Discerning the Spirits!

We live in a time where if you teach the truth, that you Must Obey God and Stop Sinning, your evil going to hell. We live in a time when it’s legal to kill your unborn babies and if you pray or read your Bible in School you are expelled. We are in a time when our Churches have homosexuals and pedophiles as pastor,! And a child molester can get saved while he continues to rape babies! On top of this they teach that God Can’t see you committing sin, but pretends your Jesus not Sinning and loans you His Track Record of Obedience so you don’t have to Obey. You can get Saved by repeating some words and trusting that God punished Jesus in your place because you are born a depraved sinner incapable of doing anything right.

Ask yourself: ‘is it SAFE to attend a Church?’ More than HALF of the active pastors ADMITTEDLY have an addiction to Pornography! (check the statistics yourself!) The Divorce rate among professing Christians is HIGHER than among atheists. Pedophiles are running rampant in youth groups, pulpits and in the pews! Immorality is going unabated, fornication, adultery, homosexuality and lust are out of control! Drunkenness and all forms of substance addiction are common place. Many of our neighborhoods are crime ridden, with child abuse, wife abuse, murder, rape, robbery, beatings, etc. National Crime statistics are overwhelming. The Very foundation of our nation is crumbling under moral decay and NO ONE seems to have a Clue how to reverse the cycle or curve the decline.

People take more precautions to protect their children at swimming parks and Natatoriums than they do at church. No one is concerned whether or not the youth pastor has a history of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex. Yet stories are frequent among professing Christians and EVERYONE knows someone or has been personally involved in a situation themselves! Nothing is sacred, men and women run around unashamed, divorcing and re-marrying without the slightest concern for Biblical standards. SIN has Lost its stigma! Pregnancy outside of marriage is celebrated. Pastors spend weekends at brothels and the congregation laughs it off as routine.

How much is it going to take to convince you that the System is Rotten to the Core? The Tree is DEAD, the Fruit is fallen to the ground, putrid and maggot infested. Everywhere you turn another so-called Revival is taking place. A Massive Spiritual outpouring with signs and wonders, Jesus sightings! People flock into the huge stadiums, shout, scream, faint, sing and worship. Thousands profess Salvation and a move of the Spirit. The mania feeds on itself and more people assemble to find some special anointing or to believe they have been healed or given some world blessing. According to the measure of success millions of souls are being sweep into the Kingdom and God Glorified. But Sin remains epidemic and morality deteriorates further down the slippery slope to ruin.

WHY? Is there NO ONE who Can Discern the Times and Season? Is Every one Blinded by the bright shinning lights and the glowing Image posing as Jesus? Are the False Teachers endowed with some special power over the hearts and minds of the people as to mesmerize them with deceit? Why is Sin the foregone conclusion in Salvation and Repentance has Nothing to do with Clearing of Wrong doing? WHO Decided that God Winks at our iniquity and dispenses His Grace despite our behavior? The Churches have become Pig Pens of immorality NO ONE will demand that the Sinning Must STOP or Face the Consequences of Judgment! They Believe instead that man is Born into sin and cannot escape its corrupting influence.

If someone comes along preaching Real Repentance and Faith, they cast him out as a heretic and discredit his message as legalism. What are they trying to protect, other than a System of Lies designed to keep people in bondage to their sin? Every argument they offer is in favor of more sin and another way for people to be saved while they continue in their addictions. They call themselves Spirit filled, loving and generous Christians while they preach a Dead Faith that produces more professing hypocrites. IF ANYTHING they were Doing was Really of God the flood gates of debauchery wouldn’t be Wide open at every level of our society and getting worse! If these people were Really Saints instead of Hardened Sinners, NONE of these things were even be NAMED among them as is fitting for Christians. Yet they are NOT even Ashamed of the things they do. Nor do they Care enough to Save anyone else from these evils before it’s too late for everyone!

The iniquity that you wallow in is Proof Positive that the Preachers ministering to you are nothing but the thief’s and robbers Jesus spoke of in John10, who Merchandize your souls, LOVE the Wages of unrighteousness and fill their bellies with worldly pleasures while they feast at your tables; With eyes full of adultery that CANNOT cease from sin beguiling your unstable soul in evil practices. But you See NOTHING, only the Glitter from the Image. The Word of God to you is nothing more than a distant echo lost in your sub conscience mind devoid of Power over your life. You have been GIVEN UP! Given Over to a Reprobate Mind, because you have Traded the Truth of God for a Lie and took pleasure in your unrighteousness. You follow after Preachers and Teachers who will tickle your ears with fables and make you feel good in your sins. You admire their show and covert their adoration.

You are Enemies of the Cross, Corrupted, Dead and Lukewarm. The Blind leading the blind. Under the Strong Delusion of error. WITHOUT Discernment! If you were Filled with the Real Spirit of Truth, the eyes of your understanding would be open to the LIES these preachers are telling! Your souls would be grieved over the sins of the people who call themselves Christians and wallow in addictions. You would not be able to tolerate the festive atmosphere of the churches while the society all around is going to hell. You Could not set idly by wasting your time among the spiritually bankrupt without becoming their enemy by TELLING them the Truth!

What reveals the content of your soul? Nothing is Hidden from the Eyes of God. Your Delusion keeps you at peace with yourself, but one day even that Won’t be enough. Pray that it’s not Too Late for you to Repent. Put on your sackcloth and cover yourself in ashes. Perhaps God will show you mercy if you Cry out to Him with an un-divided heart.

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  1. this is so true they keep on saying we should not judge!