Minister of Sin!

‘But if while we seek to be Justified by Christ, we ourselves also are found to be sinners, is Christ therefore a Minister of sin? God forbid!” Gal2:17

Who has Bewitched you that you should not Obey the Truth? Why can’t you See that Christ has been made a Minister of Sin by your Doctrines? Are you so blinded by the spirit of this age that living in bondage to your sin is Normal ‘Christian’ behavior? Can you be Justified by Christ and Continue to live in Sin? GOD FORBID!

In God’s Sight the Blessed are those that TURN MANY to Righteousness! (Dan12:3) They shall Shine like the brightness of the firmament in His Kingdom. The False Prophets NEVER turn anyone from their sin. (Jer23:21-22)
They always ‘Strengthen’ the hand of the Wicked and make the Hearts of the Righteous Sad. (Ezk13:22) Worse the Ministers of this Sin all fully believe that God really does Save people in their sins. So they THINK being found to be a sinner carries some kind of Merit concerning Salvation. Since (to them) Repentance means admitting your born sinful and have no ability to Obey the Truth until God fills you with the Holy Spirit. (hence, saved in your sins!)

Thus Justification is merely a Pronouncement by which the Sinner is declared ‘Not Guilty’ and in Right standing with God without the slightest Change in his Conduct or Behavior. Consequently the Pastors present this as the Standard Salvation Message in the World today. Which concludes as an ‘Instantaneous Conversion’ apart from any real Godly Sorrow for Sin. The People are promised Peace with God as they Walk according to their own imaginations worshiping a Christ that condones their sinful ways.

The Truth is under assault from every angle. People trust in lying words that profit no one. They will not amend their ways because their hearts are hardened in the bitter root of sin. Heaps of Pastor \ Teachers daily tickle their ears with fables and turn them further away from the Truth. The Snare is so Strong it is nearly impossible to awaken them out of their delusions. They are Convinced that the Double-Minded Divided condition of their hearts is pleasing to God and that He will take them to Heaven even if they never reform.

You can find Pastors so blatant in their false teachings that they will insist that Repentance is NOT a Mandate for Salvation.. Recently a certain one of them said, “Show me one passage in the Bible that says you have to turn from sin to be saved! It’s impossible!” It HARDLY need be said, but to this outrageous remark let the Bible Speak:

“To TURN them from Darkness to Light, From the Power of Satan to God!” Acts26:18
“Lest they should understand with their heart and TURN so I could heal them!” Matt13:15
“Lest they should TURN and their Sin shall be forgiven them!” Mark4:12
“That Repentance and Remission of sin should be Preached in His Name!” Lk24:47

How far gone is it out there? Are they so long down the
Wide Road
of Destruction that they can no longer hear the Words of Christ? Modern Christianity is submerged in Idolatry. They are in love with the world and into the very Depths of Satan. Their hearts have grown dull. Their ears are hard of earring and their eyes they have Closed! They Drawn near to God with their mouths and honor Him with their lips. But their heart is FAR from Him and in Vain they Worship Him, teaching as Doctrines the Commandments of men. (a Sad state of affairs, very Sad)

 Certainly the present Condition of our Churches and Society in general testifies to the fact that Christ has been made a Minister of Sin. The Grace of God is not only a License for Immorality, its PERMISSION to Spit in God’s Face! The shameful things Pastors are saying from their Pulpits are a disgrace to the Gospel. They are like Blind men stumbling in the Dark Claiming they can SEE! Like the Religious leaders of old, Christ Himself encountered, they Refuse Sound Doctrine and MOCK the Doctrine which is according to godliness. Speaking in Great Swelling words of emptiness, with smooth tongues defiled by the world, they Practice to deceive as they Twist and Pervert God’s Holy Word to their own destruction and to the Ruin of those who hear them.

The Present Day teachers of Christianity have AGAIN Taken away the Key to Knowledge. They have not entered into the Kingdom and HINDER those who are entering. Now the people delight in their Message! They come, sit in the Pews, listen and do not DO any of the words they hear. It is to them like a lovely song, or sounding instrument as they stand in the House (they called God’s house) and Claim Deliverance from all evil in His Name. Hidden in their hearts are adulteries, fornications, lies, murder and love for the world. Christ is their personal Minister of Sin!  

Can ANYONE TURN them from their Evil ways and Convince them to Amend their Iniquity? They walk in lies and put Darkness for Light; Calling evil good and good evil. Will ANYONE hear the Words of TRUTH….Or will the Great Harlot of Babylon (the present day System) Devour them all into the depths of Perdition?

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