Stepping into the Light!

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. John3:19-21

HOW could Anyone who Comes and DOES his Deeds in the Light Remain Spiritually and Scripturally Destitute and be Genuinely Saved of God? According to this Passage, in the Words of Jesus, man has BOTH the Ability and the Will to Come into the Light and DO what is Right in God. The ONLY reason he doesn’t is that ‘his Deeds are evil’ and he ‘loves darkness rather than light!’ 

Nothing is said here about God having to magically Change his desires, elect or choose him by some Divine selection of Grace. God deals with man as an Independent Agent PERFECTLY capable of understanding His Commands and OBEYING them. The Scriptures Constantly Command man to:
Amend the evil of his doings, WASH himself from Wickedness, Cleanse himself of all filthiness and then PRESENT himself before God asking Mercy. NEVER do we find anyone Assuming upon God’s Mercy to be forgiven in their sins. You Find Salvation in Christ through Repentance and Faith PROVEN by DEEDS! NOT by Repeating words and Trusting that Jesus is swapping places with you.

This Message is an OFFENSE to the World. It Always has been from the very beginning. The Cross of Christ Represents the DEATH of Carnal man. The Crucifixion of his Passions and Desires in Repentance. 

The Churches have made it into a Process that leaves you in bondage to your sins. That’s why you as a professing Christian, have gone through the motions, but remain spiritually blind to the Truth! You have NO Discernment whatsoever to tell the Truth from a Lie when you hear it. You Remain in your sins and THINK that God approves. You will listen to any lying preacher without TESTING him by the Word of God. (it’s doubtful you know anything about the word of God!) 
You Could Not Possibly be indwelled by the Spirit of Truth and follow nothing but Error. The Holy Spirit would lead you into Truth and away from error. Your spirit would hunger and thirst desperately for truth and NEVER be satisfied until it found the True living Water of Scripture! Your Numbed Mind is absolute PROOF of your reprobation in sin. You got ‘Saved’ in your sins…..IN THEM you Remain! You are a Slave to who you Obey. You Can’t Serve Sin and it not be your MASTER. Whoever is BORN of God Sinneth NOT! The Scripture says. In THIS the Children of God and the children of the Devil are made Known. It’s not Difficult to understand the difference. 

You Gain Nothing by Continuing to follow these lies and Pretend you are Saved. Deep Down you know your soul is destitute of Truth. If you are so far gone that Nothing can faze you, perhaps it’s too late for any hope. God will Give you OVER to your sin if you persist in it. He will Never force anyone to Serve Him. I know NONE of this is Taught in your churches or by your pastors, BUT that Doesn’t change anything. Divine Principle is Still at Work. You Will REAP what you SOW, it’s a 100% Guarantee! At the final Judgment all the lying preachers you are depending on now to be correct, will be GONE. The Big Swap they Told you about, where Jesus Obeyed for you and Gave you His Righteousness, was a BIG LIE. Being Right with God is DOING RIGHT by Faith in Christ! DEEDS will Determine your eternal Destiny, not trust in a Myth. 
 If your Deeds are Evil, you HATE the Light and flee from it. That’s why Truth is such an Offense to the present day church. They have invented a System of lies to Replace the truth and Twisted the Bible to fit it! This is not unusual. Every false teachers who ever existed Uses the Bible to Prove their falsehoods. The Devil used Scripture against the Lord Jesus in the Great Temptation. By quoting a Passage in Psalms to  trick the Savior into sinning against God. He also laid the framework for ALL Deception handed down to your church today, with Eve in the Garden when he told her she would NOT DIE if she willfully Disobeyed the Lord. The EXACT SAME thing they Teach right now in Your Church! 

I know it’s a foreign concept in the Churches today, but YOU have to CLEAN UP your ACT BEFORE you can Ever hope to be Saved by Christ! Before you write this off as the ravings of a lunatic, I implore you to remove the Doctrinal Blinders from your eyes (anoint your eyes with eye suave) and Examine the Scriptures! Have you Come into the Light that your Deeds may be Clearly Seen and Done in God? Or you still lurking in the Shadows of sin hoping the Preachers are right about the Transfer? WHAT IF they are WRONG? What are you going to do then? Have you ever considered the consequences of error here? 

The Bible is Filled with warnings about living in sin, being Disqualified from the Kingdom, Shipwrecking your faith and losing your soul. Rom11:23 says in the Plainest Language possible that ‘You Also will be Cut off!’ Are you going to count on the Preachers/teachers of today who excuse and explain away all these things, for eternal life? I know it feels good to indulge your flesh and Pretend you love Jesus, and the Whole System is set up to coddle you in your sins. But if you have ANY Sense of Reason remaining in your Numbed Mind, SHAKE the Sleep out of your eyes and FLEE for your Life!! 

The Gospel Message is VERY Simple! The teacher/preachers have rendered it ineffective to release anyone from the corrupting bondage of sin. Simply: You WILLINGLY Come to Jesus through Repentance and Faith PROVEN by Deeds. You are Pardoned of Past Sin, Purged by the Blood of Christ and Made Pure within. ALL Sin has Stopped! (the passions and desires of the flesh are crucified with Christ once for all!)  Then you FOLLOW the EXAMPLE of Jesus through the Power of His Holy Spirit, given freely by Grace. 
 Remaining Diligent and Steadfast in faith to the end. Building yourself up, Keeping Pure, fighting the good fight, Digging into His Word, watching, praying and NEVER looking back! 

If you Fail to DO these things, you Probably have NEVER Repented to begin with and came to Jesus in your sin, expecting forgiveness and have no intention of Obeying God. The Lord is NOT going to: Obey for you. Make you WILLING to Obey Him! Swap places with you or Forgive your FUTURE sins! These are ALL LIES told by the Present Day Church that have NUMBED your Mind and DULLED your heart. NONE of it is Taught in the Bible! And NO True Saint of God EVER Presumed that Such Things could Possibly be True! It’s all Doctrines and Traditions of men designed to EXCUSE your sins and KEEP you in Bondage to them. 

REMEMBER: ‘He that DOES the TRUTH, COMES to the LIGHT (Willingly on his Own!) That his DEEDS May be Clearly Seen and DONE in GOD!’  It’s YOUR Choice to Make, NO ONE can Make it for you.

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