The Perfect Standard

Be ye therefore PERFECT, even as your Father which is in heaven is PERFECT. Matt5:48

God requires Perfection. Professed Christians today are told that NO ONE can attain to this Perfection. Therefore ONLY Jesus was Perfect and by you trusting in His Virtue and Perfect Obedience to God, you are declared Righteous by proxy. But is this Really what Jesus is saying in Matthew 5? Or is it just another in the long list of excuses by the ear itching masses for not obeying God? By setting the bar so high that no one can possibly reach it, they have essentially destined man to failure and written him off as a Wretch.

But is this what God intended? WHY would He tell us to DO something we have no power to do? The theologians tell us so we can see how far short we come from Perfect Righteousness. Really? Why say it in the first place then? Why not tell us above board that HE was going to Do it for us? Why make it sound as though He expects you to carry it out? Is the Lord deceptive? Would you tell one of your children to do something you intended to do yourself?

So what is this Perfection of Matt5:48, The exceeding Righteousness without which you cannot enter the Kingdom of God? (Mt5:20) In the Scriptures it’s a PERFECT Heart of Devotion! (Matt22:37, Deut6:5)
Just as you would expect from your earthly spouse; A Heart un-divided and un-defiled from the lust of the flesh.! (1John2:15-17) You will not share your spousal Devotion with anyone else, lest you ‘destroy’ the marriage relationship. WHY would you expect God to endure your adulterous notions with the World?

‘If you would be Perfect!’ Jesus told the Rich young man, Matt19:21, ‘Love ME above all else!’ Alas he was clinging to his riches, which he could not forsake and it was his Gold that held FIRST place in his heart….not God. Paul called this Perfection the Full Measure of the Stature in Christ, Eph4:13, that brings about the Unity of the faith. Why does present day Churchianity lack any true unity in Christ? Because:
‘No body is Perfect!’ (that’s the mantra from every professed mouth) But Paul Preached and Warned every man, Col1:28, teaching them in all Wisdom that we may present them PERFECT in Christ Jesus!
So FAR removed from anything you are hearing in your churches.

Man’s Wisdom says, No One can be Perfect, it’s an absolute impossibility! But the Wisdom that is from Above, James3:17, is Pure, Peaceable, gentle, willing to Yield, full of Mercy and good fruits! The PERFECT heart of Devotion to God. It Goes the extra mile, turns the other cheek, gives of itself and loves its fellow man. (Mt5:42-46) Surly Man is capable of doing these things. Thus the PERFECT Will of God, Rom12:1-2, is found in Walking Worthy of your calling in Christ. Nothing more, Nothing Less.

We can Never be Perfect in Knowledge or in Wisdom (that which is reserved to God) We will make Wrong Judgments and imperfect decisions. But God looks on the heart. (1Sam16:17) If your heart is fixed on that Perfect Devotion to Him, with heavenly minded intentions in all that you do, HOW can you be sinning daily in thought, word and deed? You wouldn’t daily violate your spouses trust and expect your relationship to continue in tact. Sharing your devotions with another is beyond repugnant to any married couple. That’s why the Marriage relationship is used as the illustration of your love for God! (Eph5:22-30, Col3:18-19)

This Love is not beyond making mistakes. It’s Not ‘Sinless Perfection’ as churchianity lays charge to it! But it is Perfect fidelity to the Lord. If you’re committing Willful, Deliberate acts of disobedience in word, thought or deed, Jesus would say that your Eye is Bad and Whole body full of Darkness. (Mat6:23) In this Double-Minded State you cannot please God or Receive anything from Him, including Eternal life! (James1:7-8) Friendship with the World is enmity with God. (Js4:4) God considers it Adultery if you go lusting after the things of this world. Dividing your time in vain amusements that seem right to you, is the same as Dividing your heart in relation to your marriage. Remember Worldly pleasures are the Lust of the flesh, eyes and Pride of Life, in Scripture. (1Jh1:16-17) They are ALL associated with love of the World, not God. They fill the mind with Vile thoughts and the Eyes with various temptations. They can only lead to indulgence and serious transgression.

Shun the Appearance of Evil! Said the Holy Apostle, 1Thess5:22. If you play with fire you will be Burned! (Prov6:27-28) Theology is NOT going to exempt you from accountability. The so-called Bible Scholars of our day may disparage the Precious Words of Jesus and explain them away. But they won’t be standing at the Judgment Seat with you. (2Cor5:10-11) What you are now, is what you will be then. (Rev22:11) Don’t expect some Magic formula to instantly transform you into a Saint fit for the Kingdom! If you Did Not MAKE YOURSELF Ready, (Rev19:7) for that Great Wedding Feast in Paradise, you will be Cast out into Utter Darkness where there will be weeping and gashing of teeth. (Matt22:11-13)

You Love your Spouse, Correct? To them your Devotion is Pure. (unless you are a vile adulterer) At times, as a married couple, you anger one another. But Perfect Love (1Jh4:18) always wins the day! (if it exists)
So What Does God expect if not the same. Perfect in Scripture Means:
Mature, Complete, lacking in nothing!
Integrity and Virtue
That Which is Perfect!

Doesn’t that MOST Certainly Mean that you are not going to Commit Adultery? Or Secretly lust after another? Or fill you Mind with Vile things and your body with harmful substance? You are not going to Lie or neglect you responsibility to keep your heart fixed on doing good and pleasing God. And you Definitely want the World to know that Obeying your Lord is not burdensome, because Faith WORKS by Love! (Gal5:6) If this kind of Moral Perfection is impossible, then human marriage has no real value. If Doing the Right thing is so grievous no one should try, why bother to get married at all?

Devotion originates in Purity of heart. The Chief concern of Love is to Please. God requires you undivided attention. He always looks on the Heart. If your intentions are spurious you need to Repent! It’s not how much can I get away with and still make it into the Kingdom, it’s Continuing in the Faith Steadfast, Grounded and unmoved in the hope that you will be found WORTHY when the Bridegroom returns for His Bride! (Col1:23, Rev3:4, 2Thess1:5, 11)

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