But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. 2Cor4:4-5

Darkness and Light are two contrasting OPPOSITES. Anyone can tell the Difference between them. However when it comes to Truth and Error the mind seems to lose all sense of discernment. This is mainly because it is DEEDS that determine whether or not a person will come to the Light or not. If your Deeds are Evil, you will shun the Light and Remain in Darkness. But if your Deeds are of the Truth, you will come into the Light so you can see clearly that they are Done in God. (John3:19-21)

In this we can see that the Real Gospel will bring the LIGHT of God to the Mind. (illumination! Heb10:32)
Thus we can IMMEDIATELY discern the Vast Difference between those who KNOW God and those who ‘THINK’ they know Him. The Truth is HIDDEN to the Darkened Mind. (veiled, the passages says) However to the SEEKING Mind the Truth is LIGHT shinning in, exposing and revealing. Since Faith Comes by Hearing the Word, (Rom10:9-10) the Seeking Mind will begin to Search God out and SEE what is required of it.

The heart then cries out: “Lord, What Must I do?” (Acts2:37) Repentance follows with Zeal, Fear, Diligence and a CLEARING of Wrong DOING! (2Cor7:10-11) The MIND is PURGED of ignorance and defilement and the LIGHT of God (light of the gospel of the GLORY of Christ!) SHINES in! This is the NEW BIRTH! The Washing of the Water by the Word. The Cleansing of the heart by faith working by love! (Jh3:16, Titus3:5, Gal5:6) The Old Self is Crucified with Christ in this Repentance and a NEWNESS of Life has come. (Rom6:4-6)

NOW the MIND (heart) is ALIVE to God, AWAKE to Truth, HUNGRY for Righteousness and READY to grow. The Soul is Willing to Yield and Connected through the Spirit to God. Abiding as a branch in the Divine Nature, being Renewed daily.  In This is the UN-MISTAKABLE WITNESS of the SPIRIT! It Cannot be faked and it SURLY CANNOT be Mixed with the Darkness of error. If someone has encountered God in this manner, they are then OF THE TRUTH and in the LIGHT. The ‘Spirit of Truth’ (whom the Lord has promised will come, Jn15:26) will LEAD them into ALL TRUTH, Never into Error. This Person is going to DIG DEEP, SEEK, ASK, KNOCK to Search out this Truth. And NEVER be satisfied with anything less than the Truth!

THIS is the ‘Anointing’ (1John2:24-27) ABIDING in you. The SPIRIT of Truth! Which teaches you all things concerning Jesus. HIS Doctrine, His Way, His Example to Follow and Obey! There is Nothing Passive or Phony about this. God is Real and the Spirit is indwelling, no one could fail to see it. Your Mind will be like that of a child crying out for the Milk and Meat of the Word. Truth will be LIFE! Error and False Doctrine will be grievous and vexing to the soul. To the Deceived walking in the darkness of error professing to know God, you will immediately become a constant source of frustration. TWO Opposing Spirits are at Work here and Light Cannot Mix with Darkness.

Just as a Light on a hill cannot be hidden, so anyone of this Light will shine forth among men and bring their dark deeds into question. Deception is Done is the darkness of ignorance, by those who refuse to come to the Light and have their Deeds exposed. Consequently the truth is Veiled to their mind. The Eyes of their understanding are clouded over in delusion, so they will believe a LIE. There is no Divine Life in them. They are Destitute of the Spirit, stumbling as blind men into error and more error. Nothing of the Truth makes any sense to them. They see it as an Offense and Stumbling block. It is a constant source of frustration and bewilderment to them. They rail against it, twist it, make excuses why it does not have to be Obeyed! Finally the Mind will fully embrace the Lie and become Seared in Deception and Closed to the Truth. That’s why it’s impossible to reach our Present Day Pastors, Teachers and Professing Christians.

They have gone BEYOND the ability to Understand! The Manner in which they are hearing (the lies being preached in their churches!) is ‘MISTAKINGLY’ called Light, but in Actuality is Darkness! Thus if the ‘Light’ (false light) in you is Darkness, HOW GREAT is that Darkness!’ (Matt6:23)
These people SUPPOSE they are Christians because of the Preaching in their churches but their hearts are Veiled to the Truth. They defend sin and practice all kinds of immoral behavior without fear of Judgment. When you encounter them in daily life or out on the streets and bring any Light of truth to their minds they will immediately scoff and accuse you of NOT Preaching the Gospel. To them the Gospel has NOTHING to do with their personal behavior. They have been told thousands of times by HEAPS of false teachers that God has Pre-forgiven their sins in Christ and if they merely ‘BELIEVE’ in Him they are saved. Continuing along the same course of life, drinking, smoking, cussing, fornicating, lying, cheating, stealing, ect, is a forgone conclusion among professing Christians and well accepted in the churches.

If you tell these people they Must Stop sinning or be condemned to hell, they will say you are Judgmental,  un-loving and of the devil! They Sincerely Believe God has Saved them in their sins. To them the LIE is TRUTH! Darkness is Light. They can Do evil that Good may come! The Seed has been Sown into their thorny hearts of sin and taken Root in deception. The Conscience Mind that responds to natural conviction is Shut Down. Logic is twisted. They WALK in utter Darkness, enemies of the Cross.

If anyone is of the Light the Spirit will lead them toward the Truth. Their Natural tendency will be Obedience to God and His Word. In life and Witness they will be a VIVID Contrast to the world around them. To the Professed Religious they will be a constant abhorrence, because the Mask of hypocrisy can no longer be hidden. If you are Truly of God (and there’s no way to get this wrong!) you will be Compelled to tell the Truth, and no LIE is of the Truth.

Someone that truly comes into the Light (is genuinely saved) and remains among the Darkened Professing Christians would be a Sheep among Wolves. The absolute WORST place this person could be is in the present day Churches sitting under some aspect of the Lie. They will immediately attack his Zeal and Diligence for God and attempt to MOLD him into one of them. If he persists in the Word among them his own soul will become deeply vexed by the darkness around him. As a babe in Christ he is at extreme risk of growing weary and giving up to the false teaching. Since he will NOT be able or equipped to answer all the objections thrown at him by so-called Pillars of the church, he will easily give in to compromise.

Always Remember: THERE IS NOTHING GOOD about the System. They are Destroying Souls with their False Doctrines! All the Charitable deeds, community service and missionary outreach are of NO VALUE Whatsoever! As a True Saint you DARE not associate yourself with their doings or take part in ANY WAY in their activities. Otherwise you will be Sharing in their sins! Although they appear to be harmless as doves and helpful to others, beneath the fa├žade is lurking Spiritual DEATH. You Cannot garner their support, welcome their funds or THINK you can reform them by your presence. You are on Enemy territory dealing with the depths of Satan! DON’T assume you can turn them from their lies.

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