Sin is Transgression of the Law!

What is Sin? That seems to be a major dilemma among professing Christians today, mainly because of the False Doctrine of Original Sin. Which implies that all people are BORN into sin. The Sin is inbred into their flesh inherited from Adam and they must sin by necessity because they are sinners. That makes EVERYTHING a sin. (at least in the minds of the people who embrace this lie)

Therefore a person must first get SAVED in sin and then NEVER Stop sinning because you CAN’T forsake or Stop something inbred into your flesh. In other words, IF your NATURE is Corrupted at birth, HOW can anyone Stop their Wrong Doing since they are infected by a malady. The Flesh is then DISABLED. Incapable of Stopping sin, except by some Divine intervention. And EVERYTHING automatically becomes sin! (since even man’s best intentions are self motivated and non-benevolent)

Thus Temptation is Sin. The Normal Passions and Desires of the flesh are sin! Man is LUMP of sin because his flesh is corrupted. All his inclinations, desires, actions and thoughts are motivated by his evil desires and entirely sinful. He is incapable of real virtue apart from God. As twisted as this sounds, it is the common understanding of sin to the vast majority of professing Christians. Consequently they believe (as converts) no one can ever stop sinning. Accordingly when you tell them they must stop sinning or be lost eternally, they call you the devil!

Sin is NOT inbred into the flesh. (flesh is flesh, nothing evil about it) Sin is Moral. A CHOICE you make from Free Will. No one or NOTHING necessitates your sin, it originates in the intention and unites with your Desires and brings forth ‘spiritual’ death. Temptation is NOT sin (otherwise Jesus would have been changed with sin, since He was tempted in all things, Heb4:15) Nor are your DESIRES Sinful of themselves. The Bible Declares that the Marriage bed is undefiled. (Heb13:4)  Therefore passion is a Natural response of the flesh. It is only when it is Miss-directed toward lust that it becomes sin.

Eve ‘DESIRED’ the fruit! (Gen3:6) She SAW that it was Pleasant to the eyes! But until her Desire united with her will to take the fruit, she had NOT sinned. Her sin was a WILLFUL Transgression of a KNOWN Command. A Moral CHOICE! So Hunger, natural desires for your spouse, fear, worry, joy, are NATURAL Desires of the Flesh, NOT SIN. ONLY when you indulge them or Miss-use them as interments of unrighteousness, Rom6:11, do they become sinful. Thus you CRUCIFY the flesh with its Passions and Desires, Gal5:24, by not PRESENTING your Members as interments of Unrighteousness to fulfill the lust thereof. Rom13:14. (That’s why the Bible says: Whatever is not of faith is sin, Rom14:23)

Making man incapable of True Virtue is essentially a NEGATION of Free will. If man Cannot perform selfless acts of benevolence apart from being coerced by God, he is nothing more than a pre-programmed Robot designed to sin. To assert that man has free will, but only free to sin is luscious. You still have God doing the choosing by tweaking him in some manner to believe and turn to Jesus. Unless he is ENTIRELY FREE to make the Choice to Obey God from his own heart, free will is out the window! Everyone with a Reasoning mind knows that people can perform acts of self sacrifice for their fellowman. To deny this is to renounce every soldier who died trying to save his friends or the fire and police personal who frequently put themselves into harms way to protect common strangers. AGAIN: Why would the Bible say: ‘for him to KNOW to do good and do it NOT, to him it is sin!’(Js4:17)  IF he didn’t KNOW what was right to begin with! He who DOES what is RIGHT is Righteous! (1Jh3:7) Man KNOWS what is Right!

What about the countless acts of charity and compassion that people perform? Not everyone is motivated by greed, pride or want of recognition when they reach out to help others. When you tell someone they do nothing but sin until they ‘Receive’ Jesus, you are making Real Repentance IMPOSSIBLE! WHY? Simply because you have turned Sin into an inbred substance instead of a Moral Choice. You CAN’T STOP or FORSAKE your NATURE! If you are Pre-disposed to Sin because it’s in your flesh (or nature) it’s the same as a Genetic Disease that cannot be avoided no matter what. How can you escape Wrong Doing, as the Scripture Commands, if the SPECIFIC Wrong is NOT brought to your attention by Conviction of Conscience in the first place? You Can’t Repent of a malady!

That makes EVERYTHING a sin, including getting ‘SAVED’ in your sins. Repentance then is merely AGREEING that you’re a Sinner and asking forgiveness. Which is freely Granted by virtue of Christ Provision on the Cross. Trust in that and God will NOW overlook your Wrong Doings and take you to heaven when you die. Your Personal Behavior is entirely of no Consequence toward the outcome of your salvation because RECEIVING Jesus is all that counts. Continuing in sin is a Foregone Conclusion. No one can Escape its corrupting influence since its part of their flesh. The Bible says not to allow Sin to reign in your mortal body to Obey its lust, Rom6:12. Everyone in the church says: ‘If I say I have no sin, I’m a liar and the truth is not in me!’ (1Jh1:8, miss used)

Thus to Say you can STOP Sinning is a DENIAL of God, in their book. So, again, EVERYTHING is sin.
As follows the Convert basically Chucks Personal Responsibility to the four Winds! NOTHING he does matters anyway. He is the CHIEF of Sinners and Romans Wretch and his FUTURE sins are already forgiven because he believes in Jesus! It’s the Perfect setup. The Convert can laugh off Heart Purity, Keeping and Guarding himself from wrong doing and essentially DOING ANYTHING the Bible says he MUST DO to inherit Eternal life!

Always Remember…..ANYONE who comes in among these people and tells them they WERE NOT Born Sinners and MUST STOP Sinning to be Saved, has to be of the DEVIL! (NO EXCEPTIONS!) Otherwise they would be accused before God and Stand Condemned. Only as Individuals do they KNOW how vile their hearts really are. In the Church they can keep it well hidden because no one cares. The Preachers give them the creditability they need to quite their conscience. SHINE the Light of Truth on them and like the Brood of Vipers they are, their Venom will be exposed.

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