How Shall we escape?

how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation, which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed to us by those who heard Him, Heb2:3

What are the odds that many could escape the Snare of the Present day religious System and get out from under the Lie? How many of the Pharisee came out of their System and followed the teachings of Jesus? VERY FEW! Every Evangelical Church today, Denominational or non-denominational is in bondage to some aspect of the Lie handed down to them by the fathers in the Reformation. All a person can do, who would wish to attend Church, is Pick one of them that either pleases their ears or appears a little closer to the Truth then all the rest. But Bottom Line they ALL Preach you are Saved in Your Sins!

In order for anyone to break free of this Strong Delusion they would FIRST have to have a Real Hunger for Finding the Truth and that can ONLY occur IF the Eyes of their understanding have been open by the Spirit of God. Problem is as long as you THINK everything is fine, you will have No urgency to look any further into the Bible. Complacency is your worst enemy. In the Churches you are surrounded by people who know virtually NOTHING about what the Bible really says.  And MOST of them could care less that their cherished Doctrines are NOT taught by Jesus or contained in the pages of Scripture. Their knowledge of Biblical Doctrine is limited to God so loved the World and Salvation is Not of Works! Beyond that they are certain that No one is perfect and God overlooks their sins provided they believe in Jesus.

Consequently you are dealing with People who are Already under a Strong Delusion and well satisfied with what they are being taught by their pastors. The Great Disadvantage is that the Light in them is Darkness and they THINK its Light! Therefore when you introduce True Light into their midst ONLY the individuals being lead by the Spirit of Truth will Come into the Light and desire More. Compare the following Passages:

And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.” Jh3:19-21

The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! Matt6:22-23

Note that first it Requires an ACT of the Will to Come into the Light, that your Deeds may be seen that they are done in God. Then Note that if the Eye is BAD, the whole body is full of Darkness. Thus a Person Must RESPOND to the Holy Spirit to escape his darkness. He has to PUT FORTH an Effort and DO the Truth! God (Holy Spirit) is NOT going to Do it for him. The Bible says that we have an Anointing from the Holy One, 1Jh2:20. Anointing is GRACE, and that’s what TEACHES us all things. God has graciously Shined the Light of His Truth into the World through Christ (His Teaching) and Given forth His Spirit to instruct us in the way of Righteousness.

The Spirit of Truth Cannot co-exit with the spirit of error. Darkness and light cannot abide. IF there is ANY Possibility of someone in the System, under Delusion, escaping, this ANOINTING MUST be Evident in their lives. In other words: They WILL BE Out or Coming Out of the System, NEVER going further into it. Because TRUTH by its Very nature EXPOSES Error. The System exists on a foundation of False Doctrines and Contradictions. All built on Tradition and teachings of men. (Matt15:8-9) The leadership CANNOT yield any of their Fundamental teachings without risking a schism among the people and the disdain of their peers. There is ONLY ONE Option available to anyone who wants to uphold the Truth: Separation.

Search the Scriptures on this and try to Name a Prophet or Preacher in any time frame who exposed the System and experienced anything but outright hatred, persecution and even death. We NEVER find them hanging around the Temples of their day, mingling with the people as though everything was fine and they were all good friends. They didn’t join in the Rabbinical studies and try to influence the teachers in hopes they would suddenly see the error of their ways. Rather they Shined the Light of Truth DIRECTLY into their blinded eyes! The Doctrines of Men are Strongholds of Error that MUST be Cast down and exposed.

Ignorance is like a Granite WALL inside the Mind of man he has erected over a lifetime of vain imaginations about God. This is Why the Bible says to Give EARNEST HEED to these things lest they SLIP Away and you pass into eternity as a blind guide. Many are zealous for their pet Doctrines and will do anything to twist the Word of God to support them. Natural human prejudice will protect these doctrines to the death. The same spirit that crucified Jesus is at work in their minds and although they may not be able to kill you, in their hearts you represent Beelzebub coming to destroy their System!

Consider the Mind Set this represents. These people are Sold Out to the Lie. They will not bend if their life depended on it. Change would mean absolute chaos. Anyone who bucks the System is immediately branded a heretic and ousted by their peers. Just what happened among the Jewish leaders. They were shocked at the Teaching of Jesus and overwhelmed by His Wisdom. BUT still rejected Him! The Pagan world was plunged into mass turmoil at the preaching of the Apostles. Throughout history this has been the norm. When the Message is STOP Sinning and Follow Jesus, people rebel and the Devil kicks up a storm.

But the Churches aren’t concerned about escaping the Wrath of God in Judgment, only having a Smooth Ride to Perdition. They have Fashioned a Gospel according to the lusts of their flesh and it WORKS like a charm! It Numbs the Minds of all who embrace it and provides them with some kind of a false sense of security in their sins. They proudly sin, boasting themselves as Chief of sinner or the Romans Wretch. ‘No evil shall befall me!’ is their theme And the Pastors, like the dumb dogs they are, Promise them Peace.

So the Question Remains: Can ANYONE Escape this Mess? Does ANYONE Want to? You’re asking someone to Turn their entire World up-side-down. When the VAST Majority of them See no Need to do so. They Think you’re Nuts and off the deep end. The Decision has to Come from within before there is any possibility of Opening the Eyes of the Understanding. The Lie has ‘Short-Circuit’ this Process and cast logic out the window.

The Bible Records that Jesus Came Teaching a simplistic Message, using illustrations the people could easily understand. The Logic of which was Cut and Dry, Black and White. Objections were bluntly obvious from anyone who Refused to Respond to His Commands. He told the people to Take up their Cross, Follow His example, Deny themselves, Count the Cost, Dig Deep, Strive and Lay hold of eternal life! Yet you could attend any church in the world your entire life and NEVER once hear any of these things said. The Gospel they preach has NOTHING to do with the teachings of Jesus. In ‘Name’ only does it resemble anything Biblical. The Product it produces is Rotten to the Core!

However to deny that it has an awesome power to Mesmerize the Minds of the People into THINKING it is genuine, would be playing directly into its snare. Many good, decent sincere people have bought into this System wholeheartedly serving it all their days. They are the Lambs that attract more lambs. Although the wolves are close at hand to devour them all and as Masters of Disguise they operate above board in full view of the world. Thus the System Feeds off itself, grows and prospers with little opposition. Like any institution, the Deception is Multi-level and the Minions inside are clueless. In the End they will face the Judge alone and finally see the error of their ways. But the time for making amends will be over. They loved the Lie and took it to Perdition with them.

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