The Pride of Life!

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. 1Jh2:15-17

Pride is the FIRST Deadly Sin! (Prov6:16) It is the absolute single source and bottom line of all Sin. Because of Pride Men will not Yield to God and Refuses to Bow to His Truth. By it they Exchange the Truth of God for a lie, suppress it in Unrighteousness and Twist it to their own Destruction. They use flattering speech and Great Swelling Words of emptiness to convince you that God is Blind to your on going sin. While at the Same time they will Promise you Liberty in Christ although you remain in bondage to your lust. They will Turn the Grace of God into a LICENSE for Immorality and entice the Multitudes to NEVER DEPART from their Iniquity! (2Tim2:19)

In Glowing Pride they will Preach the Love of God and Bestow His ‘Indescribable’ Gift! (2Cor9:15) unconditionally on the Masses. They will Preach Grace as God’s Un-Merited Favor offering Pre-Forgiveness of Sin and the Life of Christ as a Moral Transfer in which you ‘TRUST’ has you Covered! 

Since no one is Saved or Delivered from the Corrupting influence of Sin, hypocrisy is rampant from the clergy on down. Behavior as heinous as child molestation and internet pornography is common place among the professing Christians. They profess to Love God but in Deeds Deny Him, being abominable, disobedient and disqualified for every good work! (Titus1:16) YET the Preachers tell them that God is Well Pleased with their Conduct and NO Judgment will befall them.

Thus NO ONE fears the Lord. The hand of the Wicked is Strengthened by the lying tongues Preaching Lies into the itching ears of the Masses! As a result the Seed is Sown among thorns. There is no Fallow Ground for which it to take root! The Conscience Minds are Silenced to Conviction. NO ONE will wash their heart of wickedness that they may be Saved. Within their Evil thoughts is the Very Doctrines of men they perceive will Save them in the Day of Calamity. In arrogant Pride they argue for ‘Reformed Doctrine’, always in favor of sin, but deny their Deeds are ungodly. They can no longer discern good from evil or the Righteous from the Wicked. To them Darkness is Light and their Whole Body is FULL of shadows.

Pride Seals the Eyes of the Understanding. The Natural Mind Cannot Discern the things of God. It is the enemy of all that is wholesome and good. When the Natural Mind Compares Scripture with Scripture it understands with a Jaundice Eye. The Old Man (never Crucified with Christ in Repentance!) will naturally assume he has gained some Special Knowledge about God that resolves him from Personal accountability for his sin, because the sin is lodged into his flesh at birth and has NOTHING to do with the CHOICES he has made over time that has placed him in bondage to his own evil desires. Therefore Man is no longer a SLAVE to WHO he Obeys: {sin to death or obedience to righteousness! Rom6:16} but Serves two Masters with a Divided heart addicted to Sin.

In consequence the Double Minded (so called, professing Christian!) Will Receive NOTHING from God, (Js1:7-9) expect, as Scripture Declares, His Longsuffering and Patience waiting for him to Repent and turn from their Sins. (Rom2:4) So instead of Yielding to the Wisdom from above in obedient humility, these professing Christians take PRIDE in the things of the world! THIS is in DIRECT Violation of Scripture: 

(1John2:15-17 quoted above) But what do the Churches Promote? Is it Godliness and Obedience to Christ? Purity, Sincerity and Love? Or Love of the World, Flesh and Devil?

All the Vain Amusements they sponsor exposes their true loyalties. They beat the drum of National Patriotism and support all manner of violent conquest where AMERICA is involved! They Clamor for various sporting teams and make icons out of the competitors. They make celebrities out of their favorite teachers and reward them with accolades and wealth. Everything the World has to offer is ‘Christianized’ and sold to the Professed with a ‘godly’ package to make it appear wholesome and good. Even the Charitable outreach is tarnished with adulterous undertones as the World STARVES for Real Truth and gets handed a Candy coated Lie.

Such is the ‘Pride of Life’ John spoke of in his Warning. Faith OVERCOMES the World! He went on to say. (1Jh5:4) It DOES NOT Comply with it. If you are overcome with the lust of the Eye, lust of flesh or ANYTHING that has to do with the worldly Pride, the Love of God is NOT IN YOU!! There is no half way point here. No blending in with the masses. From Within Flow the issues of life. What you Love reveals WHO you are. If you Loved God you would CRAVE His Truth, CONTEND for it earnestly. WALK in it. Teach and Preach it to others and Turn people from their sins!

You Pride yourselves in all that you do. You Bask in the glow of personal success and count your prosperity as God’s Will. You applaud your achievements and reward the idolatry. It’s Your Team, Your Church, Stomp the Competition. WIN at all Cost! All the time supposing God is on your Side. As though He favors these forms of conduct. It’s absolutely Impossible for the Present day Professing Church to comprehend that God has NO COUNTRY, NO TEAM and shows NO Partiality! They are so caught up in the rivalry they could NEVER abandon the errors of their founders and return to Truth. Presently anyone who takes a stand for uncompromising Truth is instantly labeled as rising out of the pits of hell! To the Religious establishment, JESUS was Beelzebub! ANYONE who challenges their authority and doctrine will be the same. (It’s no different today)

Tell the Professing Christians that their loyalties have NOTHING to do with God and all their worldly endeavors are false. Expose their Doctrinal fallacies and the fairy take of Pre-forgiveness of sin. Dismantle the Myth of Original Sin and point the finger of responsibility directly at them for violating God’s Commands in their daily conduct. Call the Church leaders to a Repentance Proven by Deeds and a Return to the Purity of the Gospel. Stand on the Authority of God’s Word, unmovable, and Cast Down every argument they can raise. Oppose the Strongholds of Lies among the elite. See what happens to you!

Is THIS NOT Walking in the Steps of the Master? Can anyone read the account given in the pages of Scripture and NOT see that THIS is what happened to ANYONE who preached the Gospel Message as God intended it to be preached? HOW can you look at the book of Acts (the testimony and history of Christianity) and STILL Preach the LIE? They gave their lives for the Truth, you won’t give up Sunday Dinner!!! You’re a FAKE, a FRAUD! A Poser through and through! You Despise the Truth because it exposes what you are. You would have Stoned Steven, Be-headed John the Baptist, Persecuted the Truth Tellers and CRUCIFIED the Lord of Glory!

WHO do you elevate to Fame among the Professing Christian Masses? The Son or Daughter who goes forth like John the Baptist to bring people OUT of their Sins? NO! Rather it’s the football hero, trophy winner, who lead their team to earthly glory by defeating others in a brutal contest! You GLOW with PRIDE and praise God as the accolades are cast by the cheering crowds and the material riches flow in. NONE of it has ANYTHING to do with GOD! BUT You blaspheme Him with your idolatry in the churches and worship an IMAGE that (in your Mind!) supplies your material greed.

ANYONE Who comes into your Religious Establishments and tells you to STOP Sinning and Obey God to Enter the Kingdom is your ENEMY. Your Religion is the PRIDE of Life. It Yields to no one. It is earthy sensual and demonic. The People are filled with envy, strife and confusion. You are Rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing, BUT at the Judgment you will find yourself Wretched, miserable, poor, blind and Naked. Bask on in your Lies, the fantasy will soon come to an End.

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