Faith Upholds the Law

Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid! On the contrary, we establish the law. Rom 3:31

If you’re told that Salvation is by Faith and NOT of Works, how does the Law come into play? Simple answer: ‘It Doesn’t’… least in your mind. But What is Faith? Is ‘faith without works’ dead? As James says or does the ‘works’ he is speaking of ‘FOLLOW’ Faith. Whereas the Faith comes first. So Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as Righteousness. (Rom4:3)

But what if I also tell you that Abraham WALKED in the STEPS of his faith, doing the DEEDS of faith and thereby OBEYED God? (Rom4:14, John8:39, Heb11:8) Wouldn’t that make faith the following:
A Walk of Faithful Deeds and Obedience! All One in the Same thing. That’s why Faith (real faith) Upholds and Established the law. (Rom13:10) Because it Obeys and Keeps the Commands of Christ! In this the Bible then Makes perfect sense.

As ‘Workers’ together with God, we Work Out our Salvation in fear and trembling, Make our Calling Sure, Run the Race with endurance, Fight the good fight, Holdfast, endure, and obey. It’s no longer necessary for the pastors to explain all these away and convince you Deeds don’t matter. Because the Bible CLEARLY says you will Judged According to your Deeds:

who “will render to each one according to his deeds”: eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness—indignation and wrath, Rom2:6-8(Also Check: Matt12:37, 16:27, Jh5:28-29, 2Cor5:10, 1Pet1:17, Rev2:23, 22:11-14)

Now if Deeds will determine the Outcome of your Salvation (as these passages clearly state) WHY would you embrace a System of Doctrine that teaches otherwise? James plainly says that the ‘Devils also Believe’ James2:19. Meaning they indeed possess Faith! It’s undeniable that they (the devils) possess the SAME faith your Churches Preach as SAVING Faith. It’s the faith of Slothful, Biblical illiterate, lukewarm hypocrites who love the fun and games of their ‘religion’ but loath the Commands of Scripture.

Faith is WALKING in the Spirit, not the flesh. (Rom8:1-4) Thus it fulfills the Righteous requirements of the law and falls in line with the Message of Christ. When asked what must I do to inherit eternal life, He answered in this manner: “KEEP the Commandments!” (Matt19:16-22) Explained further therefore in Romans 8, The Greatest of all Commandments to love God is KEPT by WALKING in the Spirit….again a WORK of Faith With Power! (2Thess1:11) DEEDS and FAITH…..Synonymous! You can’t have one without the other or you’re nothing more than a ‘Devil’ who ‘Believes’.
What they have done inside the System is highly ‘Spiritualize’ the Bible and make simple truths into big mysterious doctrines only the theologians can understand. Thereby they can easily convinced the unlearned their ‘System’ is correct and the Bible actually does teach that your Sins are Covered by Grace, your Imputed Righteous and Eternally Secure. All by merely ‘Believing’ in Jesus! From there it’s easy to explain away all the Direct Commands and Warnings of Scripture. It’s says ‘Obey’ but Really means, HE Obeyed for you. It says ‘Serve’, but really means HE Served in your place. In fact, EVERYTHING Jesus said about Holding fast, enduring to the end, Taking up your cross, denying yourself, counting the cost, is to show you HE DID it all so you don’t have to!

You see how Slick this Message really is and why it’s dubbed ‘Great Swelling Words of Emptiness’ in the Bible. (2Pet2:18) Rather than you Working out your own Salvation,  Making your calling Sure, Running the Race with endurance, Patiently Continuing in the faith, JESUS Did it all for you IN ADVANCE! That’s whey Faith can NEVER be associated with Works or Deeds of any sort, no matter What the Bible says. You Remain a Wretched, Chief of Sinners, Convinced that Sin humbles your heart before God, when in reality you’re growing Harder and Harder by the day in rebellion to the truth.

But that’s another discussion entirely, we’ll deal with later. Here we need to understand the Working Dynamic of Saving faith. It’s really VERY Simple: There is a LAW of Faith, Rom3:27, The LAW of Faith is LOVE, Gal5:6, Faith WORKS by Love, And Love Upholds and Fulfills the LAW! Rom13:10.

Without this Working Dynamic, you possess the Faith of Devils. James2:19. That’s why Faith Without Works is Dead and WHY Abraham was Justified by his DEEDS and NOT by FAITH ALONE! Js2:24.

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  1. Wonderful explanation! This is one of those verses that trip up the believer, and you explained it so clearly.