Woe Unto the Pastors (Cont. . . 3 & 4)

Today People who consider themselves good Christians lack ethical values and absolutes. The things they believe in are illogical and based on myths. The Bible they all profess to follow is subject to a thousand interpretations and has been rendered essentially ineffective to curve the behavior of our society. People do and believe basically what they perceive about God. To them He is some mysterious cosmic being out there somewhere who is not overly concerned about their wrong doings. Some of them also believe that He sent His Son Jesus to Die for their sins and forgive them if they Trust in His Divine arrangement and profess to follow Him.

Exactly what the Churches teach is not clearly defined, but it is Clearly Perceived by the people. This is simply because of the Manner in which they HEAR things said. They will insist that the Pastor is NOT preaching in favor of sin, but at the same time they are living in sin. Some of them will claim you must Repent of your sins, but also claim that you can NEVER Stop sinning. They will say that man has free will to Obey God but God Must somehow ‘compel’ him to come. It’s all contradictory but to them it somehow makes perfect sense!

Man is Saved by Trusting in Jesus, but Remains the Chief of Sinners, vile to the Core. He is supposedly renewed by the Holy Spirit in the New Birth, but taught that he is the Wretched man in bondage to sin. The preachers tell him he is Cleansed of all sin, but if he says he has ‘no sin’ he is a liar and the truth is not in him. Basically they teach that the Guilt is Removed but the Sin Remains! The ‘Trusting’ person is pronounced Righteous but remains un-righteous in his conduct. Some will go as far as to say that if the person makes any attempt to Win Favor with God by NOT Sinning, then he will Cancel out Grace and be Lost. Thus the Conclusion in everyone’s Mind is: ‘If I’m sinning, I’m Saved!’ If I try to NOT Sin, I’m trying to Save myself and will be Lost!

The Natural outcome of all this is a Society full of Professing Christians who Cannot be told that ANY Type of Behavior (no matter how vile) will Disqualify them from the Kingdom. Because NOTHING they DO Matters! Even though most of them will say that it does matter, their manner of life testifies to the Opposite. WHY? Because of WHAT they are hearing!

Sins are Forgiven in Advance. They are Pronounced Righteous. Their Debt is Paid in full and they are Eternally Secure! This is the Basics of the Gospel Message in Every Church in the land. The Pastors Can’t tell anyone that their behavior is Wrong or that Certain sins will Disqualify them from the Kingdom unless they are forsaken. He has ALREADY told them they Saved in their Sins! If they had to DO Anything (like Stop sinning) they wouldn’t Need Jesus. So whether you believe that the Christian life is sinning less and less or just Trusting that God has Imputed you with Jesus righteousness and Obedience, it makes no difference. You Remain in Sin because you are BORN a Sinner!

Everything you do is Sin and NO ONE can Perfectly Obey God. Therefore when Jesus says Countless times you MUST Obey, Dig Deep, Strive, Holdfast, all the Pastors have to do is say: ‘It’s not of works,’ and BINGO……their ears are Closed to the Truth! This carries over to Everything the Bible says and in this Manner they TWIST it to argue in Favor of sin and then DENY that’s what they are doing! Consequently everyone THINKS they are really Christians and believing in the right things, when in reality they are holding to fallacies and myths! But they all agree on the Basics. ‘Jesus died for their sins, they trust and are forgiven across the board. There is NO Condemnation for them! No matter what.

So it stands to reason for those Outside this System that ‘Christians’ are Vile, hypocrite, immoral people claiming God’s favor because they ‘Believe’ in Jesus. That they live and Walk in the Flesh (Lust of the flesh, eyes and pride of life!) is of no consequence. The Pastors treat them as God’s People and assure them they will go to heaven when they die in spite of being born vile, double-minded Sinners. In this MANNER the Present Day System gives a Perverted and Twisted View of Biblical Christianity.

As a result it brings Great Reproach on the True Word of God and many become embittered against Christ. The people are exploited by Deceptive words and Promised Liberty in Christ while they remain in bondage to their sins. Everyone lives according to their own understanding of Christianity, satisfied it is correct.

Thus you have Churches full of Professing Christians who are immoral, committing adultery, divorcing and re-marrying, addicted to Pornography, drugs, alcohol, and all sorts of obsessive behavior. They are full of strife, anger, prejudice, malice, dissensions, Pride and stubbornness. People in the churches lack Self Control, love vain amusements and are greedy for wealth. Although many have that ‘form of godliness’ so common among professing Christians, they have no Power or Desire to live a godly life. Befriend them and go along with the flow, they will often appear as the most pleasant and generous people you could met. HOWEVER if you begin to expose the fallacies of their doctrines or pull down their strong holds of excuses to sin, they will quickly turn on you as an enemy.

Remember: These people have been Convinced they are Christians and Born Sinners by Nature. The Best they can do is ‘Believe’ in Jesus and learn to cope with their addictions. They are NEVER told that such behavior will Disqualify them from the Kingdom, only that God knows and understands their short comings and made provision in Christ. The Churches then provide them Classes, Seminaries, Positive thinking lectures, motivational meetings and plenty of other assurance they are Saved with nothing to worry about. No one is in jeopardy over their behavior, no matter what the Bible says about it.

On lookers need to recognize What these Professing Christians have been taught and what they believe. The Reason it’s so easy for them to Justify their immorality and constant addictions is PRECISELY Based on these teachings! When you see them caught in their child pornography, adulteries, lies, thefts and countless other lust of flesh, eyes and pride of life, you can understand why it is happening so frequently. It should be no surprise to anyone. The People in the churches have NO intention of Stopping their sin (or even trying to stop!) Therefore NO ONE has ever gotten CLEAR of any of their Wrong Doings. (Which is Biblical Repentance in its simplest form)

Subsequently they are passing off God as tolerant of all kinds of sin, which makes no Sense to anyone on the outside looking in. Most people can see the difference between Good and Evil and know that certain types of Wrong Doing deserve some kind of punishment. By experience they know that you Reap what you Sow. When the Church Pastors then put all this on its head (so to speak) Society ALSO turns topsy-turvy! If a Huge segment of people (Professing Christians) live as though they have License to Sin, it is going to translate into Mass Corruption in our culture. God’s Rules no longer apply. Which means there are no absolutes and ANYTHING goes!

So is it of any wonder Why God has been removed from our Schools, Government and Courts. FIRST and foremost He was REMOVED from our Churches! Until we can Return to CLEAR Distinction between good and evil, and darkness and light, and Start Calling Sin, SIN. The Name and Gospel of Jesus Christ will Continue to be Blasphemed by heaps of false teachers and tons of professing hypocrites! We Must CEASE from assuming that People who are living like Pagans are ‘Christians!’ And STOP Treating them as though they possess some free ticket to heaven. EVERYONE Reaps what they Sow, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Professing Christians in the Churches are only living and acting out what they have been taught by the Pastors. They buy into a System that teaches then NO SIN Before or After (supposed) Salvation will Keep them Out of the Kingdom. The effect this has on the human mind is a ‘Searing’ of the Conscience. EVERYONE Knows the Difference between Good and Evil. That’s why they hide their wrong doings from others or cover it up with lies. When you Remove this Natural Convicting Mechanism, so that it no longer matters what they do, logic essentially shuts down and the heart goes Blind. Now Nothing the Bible Says can Penetrate the Conscience and lead to a godly sorrow for sin.

The World sees them as flaming Hypocrites and laughs off their Jesus with scorn. But nothing fazes them. They CONTINUE to Commit the Exact Same Sins as the world of Non-believers, and Claim they are forgiven by God. It’s an absolute Outrage and should testify to the fact they know NOTHING about God’s Word or the Gospel of Christ.


  1. You have nailed it exactly right. The world is on the verge of terrible judgment and destruction, and in the end it will all be laid at the feet of the pastors first, and those who listened to the pastors second. God have mercy. God help us. What can we do? Do you have an answer to that question?

  2. Mike, I'm interested in your take on the Antichrist and the Mark. I've heard almost all your videos, and more than once. I can't remember where I heard you speak about the antichrist being ourselves, that we would put ourselves on the throne of our own heart, and think we were God, and do whatever we choose. That this is the antichrist of the Great Tribulation.

    Actually, Satan is already running this planet, and we humans have chosen to follow him already. So your idea about the antichrist being our own pride and self-worship is making more sense to me now than it did before. I'm still certain there will be a world ruler, and indwelt probably by Satan himself, but Satan energizes moste of the world rulers anyway. We know they are mostly all Freemasons, Satanists, so the world ruler that is coming I'm sure will be indwelt by Satan. But that doesn't mean that we cannot make ourselves God in our own hearts if we invent reality to suit ourselves that is putting us equal wiht God, that truth is whatever we say it is. But God is the author of Truth, and our duty to God and to ourselves is to love the Truth and seek it and embrace it and follow it.

    So can you steer me a bit on this one? You have my email, but it's cbattles@rochester.rr.com.

    I have a feeling that in these last days as the Great Tribulation comes crashing down on our heads, along with the wars, and the terrible, total and final destruction coming to America in the next year or two, that more people will be wanting to know how to get right with God, and be interested in hearing about true repentance toward God, not all this commercial Christianity that's designed to sooth people into thinking all is well with their soul, when it is actually NOT.