Destruction. We Do Not silicate funds or garner support (other than prayer) Although we appreciate the effect our You Tube Account gets, we choose not to Participate in the Face Book Craze. This is no reflection on anyone. If you wish to engage us, please use our email account. Only beware that our Purpose is Not to argue Doctrinal Fallacies with you. Each Systematic Doctrine is soundly exposed on our web site. Our Desire is to Focus in on the Pure Apostolic Teachings of Scripture...FAR REMOVED from what most of you have been taught inside the System.

Our Advice is that You Come OUT of the System NOW! Form groups in your homes and DIG into the Bible. Become keenly aware of Early church history and learn to sort through the fallacies. Get yourself in line with Real Repentance and Faith and BE CERTAIN that you have Come into the Faith in the Manner of Scripture. NOT According to some Traditions men teach. The Eyes of your Understanding will Remain Closed to the Truth until you Truly Repent and touch the blood of Christ, have your heart Purified by Obedience to the Truth and Stand Fast on the Solid Foundation of God. Be SAVED from this Present Evil Age, Be Converted and be Refreshed in the Lord!


  1. Catechism of the Catholic Church (Paragraph 1864)
    There are no limits to the mercy of God, but anyone who deliberately refuses to accept his mercy by REPENTING, rejects the forgiveness of his sins and the salvation offered by the Holy Spirit.

  2. I've searched your blog and cannot find an email address to contact you. How does one get in touch with you?

  3. Also, I've noticed there are no postings for November. Wondering if you've stopped blogging?

  4. AMEN
    Theologians are not Christians they are imposters.

    James White Reply
    No one has attempted to answer this.
    I was born in Findlay 1930
    live in Queretaro
    956 772 4222

  5. I appreciate your understanding and preaching regarding true repentance. How do I contact you ? So that I can be able to know your teachings better and you will be able to know what we teach too. Would you be willing to join a church that teaches the same truth you believe or are you just happy to remain aloof from any church ?

  6. Thank you Mike. I was beginning to have many thoughts along what you are teaching. I couldn't understand the bible because my mind was occupied by teachings of original sin: "Oh what a wretched sinner I am". I couldn't understand why there were so many references, in the epistles, to people not entering the kingdom of heaven because of sin. Surely all believers were saved. Paul , John etc must have been refering to unbelievers. Didn't Paul said we were saved by faith? Didn't Paul said that the most unforgivable sin was placing oneself under the law? Not only was I confused.... I was frightened to even think of the law. Thank God for teachers like you and Dan Corner of Eternalsecurity.org

  7. Mike,
    Thank you so much for your teachings, especially on youtube. Could you call me(Dave): 425.502.6801 or email me: dave.nesbitt@pobox.com