Given Up!

If man is NOT Born a Sinner, WHY do people so easily become Reprobated, with no apparent redeeming value to them? Can we affirm that there are NO exceptions to the fallen condition of mankind? When the Apostle Paul said, ‘There is None Righteous, no not one! No one seeks after God’, Rom3:10-11, was he including ALL of mankind into his understanding as one LUMP of humanity? If this is so, WHY does Scripture declare that others were found Righteous before God and Walking in all His Commands? (Check Luke1:6, John the Baptist Parents) And again in Acts10:1-2, the Bible affirms that Cornelius, a Roman Centurion, was a Devout man who feared God with his household. Peter also said later that ‘EVERY NATION whoever fears God and WORKS Righteousness is Accepted by Him!’ (Acts10:35)

Obviously (unless the Bible contradicts itself) SOME were indeed found Right with God, because they were DOING the Right thing. Enoch Walked with God and Pleased Him, Gen5:24. Noah was a Just and Perfect man in his generation, who Walked with God, Gen6:9. I realize that ALL Church preachers today would vehemently deny that ‘any’ were found Righteous and that ALL are Born into sin, BUT the Record of Scripture is Un-deniable. There are SOME Exceptions, who follow after God and DO what is Right! Therefore Paul MUST be speaking about a ‘Particular’ group of people (namely the Jews) who have rejected the way of truth. If you compare his quotes with the Psalms from which he draws his conclusions, you will see just that. He is speaking of a gain-saying people stiff-necked to God, although they were entrusted with His Oracles and given His Prophets. (Rom3:10-18)

Although FEW in Number, and rare in exception, SOME are INDEED found Right with God. That means man is NOT Born a Sinner and CAN DO what is Right, if he so Chooses. So the question remains, WHY do MOST go Reprobate into sin? The easy answer is found in Romans 1-2 where Paul explains a Process by which people are Given up and Given over to their own Lust and finally to a Depraved Mind. In this they not only do many things worthy of death, but actually APPROVE of OTHERS who do them! It appears that in this state people have reached the point of no return and been given to Strong Delusion.

This is where the Bible Declares a person to be DEAD in their tress-passes and sins, and by ‘Nature’ (long practice habit) children of wrath. (Eph2:2-3) The Eyes of their Understanding are Darkened to the Truth and they are alienated from the Life of God because of the ignorance that in them. (Eph4:18) At this point it would seem that a person is capable of almost anything. Although reality testifies that some are certainly not as bad as others. Even in his Reprobated state man remains Capable of DOING Decent things for others if for no other reason than it makes them ‘feel’ better about themselves or they just wish to help someone.
Unfortunately more go the way of Cain and get worse and worse.

These are among the reprobates of society who will rob, steal, rape, plunder with no restraint. They will use every opportunity to exploit their fellowman and do violence. They seem to take great pleasure inflicting misery on others without mercy. The only thing they seem to understand is pain and violence. Most of these end up dying in their sins in a sea of despair. Could they have been Redeemed? If men are NOT born Sinners, as we affirm, WHY do so many reach this awful point of hopelessness? If we threw them a life-line would they grasp it? Or they no longer capable of even recognizing the way out? WHAT makes this so difficult to understand that people reach a state of reprobation and extreme ignorance?

I blame the Preachers Promoting Satan’s Classic LIE that mankind is Born into Sin! What this has done is RENDER the Gospel Message ineffective. (null and void!) The Gospel is God’s Power unto Salvation, to Rescue man from the CORRUPTING influence of sin. To DESTROY the WORKS of the Devil! (sin!) To TURN them from Darkness to LIGHT, from the POWER of Satan to GOD! THIS is what the Gospel is SUPPOSE to Accomplish on earth, but because men have brought into the LIE it has been TURNED on its head! NOW the Message is Sin is PRE-FORGIVEN! You are Substituted Righteous and Eternally Secure! NOTHING you DO MATTERS….Bottom Line. Whether you EVER STOP sinning or Not, God will SAVE YOU, if you ‘Believe in Jesus’, and TRUST in His Arrangement.

As a result of this Army of Satan’s (Preachers!) telling the people for generations that no one can DO anything Right and they are born depraved and remain the CHIEF of sinners all their lives, you have MILLIONS of professing Christians Walking around whose god is their belly and who glory in their shame.  WHAT has this done to the Gospel? MORE…..WHAT has it done as testimony of God to lost, darkened world, IGNORANT of Truth and VOID of Mercy? They See Christianity as a JOKE! As massive hypocrisy hiding behind a WALL of excuses to sin. The Accumulative effect of this LIE on man’s Physic has produced successive Reprobated generations. TELL someone long enough they are nothing more than Depraved sinners from Birth, and top it off with a corrupted education and political system, and you have your end Product intact! Evil will be un-restrained. People (many of them) will play out exactly what you have CONVINCED them they are! Nothing more than evolved primates acting on their base instincts.
(Like Brute Beast, as Peter said, to be caught and killed, 2Pet2:12)

In the Pulpits (where the Holy Standard of God was MEANT to be up-held) you have the SAME Reprobates, excusing their own sins and Preaching the LIE. BUT POSING as ‘Christians’ while doing it! The World looks on in absolute DISGUST, Nauseated by the stench, but lacking any real understanding of the Truth that could save them from their despair.  Sadly the whole thing is so far GONE it’s unlikely that many can respond. It’s like the Days of Noah. The World is given over to its wickedness, with the Professing Christians included. Lone Voices declare the Truth in faint echoes. But the overwhelming effect of the LIE comes in like a flood and drowns out the Light!

Search far and Wide. Can you find ANYONE who will Defend Righteousness and Rebuke Sin? NOT in the Pulpits. There is no Standard. They have the Gospel in REVERSE, in that you GET SAVED first IN YOUR SINS…..and THEN God is Responsible for Cleaning you up! The Problem is: NO ONE ever seems to get CLEANED up, because NO ONE ever STOPS SINNING! That’s the FOREGONE Conclusion of EVERYTHING they Teach and Preach. In Fact, if someone claims that they have Stopped sinning, they are called lairs and of the devil! It’s ALL BACKWARDS!!! BUT ONE can See it!

Did the People of Nineveh Stop sinning BEFORE or AFTER God relented from His Judgment and extended His mercy? The answer is obvious if you read Joah3:5-10…AFTER! SO WHY Does EVERYONE who preaches the Gospel today THINK that He Forgives people IN THEIR SINS???
I say it’s because they have Embraced the Born in Sin LIE, plain and simple. And by Exchanging the Truth of God for a LIE, they have been Given over to Strong Delusion in their sins and Can’t be Saved!

People sit in their churches under this Gospel Lie, feeling 100% Justified in their sins. They are foul mouthed, vile in their hearts, full of hypocrisy. Many of them are drunkards, fornicators, adulterers, even child molesters! They have NO CONVICTION for their Wrong Doings and NO PASTOR alive is going to make them feel the least bit uncomfortable or condemned. The Fear of God has been removed from the earth. Professing Christians despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance and longsuffering, UN-AWARE that the goodness of God (the fact that He is kind to the wicked!) should lead them to REPENTANCE! They think He is Approving their conduct and blessing them!

Paul described something of this magnitude in his final letter to Timothy, 2Tim3.1-13. He says that in the Last Days people will go Reprobate, but RETAIN a FORM of godliness without the Power of Godly life! They will Teach Corrupted Doctrine, that appeals to the flesh. They would be evil impostors, Wolves in Sheep’s clothing! Growing worse and worse, Deceiving and being Deceived! Finally he warns young Timothy to beware of these teachers and of people who would no longer Endure Sound Doctrine. The Teaching and Preaching of the Gospel Message is to PROMOTE GODLEY Behavior, Self-Control and instruction in Righteousness! (2Tim3:14-17, 4:1-5)

When you teach people that they are Born Sinners and incapable of doing anything good they lose all sense of Responsibility to God and to their fellow man. Top that off with a Gospel Message that offers Pre-Forgiveness of sins and a Moral Transfer of Righteousness, and you have the PERFECT formula for reprobation. THIS is EXACTLY what has happened to our society. The Professing Church goers are self-confessed vile hypocrites and the people at large walk in the darkness of their own ignorance, following after their own vain imaginations they perceive as god. It’s Really Not Difficult to Understand. Surly they are ‘Given Up’ in their sins, Given over to a Depraved Mind! But ‘Given’ the Present State of Affairs in our Modern World, WHAT POSSIBILITY is there of people finding the Truth and Getting CLEAR of their Wrong Doings and then ENDURING on the Narrow Road? Times are indeed DARK and ignorance of the Truth is the prevailing wind, especially in the churches! WHO will be Escape this Mess?

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