Perish by the Sword!

“Put your Sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the Sword! Matt26:52

No doubt the Churches of today are totally Corrupted by false teachers. That is without question. What they teach is FAR REMOVED from early Christian teaching and Doctrine. Most of them are sold out to the Government and blindly supportive of immoral wars and other government policies relating to God and Country. HOWEVER this is as a result of WHAT they believe! They sit in Churches under massive lies and DO NOTHING to oppose it, but tell us we’re not Christians unless we join them in overthrowing our Corrupted Government.

THEY lie down to the false teachers and Support them with funds! It’s the LIES killing people, not Lack of Knowledge over Government corruption! The lie of Original Sin, Moral Transfer, Sins forgiven in advance, Eternal Security, election and Getting Saved in your Sins! You Waste your time fighting the Government while your churches preach these lies.  Don’t tell us we’re laying down! The churches are a Train Wreck!
You need to Overthrow Sin in the hearts of men, NOT worry about the governing authorities. Obey them ONLY IF they Obey God! What a TWIST, only a guy like Jones would think such a thing. WHERE is that in the Bible, SHOW ME Please!

The Old red-blooded, man of the flesh is supposed to be Crucified in Repentance when you come to Christ. That’s what Paul said. (Rom6:4-6) You Don’t keep him alive and well and feed off his emotions, thinking that is of God! BUT under the Representation Gospel, Christ Obeyed in your place and then God Transferred His Righteousness to you! While you remain Corrupt to the Core, Born a Sinner! I’ve heard the Preachers on Alex Jones program and been to their web sites. They all preach this stuff! But they are hot and heavy against the Government. Always ready to tell you Romans 13 don’t mean what it says and we should take up arms. Remember Romans 13 is NOT the ONLY Passage concerning these things. Peter spoke about our conduct in society and behavior toward Governing authorities. (1Pet2:13-17) He says it is ‘THE WILL OF GOD!’ that by doing good (not evil or insurgence) we can Silence the naysayer. Paul also agrees: (1Tim2:1-4) telling us to live quiet and peaceable lives in all godliness and reverence. Because it PLEASES GOD who desires ALL MEN to be saved (not called scumbags!) and come to a knowledge of the Truth. (NOT knowledge of government corruption, but the Truth of God!)

But I’ve pointed out these things before and the Patriot movement continues to ignore the facts and say we are laying down to tyranny.  Again I object. The Movement itself is ripe with False Teachers who all preach deadly Doctrinal errors. WHO Contends against them? Jones and others, who claim Christianity as their banner to march under, attend their churches, support their doctrines and promote their web sites. Thus they live CARNAL lives, Wrapped up warning in the Flesh. It’s all futile and counts for nothing with God. NOT according to me, but according to SCRIPTURE! (2Cor10:4-5) Sure you can Twist any passage to fit your own opinions, as they do. But SHOW ME where Paul, Peter or any of the early Christians participated in these kind of things. The simple fact is THEY DIDN’T and it’s a Lie to imply that they did.

They Died telling People to Stop Sinning and follow Jesus, not because they advocated the overthrow of Nero. God disposed of Nero in His own time, as He will all corrupted governments. Yielding to the authority of God is a threat to any form of Government on earth. That’s why the Real Christians have historically been butchered for doing nothing more than loving their fellowman, doing good and contending for the Truth. But that they fought back, mustered armies or conquered tyrants CANNOT be found in their history! YES, among the phony church this is common. You can sight the Crusades, inquisitions and all the rest of the slaughter in God’s Name throughout history. But honestly, is this kind of Conduct ‘Christian’?
NOT by ANY Standard of the Bible. You Don’t love your enemy and then go out and kill him!

If the Patriot Movement would stop wrapping themselves in a Christian Banner and focus only on their political agenda, it would make more sense. But blending it all into Biblical Principles is just another way to twist the Truth and promote MORE False teaching. (as we have shown) Rather their leadership (like Jones) should be Exposing the false teachers, if he wants to imitate Paul. But how can he? The Gospel he embraces gives allowance to his Flesh, not crucifies the passions and desires thereof. It’s ‘no one is perfect’, and we’re all hapless, helpless sinners, born with evil hearts. But God understands and counts us Righteous and Pure if we fight corruption and tyranny in our land.
So they ‘Take up the Sword’, against the direct admonition of the Lord Christ! The Promise: ‘You take it up, you Perish (are destroyed!) by it’. And such is the way of man. As many times as he takes up his sword (for whatever reason in h is mind) he destroys himself and others. What does he accomplish? History has shown….NOTHING. Tyranny still reigns. Corruption still rules the hearts of men and the Gospel remains infested with Lies.

It would add creditability to their movement if they would disassociate themselves entirely with the Churches and Ministers. You can’t expose one form of Corruption and remain blind to false doctrines. It doesn’t make you automatically Righteous and Pure in God’s sight when you oppose tyranny. Violence is violence. You don’t overcome evil with more evil. By playing on people’s bass emotions you incite them to civil unrest and eventually violence. Certainly there is plenty of turmoil in the Book of Acts, but it’s because they were Preaching the WORD and exposing the false teachers! Read it for yourself. It was NEVER the Christians name calling or conspiring against their enemies. It was the JEWS who came into Galatia by Stealth to bring the Gentile Christians into the Bondage of Circumcision. So they could Glory in their flesh, NOT in Christ! (Read it!)

The Patriot movement considers itself a massive Brotherhood under the Banner of Christ, who will embrace anyone in agreement with their agenda against the New World Order. To them FRUIT is shown in your efforts exposing political corruption. That is what Purifies the heart of man in their Minds. Conduct and godly behavior count for nothing. You’re a brother or sister no matter how Vile your heart because you hate the NWO! You have a foul mouth, immoral reputation, criminal record, it doesn’t matter! You’re under the Big Umbrella against tyranny. Celebrities who abuse their wives and commit numerous acts of adultery are accepted as Patriot ‘Christians!’ They have Absolutely no Creditability whatsoever or moral high-ground from which to launch. They need to REPENT and PROVE their Repentance by their DEEDS!

You’re not going to defeat evil with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. ONLY with the Word of God.
You could gain the upper hand by force of arms or political upheaval and STILL not change the hearts of men from self serving to Christ Serving. If you wish to fight the NWO do so with a clear conscience, but KEEP God out of it! By dragging Christianity into the mix you blur the issues and make Christ a Minister of Sin. People don’t need any more excuses to sin. The Preachers are giving them enough already. Better to not mention God at all then make a mass of Professing Christians THINK they are Safe and pleasing God, when they NEVER Stopped sinning to begin with!

I know it plays to the popularity of the movement to appear as some kind of moral majority. But others can see the hypocrisy. Even our Muslin Counterparts recognize the farce and know that American Christianity is Fake. Yet you so-called Patriots are wholly unaware. You battle for political influence while you Walk in the Darkness of your sins, feeding off the lust of the flesh. Following after Preachers who oppose the NWO, but Teach Doctrinal Errors is NOT the Narrow Path into the Kingdom! You need to attack the Core of the Problem which begins with the fallacy of men being born sinners and rendered incapable of obedience to God until they ‘receive’ Jesus. The same as being ‘Saved in your sins!’

In the Bible it’s the EXACT OPPOSITE! You Must STOP Sinning BEFORE the Holy Spirit can indwell.
It’s Godly Sorrow=Repentance= Salvation! The Lord used the People of Nineveh as His Example of Repentance. (Matt12:38-42) They STOPPED Sinning, Sorrowed, sought the Lord, assuming Nothing…BEFORE God relented His Judgment and extended them Mercy. THIS FITS Perfectly the definition of 2Cor7:10-11, where Paul calls Repentance a CLEARING of Wrong DOING!

Until you Cast Down this fallacy your Churches and your Patriot Movement will count as nothing in the Kingdom of God! You can call us the false teachers and accuse us of cowardice all you wish. BUT WE are not the ones telling people they can enter the Kingdom STILL in their Sins! Think about it!

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