The False Premise

If you build from a false Premise, the entire program is in error and of no value. It may indeed serve an outward purpose and offer some useful advice. BUT if the people participating in the program go in assuming they are already RIGHT with God, expect for their ‘problem’, Nothing genuine is going to happen to deliver them from the bondage of their sin. They will merely end up More Deceived than they were before and further down the road of error.

This is why all the so-called Christian Programs never work any lasting results. They offer all kinds of advice and give people an alterative viewpoint, but they can never solve the root problems they experience. If someone is addicted to pornography and attends one of the Promise Keepers Rallies. Goes through all the motions, makes his committed to do better and conquer his lust. A week later, GUARANTEED, he will be back on the web downloading more prono! WHY? Simply because they Did Not address the ROOT of the issue. His BONDAGE to Sin! FIRST he has to realize and face the reality that he is a SLAVE to who he Obeys, Lost and Deceived in his sinful lust, until he Repents and CLEARS himself of the Wrong Doing. Then he can find Victory over his flesh. But as long as the flesh is alive and well, coddled by the Program, promised God loves him and understands, he will REMAIN in bondage.

It’s the same with the alcohol addiction classes, whether sponsored by the church or not. The person  addends addicted, is given advice about copping with his addiction, adopts the program and REMAINS addicted. Nothing is solved. As long as he stays in the program and follows the guidelines, he may be able to abstain for a while. But he remains a drunk in his heart. Like the prono addiction, he may learn to FEEL better about himself and accept the fact that he’s hooked for life, but unless a foundation of Repentance Proven by Deeds is established and he breaks away from the habit it will NEVER Stop.

The Premise is Wrong from the start. If the Program is Biblical it MUST be based on the principle that you Reap what you Sow. That if you Sow according to the flesh, you will of the flesh reap corruption. (die in your sin and be lost forever) But if by the Sprit you put to Death the deeds of the body, you will live! But this Requires the Process of REPENTANCE Proven by Deeds, NOT advice on how cope with your sins. Problem is there’s NO money in preaching the truth to these people. Many of them would flee and seek greener pastures where they can have their ears tickles anyway. The few that might remain could be helped if they really do repent, but the chances of them being swallowed up in the false system afterward is exceptionally high.

There is Very LITTLE Positive re-enforcement of the Truth anywhere today. It’s not likely this type of person will be able to find like-minded fellowship that will help keep him in check. Given all the Deception they will face, their lack of understanding as babes in the woods, and any further association with dysfunctional family and friends, and you have the perfect formula for disaster. The odds against beating these things are huge and everywhere you turn the LIE is waiting to ensnare you. It will require (after your Repentance and Clearing) a DILIGENT effort put forth to Seek after God, Read His Word, Pray, Study and hang around with some true believers. There is Nothing Magic about it. God DOES NOT Magically Change your desires from Bad to Good! You were created with and Possess a Free and independent will that has the Ability to CHOOSE Right over Wrong.

YES, the compulsions of your flesh are a powerful force. You learned your corrupted behavior by long, practice tradition from your youth. BUT the Sin (addiction, Lust) IS NOT inbred into your flesh! That’s the Biggest Lie that has ever been told and a Pagan teaching from 2000 years ago! You have a CHOICE and God expects you to make it. Turn your ears Away form the lying preachers and messed up programs. You were NOT BORN Addicted!!! The Bible Does not teach it. I know the lairs can make it sound as if it does, but DIG, Study, Read, the Truth is Plain and Simple. ‘CLEANSE Yourself of all filthiness and overflow of wickedness and Receive with Meekness the implanted WORD that is able to Save your Soul!’

Amend the Evil of your Doings, WASH your hearts of wickedness, Forsake your evil ways. Then and ONLY then will you will find Victory over the passions and desires of the flesh. But if you Never lift a finger to escape your lust and depend on some program to give you purpose in it, it PROVES you really have no Desire to escape and you enjoy the ride! That’s the bottom line, whether you want to admit it or not. Most people want to wallow and the Programs accommodate them fourfold.

What drives people into these programs, when the facts show clearly they do not work?  It’s the DESIRE to find a way they can indulge their lusts and NOT feel condemned. So the Preachers are racking in your money while they keep you addicted to their Program. Once they can conceive you that you were Born with this problem inbred into your flesh or inherited it from Adam, you’re a cooked goose. Now you have the PERFECT excuse to NEVER Change and the Church will pamper you for the rest of your life. It won’t be long before you CAN’T Change, because you have been given over to your lusts in a reprobated state.
Which is another Simple Principle Taught in the Bible, BUT NOT in your church!

The False Premise also applies to your Pastor. He approaches the Congregation each Week Assuming Most of them are already saved (since they responded at one time to an alter call or professed belief) so he balances his Sermon accordingly. He is obligated because of his false premise to ‘soften’ the blow (so to speak) and cushion the Word of God in such a way that they can be admonished but not required to live according to the Bible. It would be better for them to try, but it certainly CAN’T be mandatory toward the outcome of their Salvation. (that’s already been decided) Therefore the entire process is aimed at helping them arrive at a Decision for Christ, if they haven’t already.

Repentance Proven by Deeds is NOT Considered, so the False Premise is Locked in place. To the Pastor and everyone in a position of leadership in the church, Salvation is achieved by ‘Repeating’ some words and Trusting in a Provision made by Christ. (which depends on the doctrinal stance of the church) If Repentance and Faith are mentioned at all, they MUST fit into this method, otherwise the Premise would dissolve. The Church Cannot deviate, they Stand on Doctrine, Tradition and long Practice, not Scripture. (although they believe all these are based on Scripture) If a Convert arrives among them TRULY of the Light, and indwelled by the Sprit of Truth, he would be like a long tailed Cat in a room full of rocking chairs! He would be a COMPLETE Contrast to the average church convert sitting destitute in the Pews happy in his delusion and promoting the false premise to his friends and family.

This is the Reason Truth and Error cannot Mix. That Darkness and Light have nothing in common. It’s TWO Entirely Different Sprits at Work. Again, the Biblical Principle of Fruit Bearing (a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, neither can a bad tree bear good fruit) is NOT taught in the Church. Or if it is mentioned at all, it’s blended into the False Premise. That it’s Normal for a ‘Christian’ to have BOTH kinds of fruit, to be Carnal and Spiritual, Divided and Double-Minded and in service of Two Masters. Every Principle in Scripture is thus turned around to accommodate this lie. You no longer Reap what you Sow, or Die Spiritually and lost eternally if you live according to the flesh and not the Spirit. NO ONE is a SLAVE to who they Obey. Each one of these Vital Truths (foundational to Salvation) is in REVERSE!

Subsequently the False Premise has Rendered the Entire Gospel Message inoperative in the Churches. As a Result EVERY ‘Christian’ based program offered to the People is established on this Lie. By taking part in them you (if you are indeed of the True Light!) Risk taking part in another persons sin. Your VERY Presence in the group condones their Methods. Unless you are immediately speaking out and exposing the Premise as false, which would NOT sit well with the rest of the class. WHY? Mainly because they of ANOTHER Spirit. If they were of the Light (truly) they would have already came into it, that their Deeds can be Cleary seen and DONE in God, as the Scripture says. They WOULD NOT be hiding behind some system of excuses to Cover their wrong doings and give them ‘Christian’ Creditability to sooth their conscience of accusation. 

And your Very Presence among them (assuming you are really of the light) is an OFFENSE to their hypocrisy. Unless, of course, you are non confrontational with anyone and believe deep down they are doing ‘some good’ for the sake of the Kingdom. They believe wholeheartedly that ‘Christians’ are the Chief of Sinners and remain Wretched through out their entire lives. Hypocrisy is common in the churches and accepted as a necessary evil. If you tell these people that Real Christians have STOPPED sinning and been Cleared of their Wrong Doing in Repentance BEFORE they Received the Holy Spirit, you just made yourself Ineligible for their Program. Your telling them that all their Addictions (for which they are attending the class in the first place) should have been taken care of ALREADY! If they were saved.
Essentially you are telling them they are NOT SAVED! This is Anathema in the Church. For which you will wear out your welcome Very Fast. So the possibility of you (again, if really of Light) completing one of their classes or group meetings, Bible Studies, ect, and not Suddenly becoming a Thorn in their sides is IMPOSSIBLE. Acquiescence on your part spells Compromise no matter HOW you add it up. If they walked away from the event feeling good about your attendance among them, all smiles and hand-shakes, you have VIOLATED a Chief Principle of Scripture and stand accused of God! No matter how Morally Sound their instruction may have been presented or how good the advice about living or raising your kids or coming off addiction. It’s BASED on the FALSE PREMISE, NOT THE TRUTH!

That means it’s WRONG! NOT Partially Right, Some good and some bad. Certainly following a more ethical course in life is preferable over reprobation. Destructive behavior is bad for everyone, family and friends. BUT the Greatest Self-Improvement is achieved in TRUE SALVATION through Repentance Proven by DEEDS, NOT a Purpose Driven Program founded on LIES. Remember all these supposedly Good Works done in the Name of God, coupled with all the charitable outreach adds up to ZILCH in the Eyes of the Lord, if Done under iniquity. The People coming to the Lord in Matthew 7:21-23 claiming wonderful works done in His Name had NO CLUE they were disqualified from the Kingdom already. On earth they Appeared godly and sincere. No one could accuse them of not caring for the downcast or criticize their efforts to remedy the problems. But they FAILED to pass the Test at Judgment.

You attending one of these classes, have you heard anyone ASK this Question? Has the issue been raised whether or not this particular method is Acceptable to the Lord? NEVER! Everyone ASSUMES that God approves of everything they are doing because it LOOKS so good on the surface. Like the Passage States and Many of the Parables, the offenders are sent away to weeping and gashing of teeth in unquenchable fire, even bound if necessary, STILL insisting they DID the Will of God on earth. When in Reality they Served and Believed a LIE. WHO are these people? Cult members? Reprobate drunks and moral outcasts?
That’s what the Church thinks, BUT you Know Better!

They are the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing and Ministers of Righteousness spoken of throughout Scripture, of which the Church KNOWS NOTING about, because they are sitting under them, following their teachings and using their materials to Study the Bible. Therefore can ANYONE in this System Arrive at the Truth? I do not see how it would be Possible, given the Teaching of Scripture. If a person has any desire within them to Come into the Light (see John3:19-21) and Really Know the Truth (which is perfectly and totally comprehensible to the human mind!) When Exposed to it the first time they WILL Respond and begin their Journey or quest to Discover God.

The False Premise includes the Notion that man does not possess the Ability or the Willingness to Seek God and Obey His Word, unless they are drawn, chosen, elected, in advance and then coerced in some manner to CHANGE his desires. (depending on Doctrine) So it’s all up to God whether or not you get off your addictions or ever become a better person. Thus people are Pre-disposed to failure when it comes to finding God or His Truth. They are taught that His Word is subject to a thousand interpretations and that it’s Difficult to understand as some hidden mystery you must accept even if it doesn’t make any logical sense. This Premise translates into a Society devoid of Personal Responsibility. Ultimately everyone can BLAME God for their failings. Sin is not really a CHOICE they made, but some kind of inbred affliction they were Born with. Therefore they have God’s apology in Christ’s Provision. Actually DOING the Right thing is not part of the equation, just an ATTEMPT to do it.

They may not say these things in Plain Precise language when teaching the Principles in their programs and sermons, BUT the Premise Remains. And if YOU ask the Right questions and undermine their rhetoric, it will be Exposed in Glaring Reality. If for no other reason than its of ANOTHER Spirit contrary to God. Certainly the Scriptures Prove them Wrong and leave them wanting desperately of Real Light. We are Commanded to TEST EVERYTHING by the WORD. The First Test is Self-Applied. If THIS is all hogwash to you and just disgruntled criticism of the church, You need to SERIOUSLY Consider WHAT Spirit you are of and HEED the Teaching of Scripture, instead of the False Premise.

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