Minister of Sin!

‘But if while we seek to be Justified by Christ, we ourselves also are found to be sinners, is Christ therefore a Minister of sin? God forbid!” Gal2:17

Who has Bewitched you that you should not Obey the Truth? Why can’t you See that Christ has been made a Minister of Sin by your Doctrines? Are you so blinded by the spirit of this age that living in bondage to your sin is Normal ‘Christian’ behavior? Can you be Justified by Christ and Continue to live in Sin? GOD FORBID!

In God’s Sight the Blessed are those that TURN MANY to Righteousness! (Dan12:3) They shall Shine like the brightness of the firmament in His Kingdom. The False Prophets NEVER turn anyone from their sin. (Jer23:21-22)
They always ‘Strengthen’ the hand of the Wicked and make the Hearts of the Righteous Sad. (Ezk13:22) Worse the Ministers of this Sin all fully believe that God really does Save people in their sins. So they THINK being found to be a sinner carries some kind of Merit concerning Salvation. Since (to them) Repentance means admitting your born sinful and have no ability to Obey the Truth until God fills you with the Holy Spirit. (hence, saved in your sins!)

Thus Justification is merely a Pronouncement by which the Sinner is declared ‘Not Guilty’ and in Right standing with God without the slightest Change in his Conduct or Behavior. Consequently the Pastors present this as the Standard Salvation Message in the World today. Which concludes as an ‘Instantaneous Conversion’ apart from any real Godly Sorrow for Sin. The People are promised Peace with God as they Walk according to their own imaginations worshiping a Christ that condones their sinful ways.

The Truth is under assault from every angle. People trust in lying words that profit no one. They will not amend their ways because their hearts are hardened in the bitter root of sin. Heaps of Pastor \ Teachers daily tickle their ears with fables and turn them further away from the Truth. The Snare is so Strong it is nearly impossible to awaken them out of their delusions. They are Convinced that the Double-Minded Divided condition of their hearts is pleasing to God and that He will take them to Heaven even if they never reform.

You can find Pastors so blatant in their false teachings that they will insist that Repentance is NOT a Mandate for Salvation.. Recently a certain one of them said, “Show me one passage in the Bible that says you have to turn from sin to be saved! It’s impossible!” It HARDLY need be said, but to this outrageous remark let the Bible Speak:

“To TURN them from Darkness to Light, From the Power of Satan to God!” Acts26:18
“Lest they should understand with their heart and TURN so I could heal them!” Matt13:15
“Lest they should TURN and their Sin shall be forgiven them!” Mark4:12
“That Repentance and Remission of sin should be Preached in His Name!” Lk24:47

How far gone is it out there? Are they so long down the
Wide Road
of Destruction that they can no longer hear the Words of Christ? Modern Christianity is submerged in Idolatry. They are in love with the world and into the very Depths of Satan. Their hearts have grown dull. Their ears are hard of earring and their eyes they have Closed! They Drawn near to God with their mouths and honor Him with their lips. But their heart is FAR from Him and in Vain they Worship Him, teaching as Doctrines the Commandments of men. (a Sad state of affairs, very Sad)

 Certainly the present Condition of our Churches and Society in general testifies to the fact that Christ has been made a Minister of Sin. The Grace of God is not only a License for Immorality, its PERMISSION to Spit in God’s Face! The shameful things Pastors are saying from their Pulpits are a disgrace to the Gospel. They are like Blind men stumbling in the Dark Claiming they can SEE! Like the Religious leaders of old, Christ Himself encountered, they Refuse Sound Doctrine and MOCK the Doctrine which is according to godliness. Speaking in Great Swelling words of emptiness, with smooth tongues defiled by the world, they Practice to deceive as they Twist and Pervert God’s Holy Word to their own destruction and to the Ruin of those who hear them.

The Present Day teachers of Christianity have AGAIN Taken away the Key to Knowledge. They have not entered into the Kingdom and HINDER those who are entering. Now the people delight in their Message! They come, sit in the Pews, listen and do not DO any of the words they hear. It is to them like a lovely song, or sounding instrument as they stand in the House (they called God’s house) and Claim Deliverance from all evil in His Name. Hidden in their hearts are adulteries, fornications, lies, murder and love for the world. Christ is their personal Minister of Sin!  

Can ANYONE TURN them from their Evil ways and Convince them to Amend their Iniquity? They walk in lies and put Darkness for Light; Calling evil good and good evil. Will ANYONE hear the Words of TRUTH….Or will the Great Harlot of Babylon (the present day System) Devour them all into the depths of Perdition?

The Farce!

You’re Counted Righteous while you Remain Vile. You’re Future sins are already forgiven. Jesus Served as your Substitute, not Example. You’re Saved by Faith Alone, apart from Deeds. The Moral Law no longer applies. Repentance is admitting you were born sinful without ability to respond to God. Every minute of every day you are inundated with Teaching that says ‘Christians’ are Sinful to the Core, Wretched in their hearts, BUT COVERED by Grace! The Vast Majority of Christendom also assures them they are eternally secure no matter what they do. God will even KILL them and take them to heaven early if they fall into too much sin! You can Deny Him, but He WON’T Deny You! The People LOVE it, otherwise they would Flee from this vile Message and Cry out to God for Mercy in True Repentance.

Basically you are ‘Saved’ in your sins. You Do NOTHING to Get saved and NOTHING to Stay Saved. If you DO anything to Secure the outcome of your Salvation you are fallen from Grace and eternally lost. Your Pastors may tout holiness and self-control in the Name of Jesus, but its all fluff. The Rhetoric sounds Biblical as to deceive the hearts of the simple, but its lacking in any real impact on the conscience. The People remain comfortable in their sins, assured they are forgiven by Grace because they ‘Believe’. No one is Warning them of the impending Doom if they fail to Change their ways. Admonishment is considering Judging and complacency is the Norm.

The theme in Scripture is Departing from Iniquity! (2Tim2:19, Read it!) To Go and Sin no More! (Jh5:14, 8:11) . To Awake to Righteousness and Sin Not! (1Cor15:34)  He who Sins is of the Devil. (1Jh3:6-7) Sin Shall Not have Dominion over you. (Rom6:14) You Are DEAD to Sin. (Rom6:8-9) Crucified with Him and Raised to Newness of Life! (Rom6:4-6) A New Creation in Christ. 2Cor5:17! Professing Christians may indeed be Blind to these Truths, but they testify nonetheless of appalling moral conditions in our Society at large.   

In the Churches everything is in REVERSE! The People are ‘Workers’ of Iniquity! (Matt7:21) Not Departing from it. Instead of sinning no more, they are taught to GLORY in their sins as though sin humbles them rather than hardens their hearts the more. (Heb12:15) They Proudly proclaim themselves the CHIEF of Sinners & Roman’s Wretch, as taught constantly by their Pastors. Their lives are a reproach to Christ. They lack both Sincerity and Purity, which are the PURPOSE of the Commandment! (1Tim1:5) No one is Crucified with Christ in Repentance and Walking in Newness of life. They Walk and Operate in the Flesh, not the Spirit, Divided in heart and Double-Minded in all their ways. They are waiting for God to Clean them up living under the Perfect excuse that they were Born Sinners and incapable of real Obedience to God.  It’s all a HUGE FARCE and makes no Logical sense whatsoever, but the Delusion is Strong and VERY FEW have been able to escape the snare.

The Message of Redemption in the Bible is really very simple when you remove all the fluff of church doctrine.
God is willing to FREELY Forgive your sin IF you will OBEY HIM! That’s all He is asking. No one has to Suffer in your place or endure His Retributive Wrath. It’s NOT Necessary for any kind of Mystical Sin Transfer to take place or for you to Trust in something you don’t’ really understand.

“Seek the Lord while He may be fund, Call upon Him while He is Near. Let the Wicked forsake his ways and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him RETURN to the Lord and He will have Mercy on him and to our God, for He will Abundantly pardon!” Isa55:6-7.  “Cease to Do Evil and LEARN to DO Good!” Isa1:16

“To OBEY is Better than Sacrifice!” 1Sam15:22

“HE became the Author of Eternal Life to all those who OBEY Him!” Heb5:9

The reason you don’t understand this Simple Message of Repentance and Faith Proven by Deeds, is that you THINK God is obligated to Save you ‘in your sins’, Based on the FARCE of Original Sin. You’ve been taught to Trust in Christ and WAIT for God to Magically Change you in due time. Since this is all to happen by ‘Provision’ (what Christ did in your place) NOTHING needs to be done but Trust. In ‘Position’ you are Righteous and accepted by God in spite of your continual sin and lack of Obedience to His Word. All the EXACT OPPOSITE of Scripture!

Under these erroneous terms you yourselves would NEVER find such notions to be acceptable. Only a dead beat Reprobate would THINK that Doing Nothing would put them on the Right Track in daily life or any human endeavor that requires great diligence to achieve. No one would ever rise to the status of a Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, or Professor or for that matter an accomplished tradesman or entrepreneur. If our societal norm was based on what Professing Christians believe is going to get them into heaven, it would be in a sad state of affairs lacking any real future….BUT WAIT! Our Society is Falling Apart at the seams. SO NOW we Know WHO to Blame:  Yourselves for believing in the Lie.

Will You Repent!

“God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” John3:16

Does this Single Passage Capsulate the Gospel Message? Will you then merely ‘Believe’, and Trust that you have eternal life? Did you know that the Bible also says that the ‘Devils Believe’ and tremble? (James2:19) Are you then willing to stake your eternal destiny on the testimony of what men have said about John3:16? Is it Really ‘Faith Alone’ that Saves the Soul? Many think so, but the Real question is: ‘DID JESUS THINK SO?’

Jesus said that NOT Everyone who says to Me Lord, Lord will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who DOES the Will of My Father in heaven! Matt7:21. Is Doing the Will of God merely ‘Believing’ in Jesus? Again, many will tell you so. But yet Christ Himself answered the question of who would be Saved in Luke13:24, He said: “STRIVE to enter the Narrow Gate, for Many, I say to you, will Seek to Enter and NOT be Able!”

Your Churches tell you ‘Seek and you shall find’ but that’s only a PART of this Message. If you fail to STRIVE
(that is put forth a strenuous effort in the face of all adversity) you Will NOT Enter. WHY? Because not only is the Gate Narrow it is also DIFFICULT and only a FEW will be able to find it. Matt7:14. No wonder the Apostle Peter proclaimed to the Saints that the ‘Righteous’ are Scarcely Saved!’ 1Pet4:18, or More Clearly: ‘Saved with GREAT Difficulty.’ It certainly appears that he understood the Gospel Message of His Lord in plain language.

Further is the aspect of ‘Repentance’, Preached as the Basic fundamental Message from the Start. When Jesus described those coming to Him at the Judgment, claiming good works done in His Name, He called them ‘Workers’ of Iniquity! (Matt7:22-23) They were Not among the FEW who had ‘Departed from Iniquity’ (2Tim2:19)
Under the God so loved the World Gospel, NO ONE is Departing from their Iniquity. In fact they are being taught the Very Opposite! That you come to Christ ‘in your sins’ He Receives you and Cleans you up later.

Is this REALLY what the Bible teaches? Are you Certain it’s Correct? Your Soul is hanging in the balance.
EVERYWHERE the Message of Repentance includes a Clearing of Wrong Doing BEFORE Pardon can be granted. (2Cor7:10-11) Surly this is an extremely Difficult concept for you to accept, having sit under the ‘Love’ Gospel for so long. But it’s TRUE none the less. John the Baptist and Christ Himself followed the Prophets and called for this kind of Repentance as the Single Condition to be Reconciled to God and enter the Kingdom. (Matt3:-10, Lk3:8)

Isaiah said: “Let the Wicked forsake his ways and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him RETURN to the Lord and He will have Mercy on him. For He will abundantly pardon.” Isa55:7

Hundreds of Passages could be sited proclaiming the exact Same Message of Repentance. So when the Lord compared His Message to that of the Prophets, He used Jonah as His example. (Luke11:29-32, Mt12:38-42)
Upon hearing the Repentance message of Jonah the people Nineveh STOPPED sinning, shut down their city and Cried out to the Lord, assuming Nothing. Real Repentance includes a Season of godly sorrow in which the Pennant person STOPS or gets Clear of their Wrong Doings! (It Does Not happen after Salvation)

That’s why 2Cor7:11 Concludes by saying, “In ALL these things you PROVED yourselves to be CLEAR in this matter!” (Meaning PURE as in Acts15:9) THEREFORE a Genuine Repentance unto Saving Faith is PROVEN by DEEDS, Just as the Bible Says! Acts26:18. It’s NOT Repeating words, Receiving anything or Trusting in a concept.
You have been LIED to! Your Eyes are Closed to the Truth! OPEN them and TURN while Mercy is still available.

“To Open their Eyes and to TURN them from Darkness to Light and from the Power of Satan to God, that they May receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who are Sanctified by Faith in Me!”

You MUST Break your Conditioning!!! Come Out from among them. Depart from Iniquity and Seek His Mercy.
The Path will be Difficult and Narrow, every diversion under the sun will try to hinder your progress, including your own passions and desires. The Old man has to Die in Repentance…..DEAD TO SIN….(Rom6:4-6) The Body of Sin Done away with so that you are NO LONGER a Slave to Sin! You Come out of Repentance a NEW Creation in Christ. (2Cor5:17) Not Still addicted to it in need of ‘Christian Counseling’. You were NOT Born a Sinner!
(You became addicted to sin by long practiced habit. Eph2:1-3)

The Love Gospel has the Process Backward. You supposedly get Saved in your sins and God cleans you up later.
But admit it. DOES ANYONE Ever get Cleaned up? Many get worse, but None are released from their bondage.
They fall under the Deception that sin humbles them and learn to Love the Message that they are poor sinners saved by Grace. Soon the Conscience is Seared and the heart waxed cold. The Light in them is Darkness and how Great is that Darkness! DON’T let it happen to you! Repent Now, like the People of Nineveh and find His Mercy.

Truth vs Lie!

The Fallacy:

Free Will
Limited or non-existent. No Ability to Choose or Obey God
Invented Concepts:  Pre-Venient ,Universal & Enabling Grace
To off-Set Man’s natural depravity  (No Biblical Support)

Original Sin:
Man inherited sin of Adam as result of fall
He is Born Dead in Sin, wholly depraved, a lump of sin
His natural human desires (concupiscence) are evil, making Temptation sin
He is inbred with a Dual Nature and is Double-Minded
Invented Concepts: Roman’s Wretch, Chief of Sinners

Invented Concepts of Doctrine:

Salvation by Faith Alone:
No Repentance of Repent after Saved (over long term)
Repeat after me, Sinner’s prayer. Accept, Trust, Rest
Instant Justification no evidence of Deeds involved

Substitutionary Death of Christ:
Christ Died in our Place, Receiving Punishment & Wrath of God
 Sin of Mankind was transferred to Him on Cross
Past, Present and Future Sins are Wiped out and Covered
Man is Saved by Trusting in this Provision by Faith

Imputed Righteousness:
Christ’s Obedience and Righteousness is Transferred to Man at Justification
God sees Man as Righteous although he remains sinful by nature
Practical Righteous is Positional, based on Trusting in the ‘Provision’
At Best, Sanctification is Gradual, sinning less and less

Eternal Security: (Perseverance of Saints)
Christ Secures Man’s Salvation, Deeds will NOT Determine the outcome
Only Sin that will Separate man from God= ‘Unbelief’
If Elect you will Endure to end, If Not you will fall back into sin. (but you sin daily in thought, word and deed anyway)

Election, Predestination, Absolute Sovereignty of God:
God Determines the Elect, Predestines them, Calls, Saves & Justifies.
The Elect will Respond to Universal or Prevenient Grace (the effectual Call!)
God is immutable (unchanging) so everything was predetermined in advance

Biblical Truth:

Free Will:
Will and Ability Free, a Gift from God (Only Pagans believed in a dual nature
Man can freely choose between Right and Wrong, is Responsible for Actions
Man is Born in a Neutral State with: Yetzer tow and Yetzer Ra Tow is Moral conscience, Ra is human impulse or desires, neither is sinful!

Original Sin:
Free Will is fundamental to Judaism and the Early Christians. Only the Pagans believed in the OS.. To Paul & Apostles Every Person had the ability to choose good or evil.

Salvation by Faith:
Faith and Deeds are Synonymous, one in the same thing
Repentance and Faith are Both PROVEN by Deeds!
Man is Justified by Deeds and NOT by Faith Alone!

Ransom or Christ Victorious!
Christ came to Destroy the Works of the Devil
To Rescue man from the Corrupting influence of sin
Deliver him from Darkness to Light, Power of Satan to God
His Death on Cross was an Example for man to DIE with Him to Sin
He died on Our Behalf NOT in our Place

Reconciliation  (not Atonement)
Determined by a Clearing of Wrong Doing & Subsequent Good Works
Happens through Season of godly sorrow & Diligent effort to change
Baptism of Repentance Old man is Crucified, Buried, Dead to sin
Sanctified and Justified at Salvation, New Creation!

Imputed Righteousness:
DOING what is Right makes you Righteous
Obedience to the Truth Purifies your heart
Gracious influence, Precious Promises to Add to your faith, Make Calling sure
Grace teaches godliness, Self-Control in the Present age!

Seen and Taught as ‘Conditional’ by Early Saints:
Salvation, Judgment is According to Deeds
Election, Predestination, Determined by your Choice
Sovereignty of God never disputed, but Man remained Free to Choose

NO ONE in early times taught: Penal Sub, Moral Transfer, Imputed Righteousness, Eternal Security, Absolute Depravity, Election or predestination. Or Salvation by faith alone. All Fallacies!                                                                                           

This is What they have to Say to Promote their Doctrines:

If you DO any of these things, You’re Trying to Save yourself and have fallen from Grace. It is NOT Possible to Stop Sinning in this life. You must TRUST!

The Lord may have said, ‘If you Deny Me, I’ll Deny you’, but what He really meant is He WON’T Deny you! He will remain faithful

Doing what is Right is Trusting that HE Did it for you! In Position you are Pure
His Active & Passive Obedience has been Imputed to you by Faith. In God’s sight you are Holy and acceptable.

The Law has been Abolished and nailed to the Cross. Any effort on your part to Obey it is ‘Works’ (Saving self!)

No one is Perfect, It’s Not of Works and you Can’t Judge! The Grand Conclusion of Church Doctrine. You are the Chief Sinner, Romans Wretch and will NEVER be anything more

The Diligent Passages are Written to Show us how far short we fall and how Much we need His Grace to Keep us Covered. All the admonitions and Warnings of Scripture are a Relationship issue, not a Salvation issue.

The Common Walk of Professing Christians is: Lukewarm, Biblical illiterate
Cold, Corrupted and Dead to God. Since everyone is in some degree of disobedience it is Considered Normal.

Since your Salvation is Secure in Christ, you cannot be told that any of these things are necessary to enter the Kingdom

At Best the Pastor can Suggest you Obey, Study and Do what is Right. He CANNOT tell you that Lacking in these things will cost you your Soul.

If You Keep anything, you’re trying to Save yourself
He Should be Lord as you TRY to Do what He said
He Overcame on the Cross, you Trust
My house is Secure in Christ
He is Preparing our hearts for Grace to Show us the things we cannot do acceptably and assuring us He did it all for us.

The Bible Says:

You must Endure, Holdfast, Be Steadfast in the faith, Deny self, Take up Cross, Work out Salvation, Make Calling Sure, Run with endurance, Fight good fight!

If you Deny Me I will Deny you! If ashamed of Me, I ashamed of you!
You will Reap what you Sow and will face Judgment for your Deeds.

DOING what is Right makes you Righteous. Faith is Doing Right. Obedience to the Truth Purifies the heart

The Law has been Established & Upheld by faith. It’s the Traditions and Ordinances of men that was Nailed to the Cross. The Commandments are in full effect and will determine the Outcome of your Salvation.

The Bible says Sin no More, Depart from Iniquity, Perfect Holiness, Keep yourself Pure, Come OUT from among them!

You Must Walk Worthy of high Calling, Be Found Worthy. Examine Self, Be Ready, Brave, Strong. Serve God Acceptably with Reverence and Fear.

Constantly told to be Diligent and Contend for Faith. Be Steadfast, Established, Grounded and unmovable in the faith! Be HOT and KEEP Yourself from Idols.            

ALL this will Determine the Outcome of Your Salvation. You Will be JUDGED According to you DEEDS!                                                                                                      
The Lord has Said:

If you Love ME KEEP My Commandments!
Why call ME Lord and Not DO what I say?  (Lk6:46-48)
He Who OVERCOMES will Enter the Kingdom! (Rev22:14)
DIG Deep or your house will Fail
Deny Yourself and FOLLOW ME!
Go and Sin No More!

Scripture Reference for Statements Above:

Matt10:22, 19:17, Jh14:15, 23, Luke9:23, Phil2:12, 2Pet1:10, 2Tim4:7,
Matt10:33, Gal6:10, Mk8:38
1John3:7, 1Pet1:22
Rom3:31, Matt19:17, Mk12:34
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Matt12:37, 16:27, 2Cor5:10, 1Pet1:17, Rom2:7-8, Jh5:28-29, Rev2:23

The Grand Conclusion of the System of Lies:

Because no one is Perfect, All are Born Sinners, Everyone Sins daily in
Thought, Word and Deed.

Anyone who Claims they DON’T Sin Daily is a Liar and Self-Righteous

NO Sin will Disqualify you from the Kingdom except Unbelief

Every Person is Born Dead in Sin, lacking the Ability to Obey God Rom5

If I say I have no sin, the Truth is not in me!  1Jh1:9

Every Christian is the Chief of Sinners, like Paul and Romans 7 Wretch

You Can’t Judge because we’re all sinners saved by Grace! Matt7:, Eph2:8-9

He who knew no sin became sin for us! 2Cor5:21

Nothing Can Separate me from the Love of God! Rom8:38-39

Nothing Can Snatch me out of His Hand! John10:28 

My Sins are Covered. God only Sees Jesus not me! Rom4:7

What Does the Bible Say?

“Let everyone who Names the Name of Christ, DEPART from Iniquity!”  2Tim2:19

“Go and SIN NO MORE!”  John5:14, 8:11

“He who is Born of God Does Not Sin” 1John3:9

“These three men: Noah, Daniel and Job, would deliver themselves by their own Righteousness” Ezk14:14

“He who DOES what is Right is Righteous! 1John3:7

“I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others I myself should become Disqualified.” 1Cor9:27

“Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the Faith, PROVE yourselves. Do you not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you? Unless indeed you are Disqualified!” 2Cor13:6

“God made Man Upright, but he has sought out many schemes.” Ecc7:29

“The Preparation of the heart is Man’s Part.” Proverbs16:1

“May the Lord provide atonement for everyone who PERPARES his heart to seek God.” 2Chron30:18-19

“He who sins is of the Devil.” 1John3:8

“I was FORMERLY a blasphemer and insolent man.” 1Tim1:12

“For the Righteous requirements of the law are fulfilled in us, who do not Walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” Rom8:4

“For if you Live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” Rom8:13

“But he who is Spiritual Judges all things, yet he himself is rightly judged by no man.” 1Cor2:15 

“Judge Righteous Judgment!” John7:24

“We Receive Grace and Apostleship for Obedience to the Faith!” Rom1:5

“He was manifested to take away our sins and in Him there is NO Sin.” 1Jh3:5

How much more shall the blood of Christ, who offered Himself WITHOUT SPOT to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God? Heb9:14
“Of how much Worse Punishment do you suppose will he be worthy who has trampled  the Son of God underfoot, Counted the Blood of the covenant by which he was Sanctified a common thing and insulted the Spirit of Grace?” Heb10:29

“For it is Impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly Gift and have become Partakers of the Holy Spirit and have tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the Age to come, having fallen away to renew them again to Repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God and put Him to an open Shame.” Heb6:4-6             

“For you have Need of Endurance, so that after you have Done the Will of God you MAY Receive the Promise!” Heb10:36

“He will Present you Blameless in His sight IF INDEED you Continue in the faith, grounded and Steadfast and are not moved away from the hope of the Gospel!” Col1:23

“I will SPEW you Out of My mouth!” Rev3:16

“By this Gospel you are Saved IF you HOLDFAST that Word I preached to you, unless you believed in Vain.” 1Cor15:2

“For there is no creature hidden from HIS Sight, but ALL things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give ACCOUNT.’ Heb4:13

 “As free, yet NOT using your liberty as a Cloak for Vise” 1Pet2:18

“Remember therefore from where you have fallen, REPENT and DO your first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your Lamp stand from its place, unless you Repent!” Rev2:5


When Your Obedience is Fulfilled!

and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. 2Cor10:6

‘ Judge Not!’ Matt7:1, Every Professing Christian in the System today has this verse down pat. They cower behind it like a shield to excuse their sins. One hypocrite dare not Judge another hypocrite for doing something THEY themselves are doing! And that’s the bases of this fallacy. But Jesus is speaking of hypocritical judgment, NOT Righteous Judgment. (John7:24) In such cases the Bible speaks in this manner: ‘The Spiritual man Judges all things, yet he himself is rightly Judged by no man’ 1Cor2:15.

But this will only Work when ‘Your obedience is fulfilled!’ As long as professing Christians believe doctrines that absolve them as helpless sinners ‘saved’ by Grace, this excuse will reign paramount. No one is going to point out the sins of others when they can be accused of doing the same things. The Message has everyone ‘Saved in their sins’ and the Doctrines defend them. Therefore discernment is non-existent and the spirit of error is in full control. The foregone Conclusion is that NO amount of immoral behavior will disqualify anyone from the Kingdom.

Such Directives given by Christ Himself as Matt18:15-17, in dealing with a sinning brother are entirely ignored. Violators are emboldened instead of admonished and there’s no chance of anyone repenting of their vile deeds. (why should they?) Sins of Disqualification were a serious matter in early times. The offender was turned over the Satan! (1Cor5:5, 1Tim1:20) If there was any possibility of them Repenting of their vile deeds, it had to be through a season of godly sorrow and clearing before they could be restored to fellowship. The prospects of a second Repentance however was not always a given, as it is in the ‘sin repent, sin repent’ churches of today. They understood Heb6 & 10 in a literal sense and the great difficulty of someone passing through the bitter sorrow of a second repentance.

Sinning in such Vile manner as sexual immorality was Trampling the Blood and Insulting the Spirit of Grace! The Greater Condemnation applied because Grace Raised the Standard of holiness, not lowered it.
The Church had to Police itself in these situations. A little Leaven leavens the whole lump! (1Cor5:6) You allow one offense to go unpunished and you lower the standard for everyone. These kind of things are not to be Named among people who profess to follow God! (Eph5:5-7) The Wrath of God comes upon the Sons of Disobedience. Share in their sins by silently condoning them and you partake of their guilt.

Real Love does not overlook Sin nor does it suppose that Grace has everyone Covered. It Speaks the Truth (in love) despite the consequences. But it Cannot speak out of hypocrisy! Unless YOU have Departed from Iniquity (2Tim2:19) your words are in Vain. ‘When your obedience is fulfilled’ the passage says. But as the Chief Sinner and Romans Wretch (as your doctrines teach) it’s impossible for any of this to be fulfilled. You think that rebuking sin is ‘Judging’ and Pastor says we can’t do that because we are all ‘sinners’ saved by Grace. So he continues to tickle your ears with the fallacies you love to hear.

Most Professing Christians today remain in a fog. They do not have a Sound Mind based on the Power of God. These things are taught to them but have no real impact on their conduct because the ‘Doctrines’ explain everything away. That’s why people can Read the Bible (over and over again) but derive no Truth from its pages. They are drowning in a flood of Strong Delusion coming out of the Pulpits, Seminaries, books and study materials. To unravel the fallacies requires a diligent understanding of a wide range of Biblically related knowledge. When your comprehension is limited to whatever the Pastor has to say you could literally memorize large portions of Scripture and STILL be Deceived. Scholarship is no assurance of spiritual understanding. Reams of books are written by our PhD’s that are nothing more than noisy rhetoric.

The ‘Spiritual man’ can Judge all things because he is NOT taught of men! (1Jh2:27) He is Grieved and Saddened when sin abounds and the people are lost in deception. He cannot sit by silently and allow them to drop into the pit without at least making an attempt to WARN them of the impending danger. He knows that without holiness no one will see the Lord. (Heb12:14) His ‘Judgments’ are not vindictive, neither is he self righteous in his quest. He has Broken the Conditioning of the False Teachers and the LIGHT of Truth is blazing in his heart! The Word is a burning fire shut up inside your bones! (Jer20:9)

Failure to Warn the Righteous and the Wicked that Sin will Destroy them (Ezk18) is an offense that will cost you your own soul! You dare not shrink from this important responsibility, God is Watching.

I Know Your Works!

I know your works, love, service, faith, and your patience; and as for your works, the last are more than the first. Nevertheless I have a few things against you, Rev2”19-20

Herein lays the present day conundrum. The abundance of Works done in Jesus Name to aid humanity while the Message they Preach is totally Apostate. Thyatira was in the Depths of Satan, but reaching out to the world in compassionate service. The System today is no different. It rests on its laurels while it teaches people a Doctrine of immorality. Although they will vehemently deny it, the truth is cannot be denied.

 Every Drunk, drug addict and Reprobate associated with the Churches or Missions is ‘SAVED’ in their sins. And in them they REMAIN! (Just ask them) The same goes for the more benevolent works of reaching out to Children. Who can be critical of the Schools, recue centers, food banks, and the endless lists of youth groups, camps and ‘Christian’ training centers? People dedicate their lives in ministry to the down trodden, physically challenged, abandon and starving masses. The Work they do is highly commendable and touches the emotions of any normal minded person. But it’s nothing more than Sounding Brass and Clanging Cymbals.

WHY? Because LOVE DOES NOT Rejoice in Iniquity, but when TRUTH and JUSTICE Prevail! 1Cor13:6. TRUTH (God’s truth) Delivers people from the Corrupting influence of Sin. It DOES NOT allow them to remain in the ‘Depths of Satan’. Nor does it declare that all people are BORN Sinners,
Without willing ability to perform real acts of virtue! Such an assertion is the DEPTHS of Satan.

Man can Indeed perform acts of Virtue and DO the Right thing. By telling him that he will Never be anything but a Vile Sinner Covered by God’s Grace you Destroy the Power of the Gospel to bring him from Darkness to Light from the Power of Satan to God. Man is Responsible for his actions and Accountable to God for his wrong doings. Surly he must Repent of his unrighteousness. BUT if his sin is something ‘inbred’ in his flesh, like a disease, HOW can he EVER Do what is right? He Can’t… and Must be: ‘Saved’ in his sins so he can then mix his Good Works with the Works of Darkness! Everything he does for God is tainted by his own Double-Minded malady.

The concept is invented, but stands firm as the greatest fallacy of all time to which millions are in bondage.
Worse this false doctrine is the supporting tenet for all the additional fallacies written into Christian creeds. Basically the whole System naturalizes man and incapacitates his God given ability to DO what is Right.
Thus he performs the Good Works, but defiles them with a constant flow of immoral behavior. You can see the evidence all around. Since Grace is merely a ‘COVER’ for sin, not the Power to teach godliness and Self Control in this present age, the lack of personal responsibility is glaring.

Among the Churches, Millions are addicted to Pornography; Millions more to alcohol and drugs. Lust is rampant, molestation almost a daily occurrence, as is adultery even among the Pastors.  Few can bridle their tongues or control their tempers. Congregations are filled with strife, back-biting, selfish ambitions, dissensions and heresies. No one will Challenge it or Pull Down the Stronghold of Lies keeping them in bondage. The Great Swelling Words of emptiness daily tickle their ears with the promise of Liberty in Christ while they remain slaves to their own corruptions. Everyone they reach (in their abundance of good works) is exposed to this Mind numbing Message. Children and adults alike. The Mind is diverted from seeking the Truth by the distractions of worldly amusements or the business of life.

The Carnality is cloaked with good works. No one is concerned about the sin or the false doctrines. It’s Peace and love when there is no Peace. Heart strings are pulled and sympathy overrules Truth! Casting any dispersions on a Special Olympics, Promise Rally or Soup Kitchen is taboo. You may as well Spit on the American flag, as say anything negative about Mother Teresa type outreach. They may Preach it’s ‘Not of Works’, but the Service is ongoing and never ending. It’s a Conscience soothing method to substitute obedience to the Truth.

The Works of themselves are not bad or evil. Nothing is wrong with showing compassion to our fellow man. But when at the same time you are doing these ‘good works’ you are spreading a cancerous message into the Minds of Men; You are making the hearts of the Righteous Sad, who God has not made Sad! Jesus came to Destroy the Works of the Devil. The Purpose of His Gospel is to Bring people from Darkness to Light, OUT of their Sin! NOT Pity them because they were Born depraved and Can’t Obey God. If you want real Change PREACH the Real Truth!